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RUSH: Everybody who knows me is asking, “What is with this Hillary e-mail stuff? Top-secret stuff, Rush? What’s going on here?” The New York Times has a story that says she’s under investigation by virtue of leaks, and then the Department of Justice says, “No, it’s not true,” and the New York Times walks it back. But it was true. I tell you what I think. I think this is big. I think this is problematic for her. I think she’s got two problems today.

She’s got this e-mail server problem, and she’s also got the polling data in New Hampshire. Have you seen this? Bernie Sanders is surging. He is up seven points over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, 44-37. This is starting to be a replay of 2008, folks. It’s just amazing here. I tell you, I said yesterday — I was making a joke! You know, I was being jocular yesterday and laughing and chuckling here saying that it’s not Bernie Sanders’ overwhelmingly popular personality and charisma that’s generating all the support. It’s that people hate Hillary.

You go back to 2008, and maybe what’s the common denominator is someone steals the coronation from Hillary Clinton. Here comes Bernie Sanders really, really out of nowhere, and he’s surging ahead of Hillary, and what’s the common denominator in this is Hillary. It seems like the only people who haven’t gotten the message that she is to be coronated is Democrat voters. And then you have the e-mail problem over here.

I think… You know, I just got my formerly nicotine-stained fingers on the actual release statement from the inspectors general of the intelligence community. When you read this and hear this being discussed on TV and so forth — which I shall share with you in moments — the money stuff from this is potentially really serious stuff. I mean, we now have the specter, the uniqueness of a candidate for the presidency under criminal investigation. We just haven’t been here before.

Now, I’m gonna scattershot this before I come back here and assemble it all together, ’cause I’m trying to answer a bunch of questions people have asked me randomly. “Rush, why did they wait so long to get the server? I mean, why’d they wait? Normally, wouldn’t the FBI van be over at her house with a search warrant and just grab that server once the allegation has been made that there are classified, Top-secret documents on that server? What is this waiting around for her to turn it over stuff?”

You know, it’s hard to say definitively, philosophical explanation for how the Department of Justice operates because this one’s run by Obama. And so that means it’s been profoundly politicized. But in a normal ebb and flow of things, Department of Justice lawyers and even district the United States attorneys have — at least judging by recent experience — been reluctant to hand down indictments or announce charges during a campaign because they don’t want to be accused of politicizing.

They wait until after an election, and then they dump what they’ve got. They announce charges, file an indictment, hand one up, whatever. The reason is, they don’t want to be accused of entering the political process and affecting the outcome. Now, that’s DOJs prior to Obama. We don’t know what this DOJ is… Well, we do. We know that this DOJs been entirely politicized, and so that theory could be out the window with this the Department of Justice.

It’s kind of like these two guys, Heilemann and Halperin. They write these books during the campaign and they hold everything they learn until after the election in order to sell their book. But if they released what they’d learned, and some of it’s blockbuster stuff, it would have affected the outcome of elections. And we’ve always said, “Why are you holding it, guys? You’re journalists! You’re finding out things, and you’re keeping it from the voters.”

And they say, “Yeah, because we want to sell books and get rich like you!” Well, they don’t say that, but everybody knows what the objective is. Well, the DOJ is kind of the same, and US attorneys are kind of the same way: Not wanting to be accused of affecting the outcome of things. Now, this circumstance has politics all over it. There’s some things that we know. We know that there is no love lost between Obama and the Clintons, both of them. That’s undeniable. It’s not a matter of speculation.

We also know that both sides keep each other at arm’s-length. I mean, both sides know what the other is capable of, and so there is a mutual sort of respect. Neither side’s gonna make an overt move to take the other one out unless they can be guaranteed to do it. The old saw about, “You don’t take a shot at the king unless you know you’re gonna hit bull’s-eye.” So we are left to try to analyze this without having the benefit of getting very deep in terms of actual knowledge and facts.

Now, do you remember, last week, the New York Times reported two inspectors general had asked the Department of Justice to do a criminal investigation of Hillary’s e-mails? And then do you remember how the New York Times had to walk that report back because the DOJ denied it? There was no investigation, and the New York Times reported (summarized), “But we’ve been told! We’ve got leaks; we’ve got sources.” DOJ said, “Sorry, you have been misled,” and the New York Times walked it back.

Even though their reporters and their editor all swore that they had multiple sources and even confirmation from the Department of Justice. Do you also remember how some people wondered at the time if maybe the Obama White House didn’t get on the phone and tell the DOJ to change its tune and to hold up and stop this investigation? Now, what if that’s actually what happened? What if Obama got on the phone and told the DOJ, “Hey, you guys gotta deny that; you gotta walk this back”?

