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RUSH: Here’s Vanessa in Vernon, Connecticut. Hi, Vanessa. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Good day, Rush. I’d like to say that years ago this woman, Kim, would have been getting great support. But because of our efforts, no one understands her courage and her moral values anymore. So I called to gloat about the fact that she is not receiving the kind of love and support that she needs because of women like Mary Bonauto, president of GLAAD, and because of women like Camille Paglia, a friend of Christina Hoff Sommers. And it’s the women who take the lead, Rush. Have you noticed that they’re more driven than the men? The lesbians have driven this destruction of the youth effectively, whereas the men couldn’t do it earlier.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

CALLER: We notice that —

RUSH: Hold it a minute. I’m not sure I understand from where you’re coming. Are you supportive or opposed to Kim Davis?

CALLER: Of course I’m opposed to Kim, but I’m just saying that isn’t it great that we Ladies of the Left have brought about a condition where she’s not getting the kind of charity that she deserves having demonstrated courage? Years ago —

RUSH: Now, wait. See, that’s what… Wait a minute. She, if you’re opposed to Kim, she doesn’t deserve any support, because she’s wrong.

CALLER: Well, I’m just saying isn’t it remarkable how effective the Ladies of the Left have been. In other words, we have a group called the Ladies of the Left that have gotten together and we’ve formed a unstoppable group of women to destroy the youth of the country by populating the schools with propaganda and —

RUSH: Okay, so you are calling to gloat in victory of your destruction of the moral code of the country and in schools?

CALLER: Very perceptive, Rush. That’s why we admire you so much and we follow all of your 35 Undeniable Truths of life. We’ve stolen them and used them for our use because, as the youth have been dumbed down, they don’t understand it’s propaganda and they can’t speak up because they think that this woman is wrong. And you know she’s right. But we beat her. And we beat —

RUSH: So wait a minute. If I’m to understand you correctly here, Vanessa, you’RE part of the Ladies of the Left, some lesbians, and you’ve bullied and overpowered every bit of moral opposition? You’re succeeding and destroying the moral code of the country and you’re happy?

CALLER: Well, of course, but not just like me. Ladies of the Left —

RUSH: Well, not just lesbians but you mentioned lesbians, so I wanted to be sure and include them in the glory.

CALLER: Well, the lesbians are the leaders. You know, the Latins had an expression: “Dux femina fati — a woman will be leader of the deed,” and that’s why we’ve been able to accomplish this where the men, for example, Henry Hay. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Henry Hay, but he was a communist pro-homosexual leader in the earlier years is and he couldn’t get it done. But once you give it to women, they’re driven. We are driven and we are resourceful. We are. We are dedicated. You know, you mentioned you are devoted to the word the other day. And that’s why you’ve done so well. We congratulate you.

RUSH: Devoted to the word?

CALLER: Yes. You said on your broadcast the other day, “I am devoted to words and the meaning of words.” See, we got you and everyone else using a term called “gay marriage.” Once you use that word, the game’s over. We win. As soon as you dropped the label “homosexual,” we won.

RUSH: But, see, you are celebrating victory over what you are acknowledging here is the blowing up of a great moral culture. You’re happy.

CALLER: Correct. So let’s realize what has happened to us. Shows like yours, Rush, are very helpful.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no. Nothing’s happened to us. What we’re talking about is what you have succeeded in doing.

CALLER: When I say “us,” I mean, U.S., United States.

RUSH: No, that’s not what you meant. Now you’re starting to swerve away here. You gotta own this, Vanessa.

CALLER: We do own it. Look at Mary Bonauto. Look at what she did, state by state.

RUSH: Barry Bernardo?

CALLER: Mary Bonauto, B-o-n-a-u-t-o.

RUSH: Got it.

CALLER: Vanessa, president of GLAAD, the Gay Lesbian Advocates and Defenders.

RUSH: Right, right.

CALLER: She recently showed her effectiveness by putting her head up on the steps of the Supreme Court after the decision was announced. She had been stealth up to that time. Do you understand?

RUSH: Yes, Vanessa, I do get it. I’m sure the audience is kind of perplexed right now, but I understand this full-fledged, 100%. I do. By the way, do you know how to spell “star”?

CALLER: I do. Why do you ask?

RUSH: Well, because you’re spelling all these others words. I didn’t know if you could spell “star.”

CALLER: I spell it S-t-a-r-r.

RUSH: No. L-i-m-b-a-u-g-h.

CALLER: Oh, Limbaugh.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: We love the Rush, because we got your program, and we turned it to our benefit.

RUSH: (Laughing) Well, I’m happy that you’re happy. Here you have a Democrat woman who has stood up for her religious values. She has been run roughshod. Her religious values have been shown not to count. She’s a Democrat, 27 years in office, and she is worthless to the Democrat Party. They just as soon destroy her and put her in jail as anything else, which they have done.

CALLER: Well, I’ve been listening to all these young people who are children of the Tea Party types, and they’re in support of her doing her job. You see? They don’t understand the virtue that she has. And we took that ability to understand that away from them. We poisoned their minds —

RUSH: Right. You have succeeded in looting and destroying. You have succeeded in filling our culture with rot. You have used your enemies in order to do it by getting us to use your language. You have had great success and you’re calling here to laud it over all of us and celebrate and thank us for helping to make your agenda happen by opposing it.


That’s a big part of it.

RUSH: Well, what did I leave out?

CALLER: I want my fellow Americans to understand how they got into this mess.

RUSH: It’s not a mess! Why are you calling it a mess? You won. This is the America you want.

CALLER: No, but it’s a mess for them because there are people I love who are walking around scratching their head, they’re saying, “What the bleep just happened?” There was a book by that title by Monica Crowley, What the (Bleep) Just Happened? and they don’t realize that the GPS, that is government public schools for the last 40 years have been run by —

RUSH: They know exactly what happened. Everybody knows exactly what’s happened here.

CALLER: Well, I want them to be comforted by that, Rush, because you know, I understand that to the victor belong the spoils.

RUSH: I’m not saying they’re comforted. No, no, I’m not saying anybody’s comforted by it, but you seem to think that you’ve pulled off this gigantic coup over everybody using their aid, unwilling assistance and so forth, and we all know how it happened. We all know what’s going on. I think it’s interesting, Vanessa, that you know, if you’re on the level with me here, you know what you’ve done. You know it’s no good, but you still are so happy you’ve pulled it off. You’re happier that others are in misery than you are happy over what you’ve achieved. And that speaks volumes.


RUSH: Okay, using proprietary software and special algorithms, folks, Vanessa has called this program before, most recently back in June. We’ve run both calls through our analytical software. She is a legit leftist. If you think that she was a satirical parody, satire. Wrong. She’s a legitimate leftist. This has been confirmed. She’s an example of how you should not try this at home, but she was being dead serious. She knows full well what she’s done and she’s happy she’s done it. And my last comment to her was right on the money. The woman is happier over your misery than she is at her own achievement.

And her real point was that the leftist men are a bunch of wimps and didn’t get any of it done. That it took women and lesbians to get it all done. That was the real thrust of what she wanted to point out. I kept distracting her. Not intentionally, but just my probing questions.

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