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RUSH: Get this. Stop what you’re doing. I need you to listen the next 30 seconds. I don’t even need to say that. You people are glued here for three hours. What am I talking about?

On the same day that we get a headline from Rolling Stone, “What the Trump and Cosby Allegations Reveal About Rape Culture,” and whatever it all means, we know that “Donald Trump’s a sexist pig of the first order.” That’s in Rolling Stone. Guess what TheHill.com just tweeted? TheHill.com just tweeted, “Just in: Cecil the Lion Killer Donated to Romney.” I kid you not. Whoever is working at TheHill.com is attempting to get Brian Ross’ job at ABC. I guess the dentist’s name, Walter Palmer…

The dentist that killed Cecil the lion, TheHill.com dug deep, and they found out this guy donated, what was it — $5,000 to Romney? I think was the number, a $5,000 donation to Romney, I think it was. Twenty-first century political journalism from TheHill.com. The tweet, by the way, has a side-by-side picture of the dentist standing over the dead body of Cecil the lion right next to a portrait of Mitt Romney. Is this not pathetic? What if they had found this guy donated to Trump? I don’t know, folks. There just aren’t any words for this. There really aren’t any words.

I often say that there are days I feel like we’re in the Twilight Zone, that we’re on the astral plane, that we’re not in the same universe.

But you see, fits the meme: “Republicans? Mean, mean people! Republicans kill animals! Republicans who kill animals donate to Republican presidential candidates.” Democrats, by omission, nice people. I wonder if we’ll ever see TheHill.com go out and find some reprobate American citizen who has committed some atrocity and find out that he’s also donated to Planned Parenthood. Would TheHill.com run a tweet with side-by-side photos? No, because it would never occur to them. This tweet is made to look like a news flash, by the way. This just in! Cecil the lion killer Walter Palmer donated to Romney! Gotta take a break on this. It’s getting… I feel like I need to take a shower here.


RUSH: So you see how this works. We have an innocent lion named Cecil killed in a game preserve by an American dentist who paid $50,000 for the opportunity. Now claims he very, very sorry and he didn’t know the circumstances and he feels horrible, he’s in hiding. TheHill.com has done everything in an imitation of Brian Ross… Remember after the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting, Brian Ross claimed that the Tea Party membership roster out there had a name exactly of the shooter.

Could it be, Brian Ross asked on ABC, the shooter of the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater was a Tea Party member? (impression) “We can’t confirm it! We can’t confirm it! But we are actively looking into it.” It turned out to be totally bogus and the Aurora shooter was just a stoner leftist. (interruption) What? It’s what he was, a stoner leftist. So now, same thing, TheHill.com, we’ve got this dentist whose name is Walter Palmer, and they’ve dug deep.

They found out that Walter Palmer donated $5,000 to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign, and they ran a tweet: “Cecil the Lion Killer Walter Palmer Donated to Romney.” There’s a picture of Cecil dead on the left with a portrait of Romney in front of a bookcase on the right. Remember now, Mitt Romney is the guy who put his dog on the roof of the family station wagon on a vacation trip. Remember, Mitt Romney is the guy who didn’t care that the wife of one of his employees died for lack of health care.

Remember Mitt Romney, who Harry Reid said didn’t pay his income taxes for 10 years. Mitt Romney, who would no more kill a lion, evade taxes, or harm a dog or be uncaring about some employee’s wife dying suffered total character assassination and destruction, and now they’re continuing. Here’s what the pressure’s gonna be next is for Romney to give the $5,000 back, even though he’s no longer running. What do you think if that claim is made…?

I’ll just ask you, Mr. Snerdley: If the media puts pressure on Romney to give the money back, what do you think Romney will do? He’ll give it back. With an apology and so forth. On the heels of… Rolling Stone magazine — about to be sued out of existence for a fake, totally made-up story of campus fraternity rape at the University of Virginia — is now out with a story today headlined: “What the Trump and Cosby Allegations Reveal About Rape Culture.”

Even though the phony Daily Beast allegation of Trump rape has been blown to smithereens. It didn’t happen. Meanwhile, over here is Hillary Clinton, who is swimming in Planned Parenthood donations, practically drowning in Planned Parenthood donations, and not a word about it.

By the way, ladies and gentlemen, since the Cecil the lion story has now found its way back into the mainstream political soap opera today, CNN points out near the bottom of one of their dozen articles on Cecil — and I’m not kidding.

CNN has a number of stories on the death of Cecil the lion on their political page in their Website, and near the bottom of one of their articles on Cecil’s death, I’m gonna read to you. “Cecil’s death is likely to have a damaging effect on his pride, officials said.” Now, for those of you in Rio Linda, and for you LIVs out there (low-information voters), we’re not talking about Cecil’s self-esteem, ’cause he doesn’t have that any more. Cecil is dead. When you talk about Cecil’s “pride,” you’re talking about his family, his crib.