In the process what does that do? That kind of convinces Hillary that nobody’s gonna come after her. That could telegraph a message that she’s safe and that she can trust the DOJ and the rest of the Regime with her server. At that point, we get her reversal. At that point, we get Hillary’s decision change her mind and turn over the server. Otherwise, the timing of this is really, really confusing. And now after the DOJ tells Hillary and the New York Times and everybody, “There’s no story here; there’s no investigation,” the next thing we know…

By the way, they still don’t have that server. An agreement’s been made or an arrangement, but they don’t have it yet, from what I’m told. They’ve got a thumb drive. They know that there are at least… I’ll read the statement here to you. They’ve got “evidence that there are classified documents on her server that go all the way up to top secret.” So this is now a serious criminal investigation. I have suspected this, because of what I said here at the beginning that Obama and the Clintons have to keep each other arm’s distance.

Obama can’t move in for the kill here for obvious reasons. But he could do a drip, drip, drip. You know, every day a little bit more news shows up about Hillary’s server and her e-mails and what’s on it, and this drip, drip, drip continues to create doubt, doubt, doubt in the minds of your average, ordinary news consumer, particularly readers of the New York Times. And there’s nothing Hillary can do about that because she can’t prove anything and she can’t deny it.

She can’t accuse Obama of doing this because Obama’s walked it back or the DOJ has walked it all back. And then there’s another theory. This is what has been described as “the tinfoil hat theory,” and it is this. Yes, there are top-secret documents on the server of Hillary Clinton among her e-mails. What if there is also something about Obama on this server in an e-mail or something that he doesn’t want anybody to know. So you go get the server, you get it in your possession, and then nobody hears anything about it for quite a while.

I mean, we’ve got the — what’d they used to call it back then — the appearance of impropriety? Mr. Snerdley, do you remember that? Whenever the Republicans were dancing out there on the edge of anything, the media and the left always referred to “an appearance of impropriety.” Well, we’ve got even more than that with Mrs. Clinton. She’s in real trouble over this. She’s lied. She has lied, said there’s nothing on the server. She says there’s nothing classified on the server, that she looked at it.

She picked out 30,000 e-mails and withheld them but about yoga and her daughter’s wedding. You know, has anybody looked at the Hillary lately? Does she look like she’s doing a lot of yoga? Thirty-thousand e-mails worth of it? Not to me. But she’s openly lied about this. And then over here you got Bernie Sanders just surging. And just a little sidelight about this, ’cause all of this is gonna pave the way either for Uncle Joe Biden to come in or Lurch, John Kerry, who definitely wants to throw his hat in this ring.

And there’s that aspect of this, too. You take a look now at the Democrat presidential primary and who are the two front-runners here? An aging, frumpy, Nurse Ratched kind of non-charismatic, stern-looking woman. And over here a guy that looks like he’s 85 years old bounding about, being thrown off the stage by #BlackLivesMatter protesters. We’re told the Democrat Party’s the party of youth and hip and cool and all of this, and yet the best thing they can come up with is a couple of dinosaurs.

Who both happen to be white.

Who both happen to be Marxists to one degree or another.

Where is the youth? Where is the hip? Where is the cool?


RUSH: Now, one more thing a lot of people want to know. If they don’t have the server or… Forget that. Last week we heard about this, and the week before that we heard about all this, and yet nobody went to get the server. They didn’t seize the server, and all kinds of legal experts were posting blogs expressing shock and dismay that the Department of Justice or the FBI had not sent the van, the evidence van over there to the Chappaqua compound to pick up the server.

Well, there is a little problem there, folks. Remember, now, we’re talking about the home of a former president the United States. I don’t care… We’re all equal before the law, but former presidents are more equal than the rest of us, and one of the things they have is Secret Service protection. There are Secret Service people surrounding that compound. They are inside that compound. The FBI, can you imagine showing up with their evidence van and they’ve got a warrant to go in there and get that server?

And the Secret Service says, “I don’t care what you’ve got. You’re not getting in this house. Our job is to protect this house, and you can’t get in here,” and then you’ve got a battle. Both are run by the Treasury department. They’re both executive branch. But then you’ve got a battle between the Secret Service and the FBI. I’m speculating on this. I mean, this could be nothing, but it could be an explanation for why there has not been an aggressive move to go get the server.

But I do not believe that Mrs. Clinton has had a reversal of thought and been shamed into giving up the server. I don’t think that’s it, ’cause you can’t shame the Clintons, and there are no coincidences with the Clintons. I think the idea that she’s gonna give up the server is an indication of the seriousness of the legal problem that she’s got… And I don’t know, by the way, if she’d even look at it that way. I have no clue how these people live their lives.

