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RUSH: You know, I knew this was gonna happen, folks. I didn’t know how, where, when, but I knew this was gonna rear its head. Let’s go to audio sound bite number two. This is from Inside the NFL on Showtime last night. It used to be on HBO. They canceled it; Showtime picked it up, CBS on Showtime. Phil Simms was speaking with the Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall about Deflategate and Tom Brady, and the suspension being overturned by a judge. Phil Simms says to Brandon Marshall, “Players, I’m sure, were conflicted. They didn’t know whether they were happy that Goodell, the big, bad guy was taken down by the judge or… I mean, they didn’t know how to react to this, Brandon. What was your thought on it?”

MARSHALL: The race card. There are a lot of players — and I think you were going to that. There are a lot of players out there that believe that white players, specifically the — at the quarterback position are treated differently.

ESIASON: So you’re telling me that there are players out…? I don’t know if you believe this — that there are players out there that if this were Cam Newton, that his suspension would be upheld and he would be there because the judge would see Cam Newton differently because of color of his skin?

MARSHALL: Well, when you look back at the history of this sport, you can build a case on that. Yes.

RUSH: Holy smokes. I remember they asked some guy that used to work for ’em at ESPN to clear out the desk when talking about the media being concerned about the race of quarterbacks came up! Everyone said, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, God! Oh, God! You can’t talk about race! Please resign. Oh, my God!” Now you have a player going on Inside the NFL claiming that Brady got off ’cause he was white. That was Boomer Esiason asking Brandon Marshall, “Are you telling me if it’s Cam Newton…”

He’s the quarterback of Carolina Panthers.

“Are you telling me that if Cam Newton was there case was before the judge, that he’d a been found guilty?”

“Well, yeah! You look at history of the sport and you can build a case on that. Yeah.” Man, oh, man! What was that, 2005? Talk about prescience. This is exactly what I mean when I tell you that I am on the cutting edge of societal evolution. So now they’re having a serious discussion about it. They’re not running for the tall grass. They’re not doing anything. I just want to take you back to May 8 of this year on this program. It’s audio sound bite number one.

RUSH ARCHIVE: There’s a racial component here, too, that nobody’s talking about. Do not doubt that. Seventy-some-odd percent of the players in this league are African-American, and a disproportionate percentage of them are the ones that get punished.

RUSH: Obviously so. I mean, they’re gonna mete out punishment, 71% of the players are black, and a large number of them penalized. It’s obviously true. It works out algorithmically, geometrically, trigonometry, works in any which way math you try it here. So there I was back in May. You wait. Here comes Brandon Marshall. Now there’s more and more stories in the Drive-By Media saying, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! Brady wasn’t exonerated here.”

It’s something else that I told you, and this is all over the media today. I told you from the moment this started that what was driving it was Spygate and the fact that a bunch of owners thought the Patriots were not punished enough for that. And now an unnamed owner has actually admitted that. An unnamed owner has said it on one of the NBC sports-talk websites. In Spygate you had Mangini, the coach of the Jets, reveal that the Patriots did it; the punishment came in four days. And all the evidence was thrown out.

And Belichick, the coach of the Patriots, was fined $500,000, and there’s some other penalties as well. And there were a lot of people saying, “Wait a minute! This didn’t go on nearly long enough.” But here’s what I didn’t know that is alleged in the story I read today. Apparently there was a press conference at the end of this when the solution was announced, Goodell and Belichick. I don’t know if it was joint. But when Goodell finished, Belichick was then supposed to go to the microphone and say he was sorry and, in a way, admit what had happened.

He didn’t. When he went to the mic, as in this story I read today, it’s alleged that Belichick… Well, we’ll find out if it happened or not. They said that Belichick went to the microphone and did his usual thing. “We’re on to San Diego. We got a game against the San Diego Chargers Sunday night and that’s where we’re focused.” He didn’t apologize, and apparently it’s reported Goodell was seething that Belichick did not apologize as he had promised to do.

And that is said to have set up this whole thing. And the last point of this is, according to another unnamed source, one of them an owner, that Goodell is in a stronger position with the owners now than he was because he hung tough on this. Because apparently there is a tremendous animus against the Patriots, and Goodell is getting credit from the other owners for hanging in there and trying to get to the bottom of something.

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