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RUSH: Okay, so I’m working here at the office late yesterday, and I walked in, Kathryn’s here. She leaves about 10 minutes before I do. I get home, I park in the garage, I head into the kitchen, and she is… Actually, she greets me at the door from the inner sanctum of the estate, the garage. She’s laughing uproariously. I say, “What in the world is going on?” She says, “Trump… Trump…” She waves me to follow her. So I take my stuff in, and the dogs attack me.

They love me. They see me and they think DOG BISCUITS. That’s a sad thing. I’ve trained them. All I am is a giant dog biscuit to ’em. So I had to go get ’em dog biscuits; then they wanted more dog biscuits. So I’m trying to listen to Trump as Kathryn is laughing herself silly. She doesn’t have the captioning on, so I’m really not sure what he’s saying, but I find myself laughing just looking at it. And the dogs won’t shut up. So I gave them some more of the dog biscuits.

Finally, I said, “To hell with this,” and put ’em outside. They started pawing the door, wanting back in, wanting more dog biscuits. Kathryn’s laughing silly. I’m trying to understand what Trump is saying. Now, about 20 minutes goes by while all this is happening, and Trump hasn’t said anything and, you know, I’m noticing the crowd, and the crowd’s standing up and cheering. There’s this guy in the back wearing a cowboy hat that stands up and cheering at everything Trump says.

He’s cracking jokes. At the point I came in, he was just savaging Karl Rove. “Karl Rove is a loser! Karl Rove is incompetent!” He said, “Karl Rove… Do you believe that Karl Rove raised $400 million and lost? Can you believe it?” The crowd erupts and laughs, and he goes on and on. I look at Kathryn and I said, “Is it about time he started talking about something here?” meaning issues. It was funny, and the place was rocking, and it was rolling, and it was full.

It looked like the place holds 20,000, and from the camera angles it looked 20,000 were in there. So I said, “You know, I’m gonna head back to the library,” which is my inner sanctum orifice which is where I light up cigars, sit down in my very… It’s a giant man cave, and it’s mine. So I get in there and I turn it on, and as soon as I get in there, I get a text from Kathryn. “Okay, he’s talking issues now. He’s talking issues!” Okay this is the pattern. I figured out the Trump appearance pattern.

He starts out with stand-up, he does 15, 20, sometimes 30 minutes of stand up and just stream of consciousness, and then starts getting into issues, and then backing out of ’em, getting back into ’em, and he always ends it — and this is the thing I’ve noticed. I don’t think a lot of people do notice, particularly the critics. He always ends these things with the most sincere remarks to his audience. He tells them what an honor it is to be with them and what an honor it is to be representing them and it’s an honor to be doing this with them and for them.

And, you know, for the inside-the-Beltway crowd that’s trying to figure all this out, it’s really not hard. Well, maybe it is. I don’t know. It’s all about developing a bond. He has established a bond with his audiences, call ’em voters or supporters or what have you. But the importance of that, and I keep drum beating this, because it is crucial: If establishment types are really serious in wanting to understand this, and if they’re really serious about wanting the same kind of success for themselves, you have to establish a bond with your audience.

Now, some people can do it naturally and some people can try their whole lives and never pull it off. It’s hard to do. It requires sincerity. It requires the audience believe that you are not BS-ing them; that if you joke, you let them in on the joke. You never insult their intelligence. They are in the club; they are not outsiders. You let ’em in. They are every bit as responsible for your success as you are. If you can do that, then there’s nothing that can break the bond — except you.

Negative advertising can’t break the bond, the media can’t break the bond, other candidates can’t break the bond. CNN can’t break the bond. But you can. And Trump has that. He has that ability because, at the end of every one of these, he telegraphs that this has deep meaning to him, that he’s not just out getting an ego massage here. Some people… You know how many people would be satisfied, would be over-the-moon thrilled for just one night like Trump has?

To have 18,000 people show up just all in love with you, cheering you, just going nuts over you? Some people would be satisfied with just one of those. In fact, some people think that once Trump gets his fill of that, that’s it. You know, when it’s no longer a thrill, that’s when we’ll see him start making moves to pull out. I’ve heard all the theories. I know what all of them are. I don’t ascribe to any of them. I’m just telling you what they are. But these guys in the establishment, both parties, can sit there and hope that Trump’s voters wake up and so forth. Sitting and hoping isn’t gonna accomplish anything for ’em.


RUSH: Okay. I got some people on the phones who want to talk about the Trump rally last night. They were there. I want to set ’em up by playing some audio sound bites of Trump. The event in Dallas — as I mentioned mere moments ago — erupted in applause many times, but never more than when Trump talked about illegal immigration. He said he was gonna end that crap “so fricking fast.”

TRUMP: Many of these gang members are illegal immigrants. They’re rough dudes. They will be outta here so fricking fast —

AUDIENCE: (cheers and applause)

TRUMP: — and I think a lot of these countries send them in here because they don’t want ’em. We take ’em. Kate in San Francisco, this magnificent young woman, shot in the back by a guy that was sent over here. Probably pushed over. Who knows? But it was an illegal immigrant. He came over; went to San Francisco. We have to end this sanctuary cities crap fast.

AUDIENCE: (edited cheers and applause)

TRUMP: Fast!