You know, I have no idea what Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton might think with the DOJ coming after them. If they think, “It’s all for show. Nobody’s gonna touch us. We’re untouchable. But people have to do this. They have to go through the motions of making it look like they’re coming after us. But at the end of the day, we know they won’t.” I don’t know how they process this stuff. A normal person when the DOJ is coming after you, it’s the worst day of your life.

You get scared to death, and if you didn’t do it the only you want to do you go get a lawyer and you want to start cooperating the best you can. If you did do it, you go get a lawyer and you shut up and try to give the illusion of cooperation. But the Clintons, I have no idea. I do not share a mind-set with them. I understand a lot of their psychology, but when the law’s coming after you? I mean, these people used to be in charge of the law.

Don’t forget Mrs. Clinton apparently called Secret Service agents “pigs” because her daughter Chelsea picked up on it. She also calls ’em pigs, and there have been several Secret Service agents reveal this in books and articles following their service at the White House. So my only point is, I don’t really know if Mrs. Clinton thinks that she’s in jeopardy or not, and if she does think she’s in jeopardy or realizes it, I don’t know if she’s taking it seriously.

Or thinks it’s just part of the process ’cause she’s a Clinton and there’s powerful forces, a right-wing conspiracy out to get her. I have no idea. But just looking at this in your good, old-fashioned standard common-sensical way, you have to say she’s in trouble, that this is serious. Especially when you see what the Inspectors General of the Intelligence Community have released here, which I’m not teasing you with this.


RUSH: Okay, here’s the Statement from the Inspectors General of the Intelligence Community and the Department of State Regarding the Review of Former Secretary Clinton’s Emails. This is dated back in July, by the way. This all the way back July 24th. Keep that in mind. But seeing this in print… This how old this is, July 24th. This is August 12th. Now, look, I know, I know, I know, I know. Some of you think all this is smoke and mirrors and that everything that’s happened here is to protect Hillary.

Now, and you could be right. But that would mean that Obama is engaged in the protection mechanism, and I just don’t believe that. I don’t think Obama wants her to be president. I don’t think Obama wants her at the levers that could change or dismantle what he thinks the greatest legacy in the history of presidencies. I don’t think there’s any love lost. And I think this drip, drip, drip of information about this that’s come out, the leaks that were supposedly true turned out to not be true, I think it’s all been designed to chip away at her support and character and to start raise and create doubts about her.

You have to say that if that’s what’s going on, it’s working. All you gotta do is look at Bernie Sanders and say, “Who? Bernie Sanders is drawing these crowds?” I’ve even got a post in the Washington Post today talking about Bernie Sanders drawing crowds of a hundred thousand people. And the guy writing the post says, “That doesn’t mean anything,” and then pretends or proceeds to explain why carouse of awe hundred thousand people don’t mean anything.

Now, the Washington Post is trying to protect Hillary; there’s no question. The New York Times, probably, too. But they ran that first leak about all of this and then they were humiliated into retracting it, and they’ve gotta be burning over there because they were right the first time. Okay. “Yesterday…” This is back on July 24th. “Yesterday, “the Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (IC IG) sent a congressional notification to intelligence oversight committees updating them of the IC IG support to the State Department IG (attached).

“The IC IG found four e-mails containing classified IC-derived information in a limited sample of 40 e-mails of the 30,000 e-mails provided by former Secretary Clinton. The four e-mails, which have not been released through the State FOIA process,” Freedom of Information Act, “did not contain classification markings and/or dissemination controls. These e-mails were not retroactively classified by the State Department; rather these e-mails contained classified information when they were generated…”

She lied through her teeth about that!

“These e-mails … contained classified information when they were generated,” for those of you in Rio Linda, that means written, “and, according to IC classification officials, that information remains classified today.” She stuff she wrote about is still classified! “This classified information should never have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system.” Now, you can say that the DOJ is trying to shield Hillary, but that’s who’s writing this, or who wrote this, and is explaining how egregious a violation this is, or was.

Inspectors General of the Intelligence Community “made a referral detailing the potential compromise of classified information to security officials within the Executive Branch,” going back here to July 24th. “The main purpose of the referral was to notify security officials that classified information may exist on at least one private server and thumb drive that are not in the government’s possession.” So, we’ve seen news reports about this. But when you read this, the inspectors general actual statement released…

You look back, it’s July 24th, and still today they don’t have the server. Now, you may have a heard that they know what’s on, but they don’t have it. And some of the e-mails that they found that she turned over they found this stuff. This is a total cluster here, folks. “The main purpose of the referral was to notify security officials that classified information may exist on at least one private server and thumb drive,” that’d be Hillary’s, “that are not in the government’s possession.

