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RUSH: What does it say about the Democrat Party bench, folks, that if it isn’t Hillary, look at who’s thinking about getting in. Biden. Biden hadn’t made it past a Democrat primary yet in the two or three times he’s tried. Kerry? John Kerry, really? Already lost in 2004. “Yeah, Rush, but that was before the Iran deal.” That’s my point. “And, Rush, it was before he raised the flag over Cuba.” Right. So all this stuff’s gonna help him. Right, right. And then Gore, Algore?

Another loser. This is the Democrat Party bench? You know what it means? It means the Democrats think that both those guys got the shaft. “Gore got the shaft of the Electoral College. Kerry was Swiftboated. They both should have won, and, in fact, the exit polls, which should have been the ones that were counted, had ’em both winning.” That’s what the Democrats think. Because the exit polls showed Kerry winning at five o’clock on Election Day, they think the election was stolen.

Other than that, Martin O’Malley? I’m telling you, by the time Hillary trains and the Democrat Party trains everything on Sanders, Bernie’s gonna think he’s on an LSD hit from 50 years ago. By the time he ends up swimming on what they’re gonna do to him. He’s gonna be on a trip he’s never gonna have seen before. You watch. Mark my words: He’s sitting pretty right now, but nobody’s trained their sights on him. That’s coming.


RUSH: Here’s Peter, Chatham, New Jersey, welcome, sir. Glad you waited. Happy to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Well, thank you, sir. Couple things. First thing real quick: You talked about people on the bench yesterday. I don’t want anybody off the bench coming in. Leave ’em on the bench. The other thing is, “Okay, what is Obama trying to get out of all this in his legacy?” To get his legacy, he’s gotta get somebody in there as a puppet, and that’s Biden. Biden makes it happen. Everybody saw how wonderful it is, what Obama did. If he bails and fails, well, it’s Biden’s fault ’cause he couldn’t bring it forward to the end. So I don’t care about Hillary or any of those other people. Until we know who Obama’s gonna be behind… (BEEP! BOOP!)

RUSH: What just happened there?


RUSH: NSA monitoring?

CALLER: Hello?

RUSH: Yeah, right here.

CALLER: Oh, hi. Did you hear anything I said?

RUSH: Yeah, I don’t know what happened there. Somebody’s trying to call you. I didn’t do it. I don’t have the ability to do it. I don’t have any touch-tones here. I couldn’t do what —


RUSH: — just happened there. It just happened again; it’s not me.

CALLER: It’s not me either! I don’t know what… BEEP!

RUSH: It’s gotta be on your end! Somebody’s picked up the phone and they’re horsing around with you.

CALLER: Okay, here’s (BEEP!) the deal.

RUSH: There it goes. Look, I know what you’re saying. I know what you’re saying. He’s talking about the Democrat bench and he’s saying, “I don’t want anybody on the bench. They’re on the bench for a reason. They can’t play. Okay? I don’t want anybody on the bench.” He says Obama’s gonna be protective of his legacy. That means he’s gonna need a sycophant; that means it’s Biden. But he doesn’t want to wait until Obama makes it known who he chooses, and I don’t know that Obama’s gonna do that.

A lot of presidents don’t. Of course, he’s broken precedent after precedent after precedent, so… (interruption) Well, we think we know that he doesn’t want Hillary. I don’t think he wants Hillary. I don’t think he wants anybody that’s gonna unravel his precious legacy or his policy implementations or whatever. That’s why you may say, “Well, how’s he gonna do that?” Well, he’s gonna stay in Washington for one thing and he’s… I guarantee you, folks, the first move…

Whoever the next president is, if there’s a move made to change Obamacare, who’s gonna be on the nightly news, lead story, complaining about it? Barack Obama! Right there with Lester Holt or whatever the hell else is hosting the news. You watch. That’s gonna be something we’ve not seen before. It’s another of these age-old presidential traditions that’s gonna be blown sky-high. We’re not gonna rid of Obama even after 2016.

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