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RUSH: In the last couple or three days there have been a combination of news stories and pundit reactions to those stories that make me think that within the bowels of the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party apparatus, they are literally beginning to panic over Hillary. There are just two bits of evidence from today. One is… Well, actually three.

One is there’s a new Quinnipiac University poll out there in Iowa, and for the first time Bernard Sanders, not a Democrat, a registered Independent, admitted socialist, now leads Hillary Clinton 41 to 40%. That 40% for Hillary represents an 11-point drop in two months in Iowa, and now one in three self-identified Democrats say she is not honest or trustworthy. That’s another bit of news that we’ve had polling data, recent days, those three, top three words people associate with Hillary, “liar,” “untrustworthy,” “dishonest.”

And then Chris Cillizza writing today at the Washington Post upon hearing about this Iowa poll, “It Might Be Time for Hillary Clinton to Start Panicking.” And then there is a tweet from the irrepressible Karen Tumulty, who used to be at TIME Magazine, now at the Washington Post. The tweet is a picture of a practically empty room where Hillary is conducting an event for women in Columbus, Ohio. And her tweet is, “Not exactly a packed house for a Hillary Clinton women’s event in Columbus.”

And, believe me, it looks like the only people that are there are media people. They’re holding cameras and pencils and microphones and recorders and so forth. It’s an empty room. She didn’t attract people to her book tour, she didn’t sell any books, people know she didn’t write it and they wouldn’t have cared if she did, ’cause Hillary Clinton does not have a connection with people. She never has had. I won’t bore you going through this again. But it’s undeniable.

This is the mistake the media makes, the Democrat Party makes, and I think a lot of people make. They think that Hillary’s beloved, that there’s an actual deep bond or connection that Democrat voters have. And there isn’t. She’s where she is ’cause there’s a D by her name, and her last name is Clinton. If not for those two things, nobody would care who she is and nobody would know.

She is the result of a lifetime PR hype job. Where are the accomplishments, for example? Where are the serious achievements? Where are they? Independent of anything her husband’s done, where are? There aren’t any. The woman’s been on the come for I don’t know how many years. What I mean by that, she’s the next big thing, it’s her turn, next big thing, whatever. But there’s no reason for it. There’s no curriculum that says she’s great behind her. She was elected to the Senate, big deal, what’d she do there? Lost to Obama.

So I think in the media here when you start seeing people referring to it may be time to panic, it tells me that the panic has already started. And I think the media people know it, and rather than write that, this is how they are they are staying credible. They know there’s panic going on behind the scenes. So rather than write that, because that would be devastating, they instead acknowledge that they’re aware of it happening by saying it may be time to start. A clever little journalistic technique.

Now, I want to play this sound bite again. This is what we had on Tuesday, and yet people didn’t start talking about this ’til last night and yesterday. This another example of what I mean by you’re on the cutting edge societal evolution. This is from World News Tonight, Tuesday night, David Muir. Everybody was analyzing this from the standpoint of what she said about her e-mails and how she appeared, what was her stature, her countenance, did she look deer in the headlights. And it escaped people, other than me, for 24 hours, what she actually said, among other things.

HILLARY: Yes. Of course. Because it really is hard. My mother had a terrible childhood. She was abandoned by her parents. She was rejected by her grandparents. She was literally working as a housemaid at the age of 14. And she told me every day you’ve gotta get up and fight for what you believe in no matter how hard it is. And I think about her a lot. I miss her a lot. I wish she were here with me. And I remember that. And I don’t want to just fight for me. I don’t — I mean, I can have a perfectly fine life not being president. I want to fight for all the people like my mother.

RUSH: Listen.

HILLARY: Who need somebody in their corner. And they need a leader who cares about them again.

RUSH: That’s what I happened to notice. I remember making a big deal out of that, “Wait a minute, what does that mean about Obama? What is she saying about Obama,” I asked, two days ago, and again yesterday. And then I see it becomes big news last night and this morning. You were on to it first. Remember we played this back-to-back with that sound bite in New Hampshire in 2008. Somebody asked her, “How do you deal with all the vicious criticism?” (imitating Hillary) “It’s so hard. You know it’s really hard. (crying) You have to keep going.” Still spoke in a robotic way.

