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RUSH: Donald Trump, as I said earlier today, is in Scotland, the Women’s British Open at the Trump Turnberry Resort, it’s his golf course. He held a press conference outside his Trump copter near the clubhouse, which is huge to the background. And we’re at sound bite number eight and nine here. Here is a portion of his press conference today in Scotland.

TRUMP: The Hispanic poll came out today. We’re number one with the Hispanics. I know you’re surprised to hear that, but I’m number one with Hispanics. And I said that if I get the nomination, I will win with the Hispanics. I’m number one in Nevada, number one in North Carolina, and number one nationally. But very importantly, I’m number one with the Hispanics. It just came out yesterday.

REPORTER: Do you expect to win the presidency?

TRUMP: I do. I do expect.

RUSH: (summarized) “I’m going to win the presidency with Hispanics. I’m number one with Hispanics. Hispanics love me. They know I’m great! They know I’m rich — and I’m really rich, and they respect that. And they want to be rich, too. They will vote for me.” That’s what he’s out being Trump last night CNN Anderson Cooper 29, played a portion of an interview Dana Bash had with Trump. She said, “What about your conversations with the Republican National Committee? I know you’ve been talking to the chair, Reince Priebus. Can you give me some insight in those conversations? Why are you so much more positive now? Is it just because you’re the front runner?”

TRUMP: The best way to win is for me to win the nomination and I will beat Hillary. I don’t even know if she’s going to be able to run, because what she did is a criminal act. She burned up the e-mails! She got rid of her hard drive! She had subpoenas from the United States Congress. I don’t know that she’s going to make it. I don’t think it’s going to be Bernie Sanders. I think other people are going to probably join the race eventually, like maybe Biden and other people. But I’m not so sure she’s even going to be in the race, because what she did is a criminal act. What she did is far worse than Petraeus.

RUSH: (Whining reporter) “Reince Priebus, instead of being nicer…” He didn’t answer the question. he said what he wanted to say. He didn’t even accept her premise! Anyway, I think it’s a lesson for others.


RUSH: Okay. I want to demonstrate something here, folks. It’s another technique of Donald Trump that is not the way most people do something, and here I am explaining it back on July 21st: “The pattern here is whoever utters the slightest critical word of Donald Trump, they are gonna get hit back. He does not subscribe to the old adage of ‘ignore it and don’t reply to it.’ He replies to it. He elevates it. He tells people who didn’t know that the Des Moines Register editorialized against him and he tells everybody that they did, and then he rips ’em. My point again is, we haven’t seen this.”

The last person that I know who did this kind of thing, what he promises, is Howard Cosell. Howard Cosell heard the Oshkosh Gazette went and criticized him, and he got a copy of it. He ran all through the ABC offices, “Do you see this? Do you see what these little pleebs are doing to me out in Oshkosh? This is intolerable! Who is going to put up with this?” He would go off on it. Most people, when you’re criticized in a place much smaller than you are, you ignore it.

You don’t elevate it. You don’t let other people know about it. Trump does the exact opposite. Here’s an example. Yesterday morning on CNN, it was this breast-pumping story. Do you even know about this? Well, most people would not have even heard about this if Trump hadn’t made everybody aware of it. Alisyn Camerota, talking with the attorney Elizabeth Beck about an encounter she had with Trump in 2011, four years ago. Camerota says, “You had given birth three months earlier to a baby. You were breastfeeding and you had arranged it with Trump’s team that you would take a break at an appropriate time during a deposition and excuse yourself to go and use your breast pump. What happened when you tried to take that break?”

BECKE: He had an absolute meltdown when I said that I needed the break and it was for breast-pumping purposes. He got up. His face got red. He shook his finger at me and he screamed, “You’re disgusting! You’re disgusting!” and he ran out of there. All I was requesting was a break that everybody had agreed to during lunch hour so that I can excuse myself and pump my baby’s food in the privacy of a room.

RUSH: Now he could have ignored this. This woman makes the allegations on CNN yesterday. He could have ignored it ad let it go and let CNN have their time commenting on it and then be done with it. It wouldn’t get any traction beyond this. But that’s not the way he does this. So last night on Andersen Cooper, they played a portion of Dana Bash talking to Trump, asking him, “Did you get up, shake your finger, scream, ‘You’re disgusting! You’re disgusting!’ and you ran out on a woman who wanted to pump?”

TRUMP: She wanted to pump in front of me during a deposition.

BASH: The way she described it was that she wanted to take a break —

TRUMP: Not true.

BASH: — so she could take the pump out.

TRUMP: if you can ask my lawyer, who was there, he said, “I’ve never said anything like it. She wanted to breast pump in front of me,” and I may have said that is disgusting. I may have said something else. I thought it was terrible. She’s a horrible person, knows nothing about me. I see her’ she’s now the great expert on Donald Trump.

BASH: I guess the question isn’t so much that she’s an expert, but she does have an experience which she clearly doesn’t think was right.

TRUMP: Excuse me. She lost. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could finally win something? I beat her so badly. She’s a vicious, horrible person.

RUSH: (laughing) You just… You don’t see this, folks! I mean, in this day and age, most guys would have been differential. “Here’s a woman breast pumping,” and Trump says, “She’s a horrible person. She’s disgusting. Why don’t we talk about winning and losing? She lost. I happened to win. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could talk about winning something? I beat her so badly.” I think this is a little window here. I think one of the reasons Trump is doing this — and there may be many. But he is a winner.

I think he’s so sick and tired of this country losing everything that it’s doing, and I think he believes that these defeats are being engineered and programmed. I think he’s fed up with it. That’s what his talk about the ChiComs is all about and their currency. He’s tired of losing. He’s tired of losing to the Iranians. He’s tired of being bossed around by these people that he thinks we ought to be creaming. So I do think that is part and parcel of this.

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