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RUSH: The new Il Papa, the pope. Man, oh, man, oh, man. Now he’s changing the rules on the nullification of marriage, making it easier and cheaper. Do you realize if this guy had been pope back during the days of Henry VIII there would not be a Church of England? He would have allowed Henry VIII to get divorced, nullify his marriage and go ahead and marry Anne Boleyn and there would not be the Episcopal Church in the United States today, if this guy had been pope.

That’s what the Church of England is all about. Henry VIII said, “You won’t let me divorce this hag?” and the church said no, and Cardinal Wolsey was back and forth in the middle. The church would not relent and people ended up getting assassinated. We would not have had the story of Thomas More if this guy had been pope back then. But the pope then held fast, and so Henry VIII said, “Screw the Catholic Church, I’m gonna start my own so I can divorce this babe and marry Anne Boleyn.” He ended up beheading her anyway, so what was it all worth at the end of the day?

Anyway, not only is the pope telling priests out there to change the rules on the annulment of marriage and making it cheaper, there are stories of an internal rebellion or revolt in the Vatican. And, by the way, I asked the question last week and I have the answer. You know this refugee crisis in the Middle East, it’s really not what it is. It’s an invasion of Europe by the caliphate. Let’s just call it what it is. It’s a massive attempt at a caliphate being formed here and taking advantage of the big-hearted liberalism of most of the Western socialist democracies, Western European socialist democracies.

Anyway, more on that in a moment. I asked the question, ’cause the pope is urging to let everyone in. Come on, you rich nations, you owe it. I said, does the Vatican open its doors — you know, the Vatican is a city state. You ever been there, Snerdley? It’s stunning. They actually have a wall around the entire city state, or most of it. I mean an unscalable, very high wall that dates back in parts to the sixteenth century. Trump didn’t build the wall. I don’t know who paid for this wall, but, anyway, it’s a wall, and the pope said they’re gonna allow two migrant families in. Yes, they are. I found that out they’re gonna let two migrant families move to the Vatican.

Anyway, apparently there’s a rebellion within the Vatican among so-called conservative or right-wing Cardinals who are very distressed at the direction the current pope is taking the church, that he’s actually single-handedly changing the faith, the doctrinal faith. So Fox News had their Catholic priest analyst guest on today, and he was asked about it. He said (paraphrasing), “Oh, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, nothing like that going on. The only revolt going on in the Catholic Church is some priests in Germany are making the move that the church ought to recognize gay marriage.”

So the Fox News priest guest just pooh-poohed the stories — in the Washington Post, by the way — about the internal strife at the Vatican. “No, no, no, no, the only rebellion is a bunch of priests in Germany, and maybe Austria, who want to really liberalize.”

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