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RUSH: Have you by now seen the massive amount of refugees flooding all parts of Europe? Now, why is that happening? It’s not immigration. It’s not immigration or illegal immigration or what have you. It is an invasion, and it is the direct result of things. There are reasons why so many people are fleeing where they live and trying to get to what they consider to be better places. And one of the reasons why, dare I say it, Barack Hussein Obama and American foreign policy.

This is what happens when the United States abdicates its role as leader of the free world. This is what happens when a bunch of leftist idealists and theorists get in power and think the United States is the problem in the world, the United States is the focus of evil in the world and its military. The United States has run roughshod over the rest of the world, and the United States needs to be cut down to size. So we’re gonna get the United States out of the world. We have no business being there. It’s none of our business. What’s over there is not ours. We have no right to it, and we’re gonna clear out, and we have. We pulled out of Iraq without stabilizing it. Obama inherited a stable Iraq. He pulled out. Ditto Afghanistan.

Now there’s ISIS. There was no ISIS before Obama, and there was not an ISIS for the first year or two of Obama. Now we’ve got a civil war in Syria. When Bush was in office the left used to run around bleating about Darfur and the Sudan and demanding that we do something about it. How dare we look at these horrible pictures of suffering people and not do anything about it. Well, now that we have abandoned all of these areas, where are the George Clooneys of the world all of a sudden demanding we do something when his president is the one essentially responsible for this because we are pulling out of these places. We’re leaving these unstable places more unstable and dangerous. They’re an economic disaster area.

Look at what we did in supporting the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Middle East is on fire now, civil war in Syria, Benghazi, we even got touched by it. Libya is an absolute hellhole and a mess. Egypt is on the way. And you cannot discuss this without bringing into it the European Union. I don’t know how many of you have traveled to Europe. It used to be that you needed a passport. If you went from France to Great Britain, you needed a passport when you entered a new country. Every country you entered you had to show your passport.

You don’t anymore. The European Union, trying to emulate the United States of America in this giant coalition of European nations under one government, which is also a disaster. Hello, Greece. There aren’t any borders as such in that regard. So if you fly into Paris you can go anywhere after that in Europe without a passport. Well, this is made to order for refugees. All they have to do is storm one border, one outlying border on the perimeter, such as Italy or Greece, which is what they are doing. All they’ve gotta do is get past one border and there’s no stopping them.

So now the same kind of idealist leftist head-in-the-sand goofballs opened their borders long ago, political correctness overwhelmed them, they became possessed with the same kind of guilt that leftists in this country have, and so now there is no Great Britain in terms of cultural identity. France is on the way to losing its. All of these European nations are, because all they have to do is cross one border, these refugees, these migrants, and that isn’t that hard if you’re doing it in Greece or Italy where the controls are not all that hot to trot to begin with. And once you’re there, you can flood any nation in Europe that you want, which they’re doing.

You have these leftist, socialist leaders in all these countries saying that we have no right to say that we are any better than they are. We have no right to say that our culture is superior to theirs. We have no right. We have no right. And so they’re being overrun, and they’re being overrun for a host of reasons: economic, some of it is strategic, some of it’s being promoted by militant Islamist leaders who are on the path of creating a giant caliphate in Europe.

It’s serious, serious stuff. And the one thing, the one thing that has protected the United States from this kind of thing is these two oceans. It’s very hard for these refugees to flood this country, compared to flooding Europe, because they’ve gotta get over an ocean one way or the other, unless they end up in Central America. That’s our one vulnerability, and who is not doing anything about that, per se? That’s right. The Obama administration.

So what is needed in things like this is absolute policy solutions and people capable of coming up with them. Instead, one of the things that’s happening right now all over Washington, dweeb after dweeb after dweeb is dreaming of being the guy that takes Trump out. All kinds of people are trying to figure out a way to do it, to expose Trump for the fraud that he is. Meanwhile, our current administration, our current leadership has put this country at greater risk than we have been in since World War II, folks.


RUSH: All right, now, one thing is happening, folks, in Europe, all of these wimps, these European leaders are now demanding that the internal European Union states put their borders back up again to stop these refugees. “Yeah, you put your borders up. You put your checkpoints back up.” Even Germany is ordering countries like Italy and Greece to put up border controls now. They got rid of it all in the creation of the European Union.

Stop and think, folks: No passport. Once you get past Italy or Greece, you’re free to go anywhere that is the European Union. Show your passport one time. Well, you know how easy it is to get in. You swarm the border, you mob the border. Look how easy it is to get through our southern border. And Obama, by the way, is taking care of the problem. Obama’s fixing it. Obama is importing Syrian refugees.

I don’t know how many people are aware of this, but we are taking a certain number of Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees in record numbers now, by presidential directive. They are being allowed entry. We’re bringing them here. We’re actually flying them here ourselves and then we are positioning them all over the country when we get them here.
We’re choosing where they live. I think in the case of Syrian refugees, there’s a number floating around my head of 300,000. I don’t know over what time period that is, 70 to 300 thousand.

It’s a huge number, and it’s ongoing. So Obama is fixing the problem. Now, if these refugees… See we’re told they’re fleeing war, just like the children coming up from El Salvador and Guatemala coming through Mexico on the trains. We’re told, “Oh, they’re fleeing a war-torn regions of their homelands and so forth.” Well, if these refugees are just fleeing war, why aren’t they happy to stop and live in Turkey?

And if they get to Europe, why aren’t they happy to stop and live in Greece? No, no, no, no. This is not just about escaping war. They’re human beings. They want the good life. They want the good life in Germany. They want the good life in Sweden. They want the good life in Denmark, ’cause that’s where all the benefits are, including… In Denmark you can smoke dope on the street if you want to, I think.

Isn’t it Denmark where legalized dope all over the place? Amsterdam, yeah. Amsterdam. This is where they’re headed. They want the good life, “good life” meaning big welfare benefits. And they’re getting there. A better life that generations of hardworking Europeans have built up is now being swarmed over from war-torn regions that happen to be in places around the world that the United States of America has abandoned, in terms of foreign policy, over the last shall we say five years.

It took Obama a couple years to get around to it.

He had to do the stimulus first and Obamacare, then all of this other stuff began.

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