“An important distinction is that the IC IG did not make a criminal referral — it was a security referral made for counterintelligence purposes. The IC IG is statutorily required to refer potential compromises of national security information to the appropriate IC security officials.” It has become criminal now. Back on July 24th they just made a security referral but now it has become a criminal referral.

To the audio sound bites. Here’s Mrs. Clinton March 10th in New York City. Remember that press conference at the UN she did when all of this first surfaced that she had this server and she was running her own e-mail program, her own domain? She had all that private server, private e-mail ’cause she didn’t want the government to know what she was doing. That’s when the stories came out that she was selling access by way of donations to her Crime Family Foundation on the come.

She was accepting donations from foreign governments. The clear reason would be they think they’re investing/donating/contributing to a future president. And so the seeds of a scandal were planted. Mrs. Clinton had to head it off at the pass. She happened to be in New York, so she decided to go to the UN and do the press conference there because it was assumed that the United Nations press corps would not be as up to speed on the story because they don’t cover Hillary daily.

So they thought it’d be a cakewalk, and at this press conference she ended up making a fool of herself. She was totally unprepared, as usual, and had to slink out of there. It backfired on ’em, and this is an excerpt from that press conference. It’s 14 seconds, so here it is.

HILLARY: The server contains, uhh, personal communications from my husband and me, and, um… I — I believe I have met all of my responsibilities, and the server, umm, will remain, uh, private.

RUSH: “Uh, the server, uh, will remain private, uh, personal communications from my husband and me and um, I believe I’ve met…” “The IC IG found four e-mails containing classified IC-derived information in a limited sample of 40 e-mails … The four e-mails … were not retroactively classified by the State Department … These e-mails … contained classified information when they were generated and, according to IC classification officials, that information remains classified today.”

And then we learned yesterday it’s top secret. That was the classification. On March 10th, she’s lying about it. “Oh, there’s nothing on there but yoga, Chelsea’s wedding and where she was registered, where that was, for the wedding and so forth. Nothing to see here.” She lied through her teeth. Trey Gowdy this morning, Fox America’s Newsroom, Bill Hemmer says, “Okay, the inspector general says top-secret e-mails were on her server, private server. What are your questions now?”

GOWDY: Is the public record complete? Every explanation that Secretary Clinton has provided, about a week later was proven to be demonstrably false. This is just the latest one of those assertions, that she neither sent nor received classified information. Well (chuckles), that is patently false. But what I’m primarily concerned is whether or not I’m gonna have access to the records that I need to do the job that the House asked me to do. And, as you know, she is turning over her server — which I find to be an interesting choice of words. The Bureau usually doesn’t ask you to do things. They demand that it happen. But she wiped the server clean. So what are we gonna be able to get from the server? And her lawyer self-selected the public record from the private record.

RUSH: Except they’ve got those four e-mails. They’ve got something. And there’s the thumb drive. But his point her is, “What do you mean she’s going to turn it over? That’s what everybody’s been saying. Why don’t they just go get the thing? Why doesn’t the FBI evidence van pull in with the search warrant, go in there and secure the server, which they would do with any other target, person of interest, whatever?” That’s why I think, you know, the FBI would have to go through the Secret Service. I don’t know who would be up for something like that. Judge Napolitano on Fox believes that Hillary’s in grave danger because of this. On America’s Newsroom today he was asked, “How serious is this? Is there an obstruction case here, Judge Napolitano?”

NAPOLITANO: Legally, I believe she is in grave jeopardy if she is charged with failure to protect these secrets. She will not be permitted to tell a jury, “It was a mistake! I didn’t know it was a secret, because the word ‘secret’ was not stamped on it.” Those are not defenses in a case like this. Why not? Because before she became secretary of state she was required to go through a one-hour tutorial given by FBI agents, at the end of which you had to sign a statement under oath in which she recognized that she had an absolute duty to protect national security secrets. And in the face of that duty, she ran them through her server, which was unsecured.

RUSH: Now, keep in mind that one of the assertions here in the IG report is that she generated these e-mails. It clearly says here “contained classified information when they were generated.” Now, that could mean generated by the person sending them to her or generated by her, the original sender. It could mean any number of things. E-mails wouldn’t necessarily be stamped top secret, I guess.

But, anyway, he’s saying it’s no excuse, and we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m like a lot of people; I can’t see this ever really materializing into something political that leads to her be indicted and jailed or anything like that. But I can see this having and continuing to have a deleterious effect on her campaign, because we are talking about somebody… We’ve not been here before, and I know (laughing) we have arrived at a lot of places now that we’ve not been before in our lifetimes.

