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RUSH: Now, this would be an excellent opportunity to remind you of a book that I suggested I think last week. I have a story right here. “Millennials Have a Low Opinion of Themselves, Compared to Boomers.” Did you see this story? This is in the Washington Post. “Millennials have a relatively low opinion of their generation. They donÂ’t even like the label ‘millennials’ to describe the group theyÂ’ve been lumped into, especially when compared to baby boomers, who eagerly self-identify as such.”

And the thrust of the story is the Millennials are not happy. They’re not sure who they are. They don’t have much faith in the country. They’re worried about their future. They don’t like all being lumped together. They give themselves low rankings in categories like patriotism, responsibility, willingness to sacrifice, religiousness, morality, self-reliance, compassion, political activism.

“Fully 59 percent say ‘self-absorbed’ is an apt description of their generation.” That’s nothing. The Baby Boomers it’s 95% and growing. But nevertheless, you know, everybody talks about the Millennials as the future, and the Millennials, according to this, they’re not feeling it.

Now, my buddy Mark Levin, his new book is called Plunder and Deceit, and it’s like his sixth or seventh book. The purpose of this book, it’s aimed at young people. And I guess after reading it, my book report would be it is aimed at young people, and it’s an attempt to tell them why many of the things they support are actually to blame for their unhappiness. Many of the things that they think are right, many of the things they think they believe in are actually the source of their destruction. It goes topic by topic. But it’s all rooted around the fact that at the end of the day, what they end up supporting is big, overpowering government to fix all kinds of things that everybody thinks are wrong.

Global warming is just one example. Health care is another. But the greatness of this book is it’s targeting these particularly — when we say young people, they’re adults, but they’re young adults, and it is an attempt to get them, because the media doesn’t do it, their education let them down, they simply are supporting their own, not destruction, but they’re supporting things that are resulting in the loss of their liberty. And as they lose their liberty, they lose their opportunity. Everybody does. You lose liberty, you lose freedom, you lose opportunity.

And it’s an attempt with hard, cold facts and data and irrefutable evidence, it’s an attempt to counter the education that they’ve all had, and to get them to wake up and to realize what they must do in order to have a future they anticipate and look forward to. It’s not slogging, it’s not heavy reading. I mean, it could be depending on the amount of data you want to examine it to be, but the message is crystal clear. And again it’s called Plunder and Deceit. Just search “The Great One.” That might do it. Actually Mark Levin, the author, Plunder and Deceit.


RUSH: Nope. That’s the best way to describe it. Plunder and Deceit is written for young people. It’s an attempt to explain to them how the things they are supporting — they’re being exploited, big government making ’em feel guilty and all that — the things that they are supporting are actually eroding their liberty, and it makes it crystal clear.

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