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RUSH: We have audio. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump today in Washington on Capitol Hill at the Tea Party Patriots “Stop the Iran Deal” rally.

CRUZ: Do you value standing with our friend and ally, the nation of Israel? Do you value the lives of millions of Americans, or do you value more party loyalty to the Obama White House? How will you look in the eyes of the mother or father or sons or daughters of those murdered by jihadists, those Americans who are blown up, those Americans who are shot, those Americans who are killed, those Israelis who are murdered. And let me be clear, if you vote to send billions of dollars to jihadists who have pledged to murder Americans, then you bear direct responsibility for the murders carried out with the dollars you have given them. You cannot wash your hands of that blood.

RUSH: Ted Cruz speaking to the Democrats in Washington telling them they will have blood on their hands by lifting sanctions, approving this deal and allowing the terrorist sponsoring state, biggest one in the world, another $150 billion dollars to play with, that currently is frozen. He continued with this remark.

CRUZ: Let me say to Republican leadership. Well, hold on. I come not to bury Caesar, but to praise him. There are two men in Washington, DC who can defeat this deal, majority leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner. All that has to happen is for Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to say the congressional review period has not started. Under federal law, it is illegal for Obama to lift sanctions. If Republican leadership decides that a show vote is more important than stopping this deal, then the single most important issue in 2016 will be stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

RUSH: So he starts out telling the Democrats they’re gonna have blood on their hands and goes to the Republicans and reminds them they can still stop it if they really want to. Like we said yesterday, the Republicans’ new strategy — actually it’s not a new strategy. It’s what they’ve been doing all along. They pretend fight and then surrender. Actually, they surrender first, before we know it, and then they pretend fight.

Yeah, they surrender. They decide amongst themselves that they can’t stop it for whatever reason. And then they tell us, “Oh, man, we’re gonna really be in there, but you know, we don’t have the Senate, it’s gonna be really, really hard.” Now, they’ve got the Senate. “Well, we’re gonna do everything we can but, you know, we don’t have the White House, we can’t stop Obama.” So that’s the strategy, and it’s Cruz just trying to alert people to the fact the deal can still be stopped. A long shot, but it can. Here’s Trump. He was there as well.

TRUMP: If I win the presidency, I guarantee you that those four prisoners are back in our country before I ever take office. I guarantee you that. They will be back before I ever take office, because they know that’s what has to happen, okay? They know it. And if they don’t know it, I’m telling them right now.

RUSH: Donald Trump on the campaign trail. So was Cruz. This was at the Tea Party Patriots “Stop the Iran Deal” rally up on Capitol Hill.

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