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RUSH: We have a UK Daily Mail “EXCLUSIVE: Hillary’s E-mail Firm Was Run From a Loft Apartment with its Servers in the BATHROOM, Raising New Questions Over Security of Sensitive Messages She Held.” Now, we already knew, ladies and gentlemen, that Hillary had flushed most of her e-mails. Do you remember when Hillary took great pride in saying the Secret Service was standing guard over her server? You know, there’s so much that she said here that’s just out the window now.

She has been exposed as lying so many times about it. I mean, even the Washington Post and New York Times are writing about this. And as I said, coming up in a moment a prominent supporter of hers is just urging her to get out before she ruins her reputation for good, forever. “Get out now with dignity. Get out and be done with it. It isn’t worth this.” So her supporters are starting to become nervous.

Her disapprovals, unfavorables are now over 50% in the latest CNN poll of Democrats and independents registered as Democrats. And now we find out that her e-mail server was held by a mom-and-pop company, Platte River Networks of Denver, and that the server was in a bathroom, essentially. She had Secret Service agents guarding a bathroom? She told us that Secret Service agents were guarding her server 24/7. You can smell the stench of this a mile away, folks — a mile high away.

I mean, the jokes here, folks, write themselves. Sample. I mean, she’s becoming bathroom humor now. A presidential candidate is becoming bathroom humor. You know, even Lenny Bruce… You go back and Lenny Bruce was a trend-setter, Lenny Bruce set new standards for violating PC even what it was back then in going places that you were never supposed to go, and even Lenny Bruce said, “Don’t do toilet jokes.

“Don’t do bathroom humor. It’s cheap. It isn’t funny. You don’t need to go there to get laughs. Don’t do it.” Even Lenny Bruce! But now we can’t help it. Mrs. Clinton’s server was in a bathroom in Denver. So now there are toilet jokes, such as, “Hillary’s dump of e-mails is so big you need a plunger.” “Those who said that Hillary didn’t give a crap will national security were dead wrong.” “Hillary on the server controversy: ‘I ain’t no ways turd!'” “Code name for her server wipe: Tidy Bowl.”

Tidy Bowl operation, wipe the server, get it clean, just wiping the server now, bathroom humor, Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate, Democrat Party. “Now that her the server’s been found in a bathroom, when Hillary says she’s getting to the bottom of this, it takes on a whole new meaning.” “You have to wonder. The American people won’t take this standing up or sitting down.” “Given the latest news on Hillary’s server in the bathroom her campaign’s now officially circling the drain.”

“Reports are that Mrs. Clinton’s server was wiped multiple times, and a bidet was also used for good measure.” Can you believe this? (laughing) We’re telling bathroom jokes about Hillary Clinton, a Democrat president candidate. I hate to ask what she did, where she stuck the thumb drive. Just saying, folks. “When asked about Hillary’s e-mail scandal, Bill Clinton candidly confessed, ‘You know what? Ain’t no way to polish this turd! I mean, the outcome of all this a real crapshoot. I have never seen Hillary so pissed off in my life before.”

And they just keep writing themselves.

The jokes just keep on coming.

Daily Mail: ” Hillary’s Email Firm Was Run From a Loft Apartment with its Servers in the BATHROOM, Raising New Questions Over Security of Sensitive Messages She Held.” It’s Platte River Networks of Denver. We’re now up to 305. This was as of yesterday. It may even be more now, but 305 e-mails of classified material have been found in a sample of e-mails that she did not delete. She thought she got ’em all. She thought she’d wiped ’em all.

She threw away 33,000. She turned over 30-some-odd-thousand. She said the rest of them are not worth seeing. I’ve been through it. “It’s yoga, it’s Chelsea’s wedding, it doesn’t matter.” Yet 305 e-mails with classified material she missed. Platte River Networks. ” ‘Mom and pop’ firm used converted residential apartment and had its own servers in a bathroom closet,” not just Hillary’s. Their own servers were in a bathroom closet.

The “VP of sales and marketing” for Platte River Networks of Denver “was sued for ‘fraud’ is said to be ‘big Democrat.'” Now, the Clintons can talk about how this is no big deal and it’s just, you know, a little bump in the road and so forth. But it’s the issue that just won’t go away. There’s more added to it each and every day. Now we have this, a Fox News poll finds that Hillary is favored by only 49% of Democrats. Bernie Sanders’ support is at 30%. That’s quite a swing.

You know what it was in June? It was Hillary 61, Bernie Sanders 15. Now it’s 49-30. Clinton’s 19-point lead is still big. That’s still substantial. But in August of 2007, which is the proper way to compare this, in August of 2007, before anybody had heard… Well, actually people were just starting to hear of Obama, in August of 2007. I mean, as a presidential candidate. People knew who he was ’cause of the speech.

In August of 2007, her lead over Obama was 48-26. Now it’s 49-30. She is not as far ahead of Bernie Sanders as she was ahead of Obama in August of 2007. In 2007 the presidential race much closer in states with early primaries or caucuses. Clinton and John Edwards were virtually tied in Iowa, where Obama eventually won because Obama just bused in a bunch of people didn’t even live in Iowa to sit there and participate in the Hawkeye Cauci and then split, leave town.

Hillary was totally shocked and stunned and totally outsmarted, out strategized and everything in Iowa. And there’s now a similar pattern that is developing this year. Bernie Sanders is leading Clinton, New Hampshire. Sanders is from Vermont, so some people say it doesn’t mean as much as if he were someplace not as close. In Iowa, Clinton has maintained her big lead. But for what it’s worth, Bernie Sanders led Clinton in a straw poll conducted after both appeared this week at the state fair in Iowa.