Right there, she wants people to know that they can trust that she’s gonna be in their corner ’cause they need a leader who cares about them again. And after making that point, after realizing that, then I remind you about Biden. On Labor Day weekend marching with the union people in Pittsburgh ragging on the economy, something terribly wrong in the economy. Right. Right. Well, whose economy is it? In fact, old Joe was even put in charge of making sure the stimulus money was passed out without any favoritism or scandal or whatever. How’d that work out?


RUSH: Here’s the story in the Weekly Standard that you knew about a couple days ago. Look, I’m sorry to make a big deal about this, but I told Snerdley when he came here today… I got in here this morning, and after he asked me if I’d had any fun with the Apple stuff, he said, “You look kind of ticked off.” I said, “I’m not ticked off. I’m just… You know, I’m driving in here, I’m listening to the radio or watching TV, whatever, and I’m hearing all these people talk about stuff I did two days ago,” and I admitted that it was somewhat frustrating.

“Why? You beat everybody with it.”

“I know, I know. It just… I can’t explain it.”

The Weekly Standard has a piece, “Clinton Takes Tough Shot at Obama,” and this is simply the reaction everybody finally caught in that sound bite where she’s talking about people need a leader that cares about them again, a leader that they can believe in again. Get this. “The State Department…” This from the Daily Caller: “The State Department admitted [yesterday] that it did not know that a career diplomat hired as the agency’s new email and transparency czar donated the maximum allowed under federal law to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

John Kerry… I’m sorry. Jean-Francois Kerry, our secretary of state (who once served in Vietnam, if you didn’t know) made a big deal claiming they’ve hired this Internet czar. Regardless of that potential conflict of interest, agency spokesman John Kirby also acknowledged that the new hire, Janice Jacobs, will likely be involved in processing Clinton’s emails. Hours after Jacobs’ hiring was announced on Tuesday, it was revealed that she contributed $2,700 to Clinton’s campaign in June.”

They’ve hired an e-mail czar at the State Department, a transparency czar. They’re gonna make sure this kind of stuff doesn’t gut out of hand in the future. The press asked, “Oh, is this a reaction to the server problem Mrs. Clinton is having?” and Jean-Francois said, “Oh, non, non, non! It’s not related to Mrs. Clinton at all. This is just a continuing effort at our State Department to stay ahead of people can trust that what happens here is secure and private,” and blah, blah.

So now they went out and hired this new czar, and they find out afterwards that the czar is a heavy donor to Hillary Clinton. “Regardless of that potential conflict of interest, agency spokesman John Kirby also acknowledged that the new hire, Janice Jacobs, will likely be involved in processing Clinton’s emails.” Now, I’m telling you, folks, this is the kind of stuff that people hear… And you don’t hear people react to this.

The media doesn’t go out and ask what they think of this, but this is the kind of thing that infuriates people. I mean, here we are in the midst of — and it’s just one of a long line of things that irritates people. Here we are smack-dab in the middle of the a controversy over Mrs. Clinton and did she violate the law or not, if she getting away with it or not by having a private e-mail sever — and, by the way, there’s another thing that just occurred to me, and it may have occurred to you a while ago.

Now, she claimed all of the e-mails were personal and that that justified deleting them and keeping them out of public view. Thirty-three thousand of them, over half of the e-mails on that server she said were “personal,” and therefore nobody else’s business and they had things in there like her yoga lessons and the rehearsal dinner and wedding arrangements for Chelsea and this kind of stuff. It struck me that she can have stuff in there from Vladimir Putin, whoever it is, and call it “personal” and therefore delete it and nobody would think anything of it.

Well, not they wouldn’t think anything of it, but what are they gonna do? She’s claimed it’s “personal.” It’s gone. Nobody will ever see. I mean, you could literally claim all of it’s personal because it was sent to her, whether she’s secretary of state or not. Now they go out and they hire a czar. This is another thing: Is there nobody…? How many people work in the State Department? How many tens of thousands?

There’s nobody in there that they could assign to be the e-mail czar? Why do we even need an e-mail czar, especially if they tell us it’s got nothing to do with Hillary? How stupid do they think we are? And then they go out and hire somebody who’s a Hillary donor, and then it’s discovered she’s a donor, but it doesn’t matter? She’s gonna stay, and it won’t affect the way she does her job? People are not swallowing that kind of stuff.

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