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RUSH: Jack in Sanford, Florida, welcome, sir. Great to welcome you to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, hello. Thank you for taking my call. I’ve been a longtime listener since about 1989.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I had an interesting conversation with two female Millennials yesterday. I had made a comment about Donald Trump, and they asked me if I liked Donald Trump, and I —

RUSH: Wait, wait. Where did this happen? What kind of place? Where were you?

CALLER: I was in a retail store.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I was purchasing an item.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: And it was an item that had wording on it, and I was trying to compose my wording the way I wanted it, ’cause it was for something for me.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I said, “This may sound or look a little Trumpish.” And they said, “Do you like Donald Trump, or what do you think of Donald Trump?” I says, “Well…” I says, “He’s a little over the top sometimes, but I pretty much agree with everything he says.” And they said, “Well, what do you think about Hillary?” At that point, I wanted to jump on top of the cash register area.

RUSH: Thank God you said, “The cash register.”

CALLER: But I decided that I’d make it a teachable moment for ’em, and I asked ’em. To both of them, I said, “Give me one thing that Hillary has ever done,” and they said nothing. They said, “We’re not for Hillary,” and at that point, I was kind of surprised, ’cause these were two Millennials. I congratulated them for being intelligent and knowledgeable, and they did then say they would like to see a woman president someday. I said, “Well, that’s fine!” I says, “I’m for anybody that’s gonna lead the country in the right direction,” and they agreed, and that’s where we left it.

RUSH: Well, it’s interesting and anecdotal. People do make the mistake of assuming that people, no matter how you group ’em — like Millennials, or women, or African-Americans — are monolithic in the way they think, and they’re not. So these women were actually the conversation starters, it sounds like?

CALLER: Yeah, they’re the ones… Well, they started the conversation based on my comment.

RUSH: Yeah. So they’re not particularly crazy about Trump but they don’t like Hillary. Did you get to the point where you learned that they like somebody?

CALLER: They seemed to pretty much agree with what I stated after that. I says, “Well, you know, if you’re interested in having a possible woman president, maybe you should listen to one of the debates tonight where there’s Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson speaking. I think you’d be impressed with both of those people,” and they nodded in agreement.

RUSH: Okay, good. Well, that’s interesting to hear. I like hearing stuff like that.


RUSH: First up, the little bite from Marco Rubio. This might have been his best answer, but that’s subjective, obviously. It was a question from Chris Wallace. “Senator Rubio, when Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for presidency, he said this: ‘There’s no passing off responsibility when you’re a governor, no blending into the legislative crowd.’ Could you please address Governor Bush across the stage here and explain to him why you, someone who’s never held executive office, are better prepared to be president than he is, a man who you say did a great job running your state of Florida for eight years?”

RUBIO: This election better be about the future, not the past. It better about the issues our nation and the world is facing today, not simply the issues we once faced. This country is facing an economy that has been radically transformed. The jobs that once sustained our middle class, they either don’t pay enough or they are gone. And we need someone that understands that as our nominee. If I’m our nominee, how is Hillary Clinton gonna lecture me about living to paycheck to paycheck? I was raised paycheck to paycheck. (applause) How is she gonna lecture me — how is she gonna lecture me about student loans? I owed over a hundred thousand dollars just four years ago. If I’m our nominee, we will be the party of the future.

RUSH: Marco Rubio.


RUSH: Bay City, Michigan. Jacob. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. It’s great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, how’s going?

RUSH: Good. Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Long-time listener. My dad got me hooked on you a few years ago, and I’ve been listening ever since.

RUSH: Well, welcome.

CALLER: So, anyway…

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Yeah. Anyway, my thing is, I’m 23, so I guess I’m what you consider Millennial. What I want to see out of this is, I want to see a Carson-Fiorina ticket or a Carson-Fiorina ticket, and the reason I say that is because Fiorina is not one of these politicians. She’s not, like, a career-politician type, and neither is Carson. Carson, he’s a guy you can trust. I mean, think about it. Who would you go to if your kid needed a surgery? Like, I would go to him to have, you know, an operation done. He seems like a trustworthy guy. When you go to a doctor, you don’t want to go to someone who’s just like, “Oh, hey. I’m gonna dabble with this and I’m gonna take out this and help you with this.” No, you want a guy who’s gonna sit down with you and make sure he gets across his point.

RUSH: Okay, let me ask you this, then. Who would you rather negotiate a treaty on nuclear weapons in Iran? Would you rather have somebody appointed by Ben Carson do it, or John Kerry?

CALLER: I’d rather have someone appointed by Ben Carson do it.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Ben Carson is a doctor, and he knows, and the reason why… I don’t think a debate format is a good setting for him because he is trained, and he’s gone his whole life trying… He has to take time to explain to people what he’s trying to talk about, because if you go to a family, and you’re trying to explain neurosurgery to them, they’re not gonna have a clue what you’re saying. So he’s gotta simplify it.

RUSH: Well, not only that. Not only that. There’s no time limit on surgery. You take whatever time is necessary to get it right, unless there’s an emergency. There are exceptions to everything. But I get your point, and I appreciate the call. I really do, Jacob. I’m flattered you’re out there. I hope that you continue to be a proud member in good standing of the audience.

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