So it’s unclear, and Hillary Clinton has just guaranteed something.

She made the statement yesterday that Americans don’t care about her e-mails, that they never ask her about them. She headed into the Iowa State Fair, and the press comes up and says, “Hillary! Hillary! What about your e-mails?” “Nobody cares about the e-mails. Nobody ever asks me.” That’s over. Now that you go out and say that, that’s an invitation for everybody to storm wherever you’re gonna be and start asking you and shouting you questions about your e-mails.

It’s the wrong thing to say. The UK Guardian, published yesterday, Mary Dejevsky: I’m a Hillary Clinton Fan. But I Hope She Bows out with Grace.” Let me just give you the pull quotes. “[Y]esterday was the anniversary of Bill Clinton’s public admission of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Today is the anniversary of that gruesome family tableau — Hillary, Chelsea, Bill, and dog Buddy — taking the long walk across the White House lawn to the helicopter that would whisk them away to their holiday on Martha’s Vineyard.”

Do you remember this? This is as crystal clear to me now as if it happened yesterday. First Clintons denies even knowing what Lewinsky was. He said (impression), “I never had sex with that woman. Not a single time. Never. I never asked anybody to lie! Not a single time. I gotta get back to work for the American people.” Everybody involved apparently believed that, and then here comes the blue dress, semen-stained blue dress. The whole thing was blown up.

And then Jesse Jackson comes in to help Clinton pray in the White House, and we’re told that Hillary is livid, that Hillary is outraged, and Hillary is feeling put upon. Their marriage may not hold together. All this stuff happened, and then there laughing and walking leaving the White House, except Hillary will not touch Bill. And everybody’s felling so sorry for Chelsea when they’re making that walk to the helicopter.

“Oh, gee, can you imagine how tough this is for poor Chelsea? Oh, it’s such… Oh, no. We don’t even want to contemplate it.” They get in the helicopter and fly off to Martha’s Vineyard. And it was just amazing to me how everybody thought that Hillary didn’t believe it when she heard about the Lewinsky story, didn’t believe it? She knew it before we did. She’s married to the guy.

How many other times she have to look the other way? So somebody walks in and says, “Hillary, I hate to tell you, Mrs. Clinton, but Bill’s been caught in the Oval Office with an intern, Monica Lewinsky.” You think she’s gonna say, “Really? No! I’m shocked,” and start crying? No. If she gets mad at anything, it’s that he’s stupid enough to get caught doing it and stupid enough to do it in the Oval Office. But she’s nobody’s fool when it comes to this stuff.

Now, back to this piece by Mary Dejevsky. “In the 17 years since,” the exposed Clinton lie and Lewinsky and that perp walk to the helicopter, “Clinton has become the first former first lady to win a Senate seat, and the first woman to be elected as a US senator for New York. These years also included her defeat for the Democratic nomination to the one candidate in a generation whose appeal outstripped hers.” That would be Obama, for those of you in Rio Linda, “And she spent four of them travelling the world as US secretary of state. It is a distinguished and remarkable career, but it is now time to call it quits, while the decision is still hers to make.

“She can cite personal reasons (concerns about her husbandÂ’s health, for instance), or the hope that she has left time for another woman — the Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, or the health secretary, Kathleen Sebelius — to run. But call it quits she should, unbeaten.”

Mary Dejevsky, the UK Guardian. “Hillary Clinton has a fundraising pot that is overflowing. She appears to be cruising to the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination: and then, if the stars align in her favour, on to a well-deserved place in history as the first female president of the United States. Her supporters have wished it for so long, it seems almost impossible that it might not come to pass. And I would count myself among those supporters, ever since — as a Washington-based correspondent — I watched the lobbyists gang up to defeat her health plan, and observed how she toughed out the sordid revelations about her husband and ‘that woman, Miss Lewinsky.'”

A-ha. So Mary Dejevsky is a journalist. Yes, she was Washington based for the UK Guardian and she came to be really, really impressed with Hillary as the world of mankind in Washington set about destroying her. “Clinton, as she showed then and has shown since, is not one to walk away. She embodies that all-American quip about the going getting tough and the tough getting going. But I just hope that there are those, somewhere in her entourage, who are even now begging her not to do it, and to bow out while there is still time to do so with grace.

“Reality must be looked in the eye. Clinton is a hugely divisive figure, including within her own party — and not primarily because she is a woman. There is the clan question. What does it say about the meritocratic credentials of the United States that two of the most favoured candidates for 2016 are closely related to recent presidents? Neither is to blame but in my book, this alone would be a reason for both Clinton and Jeb Bush to leave the field. It is also a reason why they may not be electable. Then there is the Bill question.”

How in the world can Hillary survive with her dignity intact when we all know how everyone’s going to be reminded of her husband’s behavior during his eight years in the White House. It’s not something Hillary deserves to have happen to her. She needs to get out now. In addition to Bill’s baggage, there is baggage of her own that she carries. It’s time to go. Mary Dejevsky, UK Guardian.

This is not the kind of stuff that happens. You know, this is not a success track. You know, things happen in a sports team’s season, a miracle double play to save a win, an impossible catch to secure victory late in the season that make you think the team is destined to go all the way. There are not those kinds of things happening with Mrs. Clinton. There are not miraculous achievements. There are not great saves. There are not overwhelming success stories that make people say she’s destined to be the next president. The things that are happening are all chalked up as embarrassments.

I finally saw the video yesterday of Hillary telling that joke about Snapchat, you know, we played the audio yesterday. Folks, it was pathetic. Whoever let her go out and do that, whoever wrote that joke for her and let her go out and do that is not her friend, I guarantee you.

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