And I know, an oath in this administration is meaningless many cases. I mean, a lot of people in the Obama administration have taken oaths that they have violated. So I understand all that, folks. But you still have a candidate for the presidency under criminal investigation. That’s something you usually see after an election or after a candidate drops out or loses.


RUSH: Starting on the phones in Detroit today. This is Steve. Steve, welcome, sir. Nice to have you with us. I’m glad you called. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Great to be here. So I believe that these bullets she’s taking now on the obstruction or on the sending of the classified e-mails are just that. They’re bullets. They’re gonna wound her severely. But I do believe the bullet that’s gonna put her down for good lies within the content of the 10 thousands of e-mails. Anyone with half a brain knows the reason she wanted to use a private e-mail address and server when she very well could have just used the one given to her by the government is because she wanted to send contents that she didn’t want to have inspected and looked at. We’re talking about —

RUSH: This is true. This is very, very true. Very brilliant observation.

CALLER: So inside those 10 thousands of e-mails I can speculate that, you know, you don’t operate the Clinton cash globally without a whole lot of strategy and direction and coordination, e-mails out to her minions, the political hacks that are sitting inside the Clinton Foundation. God knows what’s in those e-mails, but we know that they’re e-mails she didn’t want to flow through the White House.

RUSH: Now, would you repeat again what do you think the…? I’ll change term, “bullet.” We’ll change that around. We’ll call it “the Wizard” just like they did in Washington, the Bullets to the Wizards. What do you think the wizard is that’s gonna bring her down?

CALLER: I have no idea specifically what it is, but I believe it’s inside the content of those tens of thousands of e-mails are things she did as far as foreign donations —

RUSH: But wait a minute. You don’t think there’s gonna actually be a criminal prosecution? How’s it be gonna find out?

CALLER: Because now that they’ve got the server, they can go back and retrieve the contents of those e-mails and actually read what she was sending.

RUSH: What have you heard? It’s been wiped.

CALLER: It doesn’t matter. I work in IT. That’s what I do. I own a software consulting firm. They can retrieve those e-mails. If they were ever sent to there, they could get a hundred percent of them.

RUSH: Well, they gotta be somewhere, even if she didn’t wipe her server. Even if she really, really wiped it — I don’t mean just deleted ’em, if she really wiped them — they got sent someplace. Somebody has ’em.

CALLER: The recipients have them, right?

RUSH: Well, it’s just a repeat of 2008, only worse. I mean, here you had Obama came out of nowhere and at least half the media just abandoned Hillary and went for the guy. Half Democrat Party abandoned her, and we didn’t even have a scandal like this. Now we’ve got her under criminal investigation. All of this e-mail stuff and whatever else drip, drip, drip negative is. And over here, Bernie Sanders burning and tearing the place up.

It’s a combination of these two that are really making people think that she’s now toast, in terms of winning the Democrat Party nomination. And I’ve got people arguing again, “Come on, Rush! Don’t fall for that. She’s Hillary Clinton. They’re gonna give it to her this time. All of this is just a bunch of made-up BS designed to get people sandbagged into thinking she’s toast.

“She’s gonna come back when nobody’s look she’s gonna roar strong and take Sanders out, and she’s gonna be there.” A lot of people have this perpetual fear that Hillary Clinton is unbeatable. I guess it’s ongoing and never ending. But if you look at real life and practical history, and find out it did happen in 2008, and there are things beginning to repeat themselves here. Larry in Waurika Lake, Oklahoma, it’s great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I look forward to tapping into your vast wisdom and knowledge.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I ask for your analysis on a different perspective of Hillary and the DOJ. I don’t believe they are gonna investigate her; I believe they’re gonna protect her. And here’s why. We’ve got a federal judge that’s serious about looking into her e-mail situation with that server. And she just signed yesterday a document that may place her in perjury before that judge, a judge that her husband appointed. Now, what does this do for the administration?

Well, when the reporters go in for the briefing at the White House and they ask Josh Earnest for a White House comment. What’s he gonna say? “We refer you to the Justice Department.” When they go to the Justice Department to ask them questions about it, what are they gonna say? “We don’t discuss ongoing investigations.” They investigated Lois Lerner. What happened? The woman retired and she’s receiving our tax dollars in her retirement pay every month.

RUSH: By the way, yeah, yeah. That’s a whole ‘nother story, by the way, Lois Lerner. We found out that she did authorize one conservative group as tax-exempt, only one in those three years. Yeah, that’s a good analogy. I understand that. But there still is an impact, a news impact, even if there is a protection scheme that’s unfolding here.

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