A pride of lions is a family of lions is not self-esteem, as you’ve attended those classes in school. Okay. “‘The saddest part of all is that, now that Cecil is dead, the next lion in the hierarchy,” in his pride, “Jericho [the lion] will most likely kill all Cecil’s” kids. “Cubs,” here, but I didn’t want to confuse you. Jericho, who will inherit the crown from Cecil, “will most likely kill all Cecil’s [kids] so that he can insert his own bloodline into the females,’ the Zimbabwe Conservation Force said.

“‘This is standard procedure for lions,’ it warned. Compounding the problem, ‘the females of the pride could die trying to defend’ their babies from the new king of the hill, Jericho. Now, can we talk about equality and animal rights here for just a second? You know, the concept of equality. large
Our young children think it’s the coolest thing, and it’s something that can be achieved. When you try to point out to them what happens in the animal kingdom, the concept of equality just vanishes.

The concept of equality and fairness just gets blown to smithereens in the animal world. There’s no such thing as equality, and there’s no such thing as fairness. And these guys, by the way, at the conserving origination, are exactly right. This is exactly what happens in a pride of lions. Now that Cecil has succumbed, Jericho’s gonna move in there and make it all his. Now, Jericho may be an animal, but he instinctively knows that he’s gotta get rid of Cecil’s bloodline and he does that by killing all of Cecil’s kids.

The female lions, the mothers are gonna defend their kids as all mother’s do, and Jericho isn’t gonna care, ’cause he’s like Bill Cosby here or Clinton, or take your pick of any of these abusive males. He’s gonna move in there and he’s gonna try to wipe out Cecil’s kids and anything standing in his way, which will be the kids’ mothers, which are Cecil’s wives. I mean, so the low-information voters understand this and people in Rio Linda… (interruption) What? (interruption)

Well, this is true. I was getting to that, if you just let me… Look, I know where my sentences are going. If you would just let me… You know, like Phil Donahue. When I was on with Phil Donahue, he always tried to finish my sentences. I knew where I was going, and he didn’t. Now, the next thing that happens is that the females, the mothers of Cecil’s kids, understand the jeopardy they’re in, because Jericho wants to wipe out any vestige of Cecil’s existence.

There’s not gonna be any memorial service for Cecil among the lions, folks. It doesn’t happen. There’s not gonna be a funeral. There won’t be a memorial service. There isn’t gonna be any of that. Jericho’s gonna move in there and try to dominate everything and take over this pride. Well, now, the mother of Cecil’s kids, knowing full well that their babies are in jeopardy, might automatically go into heat to try to distract Jericho with sex, like women always do, from their other activities.

If they can go into heat and get Jericho all hot and bothered then Jericho go in there and produce more lions with the mothers of Cecil’s kids, thereby saving their own kids and giving birth to Jericho’s kids and give a brand-new pride birth, you’ve got half-brothers and half-sister lions, and the only thing that matters then is, “Is the conservation department gonna be fair with the welfare payments and the food stamps?” Because proof of parentage and lineage…

I mean, the conservation bunch gonna have to watch this very carefully. But I have not made any of this up. That is exactly what the female lions do. In order to protect themselves and their babies, they’ll go into heat to try to distract Jericho, ’cause, you know, male lions are like male humans. Get ’em all hot and bothered down there between the legs and they’ll start thinking there instead of with their heads. These female lions are like women everywhere. They know that.

They don’t mess around. There’s no feminism or any of that stuff. It’s just standard operating procedure, nature, the way it’s always been, which is survive. It’s just all about survival. This is exactly what this is all about, and you might have trouble believing it. But Jericho, the male lion, is gonna inherit the crown now from Cecil, as is a threat. It’s not like the vice president is assuming office here and benevolent and loves. No, no, no, no. This is competitive. It’s bloody out there, and it’s all about survivability.

Now, if you’re asking, “How do these female lions know to go…?” Folks, that’s called nature. They’re not actually… They don’t go to school to learn this. It’s just nature. Call it preprogramming by the Creator. You can even chalk it up to climate change. Lions know what they have to do to survive in the midst of climate change, and that’s produce more lions. I don’t know. Whatever. But it’s nature. The female lions don’t have to be taught this. They don’t read Cosmo.

They just know exactly what to do. And when you look at, there’s nothing cuddly about nature at this point. As the poets say, “It’s red in tooth and claw.” But all of that isn’t gonna matter because all anybody’s gonna see is that picture of Cecil next to the picture of Romney with the story that the dentist who killed Cecil gave Romney $5,000. (interruption) No, Jericho is not gonna… No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That’s not gonna happen. Snerdley, are you trying to get me in trouble? (laughing)

Jericho, the replacement lion for Cecil, is not gonna run up the rainbow flag here and… No, no, no. That isn’t gonna happen. That doesn’t happen here, folks. Somebody raises the rainbow flag and they’re gonna run ’em out of the pride — in the lion world, at least. Anyway, that’s what’s next happening, according to CNN, and, I’m transmitting it. I’m putting it in English or human behavioral terms for you, but that’s exactly what’s gonna happen here. The wives of Cecil know the only chance they have of survivability is to go into heat and get Jericho in the bedroom with them, rather than a nursery, when he tries to kill her kids. That’s it. It’s no more complicated than that.

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