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RUSH: Now, on the Democrat side, “An FBI ‘A-team’ is leading the ‘extremely serious’ investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server and the focus includes a provision of the law pertaining to ‘gathering, transmitting or losing defense information,’ an intelligence source told Fox News. The section of the Espionage Act is known as 18 US Code 793. A separate source, who also was not authorized to speak on the record, said the FBI will further determine whether Clinton should have known, based on the quality and detail of the material, that emails passing through her server contained classified information regardless of the markings.”

Well, hells bell, of course she should have known! For crying out loud, that’s part of the responsibility of having a security clearance, folks, is that you’re supposed to know this stuff. You know, I asked Vice President Cheney about this. I said, “Okay, let’s go back to 2005. You’re in your second term as vice president, and you learn that the secretary of state has been running all of his e-mail from private server in a closet of a bathroom in Denver. What are you gonna do?” I have no doubt that if that had happened in the Bush administration, whoever it was would have been demoted, fired, or whatever. Certainly they wouldn’t have circled the wagons and tried to protect them.

And in the case of Hillary, you know, this now, this serious FBI A-Team, this is more than drip, drip, drip now. This is drip, drip, stream, steady stream of stuff. Now, it could be one of two things. It could be another installment in Hillary’s death by a thousand cuts. There is a growing consensus of thought now in back room quarters that she’s already toast. There’s too much of this stuff. They can’t nominate her. She can’t win this. This stuff, and it’s not gonna stop. It’s just gonna keep on dripping out.

It’s not universal in the Democrat Party, but it’s a growing consensus. It may not even be a consensus yet, but it’s a growing thought or fear that 2008 is starting to repeat itself. In fact, I’ve got a story with that headline. “This Feels Like 2008 All Over Again.” It’s from a pollster, by the way. And of course in the midst of all this comes the Trumpster ripping Huma and her perv husband Weiner.

Now, what that’s really all about, you know, Trump’s out there saying Huma’s got access to all this information too, and look at her husband, her husband is a crazy perv. What Trump is saying is this guy is a blackmail target par excellence. And if you have Mrs. Clinton’s number one aide trafficking in all of these e-mails too, then she’s probably telling her perv husband about this. So that the perv husband may know some of this stuff himself, and Trump’s thinking of all the people you would not want to have access to this kind of information because a blackmail target would be this guy Weiner, Anthony Weiner.

Here’s another: “State Department to Release 6,000 Pages of Clinton E-mails — The State Department is set to release a new batch of Hillary Clinton’s private emails Monday amid a broadening FBI investigation into whether the former secretary of state mishandled classified information on her private server.” We always have to be aware that we could be sandbagged here, that these 6,000 e-mails are gonna be released and then somewhere down the road in a couple days or a week, “Hey, there’s nothing here. She’s clean as a whistle.”

But then here’s the story I just cited: “Pollster on Hillary’s Iowa Stumbles: ‘This feels like 2008 all over again.’ — The latest Iowa survey has left at least one pollster wondering if history might repeat itself. At this point eight years ago, Hillary Clinton led Barack Obama in the Iowa polls by the same margin of seven points that she now leads Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). This uncanny parallel led Iowa Poll pollster J. Ann Selzer to posit, ‘This feels like 2008 all over again.'”

Bernie Sanders, for his part, is out there talking about Black Lives Matter. He’s saying something that’s actually encouraging the shooting of white cops. I don’t know if he is doing this just out of ignorance or if he really believes it. Okay, what he’s saying is there’s just way too much, there are too many examples of white cops dragging black people out of cars and shooting them. When did that happen? I mean, recently. That didn’t happen in Baltimore. That didn’t happen in Ferguson. (interruption) Oh, the woman in Texas. All right, yeah, but one example versus all of these others.

But anyway, Bernie’s out there, he’s feeding into this, and people are wondering, like on CNN today, can’t figure out the motive. Why would the guy shoot the deputy in Houston, why, why, why would they? They were really struggling to find out a motive. It was comical to watch.


