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RUSH: Folks. You know, my instincts are just incredible. I opened the program today by telling you that I’ve discovered the strategy behind the drip, drip, drip of Hillary e-mail news, meaning at some point I’m reading the latest story, and I just put it down, and I said, “You know what? I’m bored. I don’t care anymore, ’cause I know nothing’s gonna happen.” The lights went off. That’s what this is about! They’re trying to bore everybody.

“There’s nothing to see here. This is just crap! There are no violations of national security here. What is all this?” Well, lo and behold, we have the beginnings… Remember the gravitas media montage when Bush chose Cheney? We have the beginnings of another media word that they are all starting to use to describe the Hillary e-mail scandal.

CHRISTINE ROMANS: Most of the 7,000 e-mails are mundane.
JOHN KING: You do see a lot of the mundane business of government.
NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: The kind of mundane machinations of working at the State Department.
MARTHA RADDATZ: (voiceover) Many of the other e-mails more mundane…
NANCY CORDES: Run the gamut from the sensitive to the stressful to the mundane.

RUSH: The mundane! Of course! Nothing to see here, folks! You see my instincts, even before I know what the media is doing I know what they’re going to do. In this case, they were doing it; I just hadn’t seen any of their reports ’cause I don’t tend to watch. During the show prep in the morning period, I’m devoted to my stacks here. I’ve not got the TV on. I sent Cookie a note, “Would you scan what you recorded and see if you can find a montage?”

Because I got an e-mail: “I’m hearing the word ‘mundane’ a lot Rush.”

I had Cookie check it out and there you go! So now the media’s in on it. That’s the game, folks. “Nothing to see. It’s boring, mundane. Nothing earth-shattering in here. What’s all this been about? Time to move on!” Folks, I tell you, sometimes I frighten myself how good I am. I just… (interruption) It doesn’t matter! See, okay. (laughing) Here’s Snerdley… You still haven’t… (laughing) This is so precious. This is so precious! Snerdley doesn’t want to give it up.

He’s shouting at me, “What about all the news on the redacted mails? There are 30,000 e-mails that are redacted, 30,000 e-mails we haven’t seen!” Sorry (chuckling), you’re not going to. They’re gone. All that anybody’s gonna know is that what’s been released is “mundane.” It’s boring. “We knew the Republican leadership doesn’t like Boehner. We knew the Republican conservatives don’t like Boehner, and we knew — we’d heard people say — he drinks a lot!

“We didn’t really know it, but, okay. That’s thrown in there. And we know what Mitch McConnell is viewed the same way.” This is in Hillary’s e-mails. This kind of stuff is what’s in the e-mails. Yeah, there’s a whole lot of stuff. Now, Fox is still carrying the water on this. Their reporters on focusing on what you just shouted at me, all the stuff that’s redacted in these e-mails. But I’m just telling you what the technique is here, what the strategy is.



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