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RUSH: I have a simple question. I understand. I love Cecil the lion. I understand it. I understand crying. I myself was ravaged with sadness when I heard about the death of Cecil the lion. You know why? Because, even when talking about a lion, it was in a game preserve. It wasn’t a pet, and you’re never gonna make a pet out of a predator beast. But it still is the essence of innocence, and it wouldn’t do anything to us if we didn’t threaten it first. It is just senseless for somebody to shoot it.

I don’t care whether he was a dentist from Minnesota or a terrorist from ISIS, it is senseless to be let onto a game preserve — “preserve,” protection — with a bow and arrow and think you are engaging in sport while you kill a lion. It’s just senseless. And I understand the sadness.
People have an attachment to animals that is inexplicable. What I don’t understand… Now, Jimmy Kimmel broke down almost in tears last night on his program, and the very same people will express sadness, tears, shock, dismay over the death of Cecil.

I love cats, too, and I think Cecil is a great name for a lion. In fact, if I ever get another cat I’m gonna name it Cecil in honor of this one. My own cat was disappointed when she found out Cecil was killed. All animals are worried about this. Understand that. But how in the world can you get teary-eyed and misty-eyed and sad over Cecil and, at the same time, participate in burying what’s happening at Planned Parenthood? Can somebody explain that to me? (interruption) What do you mean, “Well”?

What do you mean, “Well”? Is this too controversial a question? What do you mean, “Well”? Is this somewhere I shouldn’t venture? I do know how the animal people are. But I know that most animal people have the same attitude toward human beings. Look, I understand the difference. Human beings, adult human beings, are not the essence of innocence. But babies in the womb are. Babies in the womb are more innocent than any animal is. But to a lot of people, that would be an argumentative statement.

I understand that, but a baby in the womb? I mean, you can’t get a more pure definition of innocence. Now, I understand there’s a picture of Cecil the lion as he’s alive and sitting there with his harem and looking like a lion, looking like the king of the jungle. He’s sitting there and he’s just enjoying life, everything is fine and dandy, you see that picture and you hear the news that some reprobate with a bow and arrow was let in there for 50 grand, and to claim it was hunting?

There’s no hunting.

That wasn’t any sport in this.

Cecil had no idea. It was at night. Cecil had no idea. He’s in a game preserve. I understand all that. And there aren’t any pictures of the baby chop shop operation. I understand that. And we are a photo- and image-driven society, but nevertheless, it’s a matter of I don’t know curiosity, concern, that so much emotion can be dredged up — and justifiably. I mean, I’m with you on this death of Cecil business. But I’m also just, if not more sickened by what Planned Parenthood’s doing.

I tell you, Planned Parenthood’s hired this PR firm called SKDKnickerbocker or some such thing and their job is single purpose, bury the story. They are harassing Drive-By Media, to the extent that necessary to get them to ignore the story. For example, Politico ran just a little bitty blurb about this and how it just makes a lot of people uncomfortable and this SKDKnickerbocker bunch just jumped on ’em, and Politico retracted or deleted it from their Web page or did something.

That’s what they’re trying to do is get this story buried. They’re not even gonna try to argue the story. They’re not even gonna try to say we all misunderstand it. They’re not even gonna try to say, “There’s great medical research to be had here.” They’re not gonna say, “It’s just a clump of cells.” They’re not even gonna try to say, “It’s an unviable tissue.” They’re just gonna lean on their buddies in the Drive-By to suppress the story.

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