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RUSH: Jeb Bush actually said, sometime in the last 24 hours, that his kids have been made to feel uncomfortable, discriminated against, because their skin is darker. You remember I read a piece yesterday from Angelo Codevilla.

He makes the point that the American people are tired of being told to support losers. And we’ve made great heroes out of people in the losing column, like McCain and the Vietnam War. Codevilla said the American people want winners, and who are you aiming at when you’re Jeb Bush and you talk about your kids being discriminated because of their skin color? Who are you aiming at there? (interruption) Well, I know he’s aiming at the Latino/black vote, but what kind of vote is that?

That’s a… (interruption) Well, it’s liberal, but it’s not uplifting. It’s this identity politics. It’s focused on what’s wrong with America, and people are fed up with this. That’s why Trump and others, like Fiorina, are starting to rise. They’re talking about optimistic things, possibilities, the future and so forth. How to save it, how to reverse things, rather than identify with the negatives. And then Jeb — this was in Maitland, Florida at a community center — said this.

JEB: I don’t have anger in my heart. I’m frustrated, like you, but I’m not angry. We’re on the verge of the greatest time to be alive. We should campaign with joy in our heart. We shouldn’t campaign like this. We shouldn’t be scolding people. We shouldn’t say outrageous things that turns people off to the conservative message. We have to campaign all across this country with joy in our heart rather than anger.

RUSH: He spent much of the time yesterday trying to separate himself from all the other angry conservatives. I guess that means Trump and others, making it seem like he’s not an angry conservative. And here’s the next bite.

JEB: I’m a conservative. I’m a committed conservative. But I’m not angry. I believe we’re on the verge of the greatest time to be alive.

RUSH: Where is this assumption? I think what bothers me about this… This is not easy, folks. What bothers me about this is: Where is this assumption that conservatism is angry? Why does that have to be denied? I know it’s media stereotype, but it’s also RINOs who think that conservatism is made up of the angry white man and all that kind of thing. It’s not. And it’s like (impression), “I’m a severe conservative!” and “I am not an angry conservative!” It’s just all too frustrating.

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