RUSH: This is C.J., Boca Raton, Florida, and it’s great to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, how are you? It’s a pleasure to speak to you. I believe, as high as your bar is — you’re the ceiling in broadcast — I’m near the ceiling when it comes to the legal field. I’ve seen your brother; I’ve read a couple of his books. He’s a very brilliant guy. I have a couple things I want to tell you about what you were talking about. My question would be: Because the attorneys like even Trey Gowdy, a lot of these government guys are beyond their depth, or they really don’t have to the right staff to deal with this…

I went to school with Bill and Hillary at Yale. I am born May in ’46, so I am their age. I know quite a bit about them. I had a very close relationship with Robert Bork. And now I’m in Florida. I still have my firm winding down in Beverly Hills. And we do white-collar, mostly white-collar problems. And all in a criminal level. The thing I would number one — and everyone out there should realize this. Hillary, number one, besides being secretary of state, is an attorney. In fact, TIME Magazine wrote her up years ago, I think in ’89, as one of the hundred most powerful and influential lawyers in the country.

RUSH: A-ha. So that means that she thinks that she’s above the law.

CALLER: Well, in a way, but she also is an officer of the court. When she left the State Department, she knew full well that she had to sign those documentations. By her not filing those forms and also by concealing evidence and putting it there… I believe easiest thing that anyone can do — including you, Rush, and your brother — is see Judicial Watch, Jay Sekulow. I believe her license is probably now either in Washington, DC — I don’t think it’s in New York — or in Arkansas.

RUSH: C.J., come on, now. Nobody’s gonna do this.


RUSH: Nobody’s gonna go after her law license on this.

CALLER: Well, if you her ticket… I mean, that’s easy to do. You show magnificence, which is easy, can you imagine the disgrace of a woman running for president and she was an attorney? How can she…? No one ever says to her, you know, “What did you know about it?” She said, “Well, there were so many documents.” She’s a Yale lawyer, a top lawyer!

RUSH: So is everybody else.

CALLER: What does she mean she doesn’t know?

RUSH: I know, but so is everybody else there, and that means they circle the wagons for each other. You tell me! What more do we need? Where’s the indictment? We don’t need to know any more. The woman was violating the law just by the existence of the server in a closet in a bathroom in freaking Denver! There’s classified data passing back and forth on her server, whether she knew it or not. That’s no excuse. Where is the indictment? There isn’t an indictment. Why not? That’s the question.

So what else is on that server that might harm other people? Who else — and this is the bigger question. Who else was using a private server that we don’t know yet? And if they go after Hillary’s, that means somebody else’s is gonna have to be gone after ’cause she’s not gonna sit there and a the fall for it if anybody else’s is like this. Does Obama have a private server? They tell you, “You can’t use a BlackBerry, you can’t use an iPhone when you’re president because nothing’s private.” And Obama says, “Screw you! I’m doing it anyway. You make my Blackberry work.”

Well, how did they make his BlackBerry work? Does he have a secret server? Who the hell knows! There’s a reason why she hasn’t been indicted. There’s a reason why this is dragging along at a snail’s pace. I don’t pretend to know what it is, but it opens up all kinds of speculation. All I know is, we know enough here to conduct an official investigation and go for an indictment or whatever, but they’re not doing that. And, you know, you mention a couple of other people.

Huma. Huma was privy to these e-mails. What kind of security clearance does she have with her husband, who Trump has pointed out is a perv. That makes him a blackmail target. I tried to get the vice president to react to this. If any of this had happened with Republicans in office I guarantee… Look at what they did to poor Alberto Gonzales and he didn’t do diddly-squat compared to what Hillary’s done. Good Lord, what they did to Al Gonzales is almost unspeakable in terms of the political damnation and reputation, destruction that they engaged in and a couple other people.

You mentioned Bork. What they did to Bork, for crying out loud! The fact that they’re all lawyers and circling the wagons, it’s the ruling class. They’re gonna protect themselves, is what I think. ‘Cause Hillary’s not the only one doing this kind of chicanery up there. They have this feeling of entitlement. They’re special. The law doesn’t apply to them. It’s standard, ordinary operating procedure. I mean, there’s so many scandals in this administration, so many things have been happening outside the bounds of the Constitution, and nothing happens to anybody.

It’s one of the many reasons people all over the country are fed up, ’cause I’ll tell you: When the rule of law breaks down, that’s the glue that makes everything have meaning. The Constitution is meaningless if the rule of law and a sense of honor is not present. Why obey it? Why obey any law if there will be no punishment for breaking it? Why have any respect for it at all? And when that goes, well, as I say, that’s the glue holding it all together.

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