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RUSH: Trump ran an ad that many are saying is “vicious” against Jeb Bush. Now, the ad is a TV ad, and we can’t show you the pictures because this is radio. So what I’m gonna do is, we’re gonna link to it at RushLimbaugh.com, if you want to see it on YouTube. But I’m gonna describe this to you. As you hear the sentence that Bush reads in this ad, you will see mug shots of illegals who… (laughing) It isn’t funny. You will see mug shots of illegals who have committed violent crimes pop up on the screen.

So when you listen to this, there’s bell ringing, there’s music, and it’s Jeb Bush’s thoughts on illegal immigrants. And then these pictures of these mug shots of illegals who have committed violent crimes is what you see as you listen to this. (playing of ad) So it kind of goes by there; it’s 11 seconds. Mug shots of illegals who’ve committed crimes while Jeb Bush says, “Yeah, they broke the law, but it isn’t a felony. It’s kind of the it’s, uh, it’s, uh, it’s an act of love.” Of course Trump has been hammering Jeb on this.

So they went to Jeb this morning on America’s Newsroom on Fox. Martha MacCallum.: “Now, many say they think you’re too soft on immigration. You stand by that ‘act of love’ statement?”

JEB: What I stand by is the fact that we need to secure our border, and I have a comprehensive plan to do just that. That little ad was just a complete mischaracterization of my thinking. It’s almost as though Donald Trump is acting like a Washington politician. That’s what they do. Look, and the simple fact is our ad simply uses his own language, his own words, to say that he is more a Democrat than a Republican, that he’s for higher taxes rather than cutting taxes, that he believes in a single-payer system, that he’s not only pro-choice but believes in partial-birth abortion. Those are his words, not mine. I didn’t exaggerate a single thing.

MACCALLUM: But you stand by the fact that you believe that many immigrants come here out of “an act of love”?

JEB: Of course they do.

RUSH: All right. So that’s how it happened on Fox this morning on America’s Newsroom, Martha MacCallum. And Jeb’s standing by the statement it’s an act of love, and Trump’s ad, mug shots.

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