RUSH: We edited the applause. The applause went on and on and on and on and on. We just edited it in order to make it fit a little tighter schedule here. But keep in mind here what we just learned from the Border Patrol guy in Laredo and Homeland Security that these illegal immigrants are now drug mules! That the drug cartels are in charge of illegal immigration, and they’re all packing heroin, or many of them are.

Somebody needs to tell Trump that, or he needs to see it himself, needs to come up in this debate tomorrow night. It’s just casual advice. Don’t get any ideas here, folks. I’m not part of the team. Here is… This another great line. The audience loved it, anyway. “America has become a dumping ground for the world.” Dawn, did you see this? Brian, did you see this all last night? (interruption) Oh, so this is all new to you. Oh ho! Well. Here’s the next one. America has become a did you wish ground for the world.

TRUMP: It’s disgusting what’s happening to our country. We are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. We are a dumping ground. We have to straighten out our act. We’re the gonna have great country. We’re gonna have a great border!

RUSH: (chuckling)

TRUMP: We’re gonna have a border that’s a real border. You people are suffering. I mean, you know, I’m in New York. But from New York, too! They’re all over the place. We want people to be in our country legally.

AUDIENCE: (cheers and applause)

TRUMP: Legally!

RUSH: All right, and he went on and described the kind of immigrants he’s talking about, the kind that we kick can out. They come here to get educated. We educate them, they’re superior smart and then they leave, because their visas expire. So he went to great pains last night to convince everybody (or to make it clear), he’s not opposed to immigration. This is one of the tricks the “comprehensive immigration reform ” crowd, the open borders crowd tries to play.

They try to characterize people opposed to “comprehensive immigration reform” as a bunch of nativists and xenophobes who are totally against immigration. Not the case at all. They just forget about this word “legal.” I’m just amazing how they do that. They just forget the word “legal.” Doesn’t matter. Don’t understand the difference. By the way, he talked about Kate Steinle. Did you know that the guy who shot and killed her was convicted several times of heroin possession in San Francisco, a sanctuary city?

Now, Trump explains how he would bring jobs back from Mexico.

TRUMP: I call the head of Ford. I said, “Congratulations. I understand you’re billing a massive plant in Mexico and you’re taking a lot of jobs away from us in Michigan and other places. I don’t like that.” And he’ll say, “Well, Mr. President, it’s wonderful, wonderful for the economy!” Oh, great, just great. “It’s wonderful for whose economy? Not for our economy.” So what I’d say is the following: “I don’t want you to do that. And if you do it, you’re not gonna have any cars coming across the border unless you pay a 35% tax.” That’s it.

AUDIENCE: (cheers and applause)

TRUMP: That’s it!

AUDIENCE: (cheers and applause)

TRUMP: No, that’s it! Let’s say I make this call at nine o’clock in the morning. By five o’clock in the afternoon, I think the deal is done; they move back to the United States.

RUSH: Okay, now, on that, all kinds of conservative critics… This animates them. This brings ’em to life. They say, “This is terrible! This is terrible! This is the exact kind of thing Obama does that we’re trying to oppose here. Unilateral executive action? That’s unconstitutional. You can’t go tell private businesses what to do, and you people shouldn’t be applauding it,” is what they say.

“I mean, if he can go tell Ford that they can’t move and the Oreo people that he’s never gonna eat an Oreo if they do move, what if he goes and tells some company to move? We don’t want presidents have this kind of power. It’s one of the dangers of having somebody like Obama is that if we don’t get rid of all the executive power Obama used we’re gonna be in trouble. If we just trying to try to use that power for our own purposes we’ve lost anyway.”

In fact, Victor Davis Hanson has a column on that very premise today, writing that we should not seek to use the executive powers Obama has appropriated for himself as a means of fixing what Obama broke. We ought go back to proper separation of powers and fix this the right way rather than… It is a problem, by the way. Once this kind of… Because human beings are human beings, and if they’re not particularly loyal to Constitution, the hell with it. Power is power.

Getting rid of power, a lot of people don’t do that. There aren’t very many people who willingly give away power or share it — except the Republicans. (chuckles) We’re experts in it. But most people don’t. So I just ask: Are you at all troubled that Trump is gonna call Ford Motor and say, ‘Okay, look, you guys actually do this, and you can forget bringing these cars you make back in the country. To hell with you. It’ll cost you a 35% tariff to do it if you do this.'”

And by five o’clock Ford will say, “Okay, fine. Mr. President Trump, we’re not moving.” Right on. Right on. Limits on executive power types think this is just bad, and you should not be applauding that, folks. It’s a mistake, and you should not fall for it. (pause) Now, where were these same conservative critics when Obama was telling Boeing they couldn’t move to a right-to-work state? See, the problem with this is that all of these Republican critics have no problem shackling Republicans and telling them what they can’t do.

When Obama’s out doing it, we don’t hear a word, because of course we can’t criticize Obama. No! You know why? “Obama’s African-American! They’ll call us racist. The media will be all over us. They’ll accuse us of shutting down the government. Oh, no!” That’s the worst that can happen. You know even now Mitch McConnell and the gang are paranoid that something’s gonna happen and the government’s gonna shut down and they’re gonna get blamed for it, even in the midst of all of this that is what one of their primary worries is right now.

But Obama ran around ordering Boeing to do this and granting money to Solyndra, bankrupting all these green countries. It was a simple money-laundering scheme. Nobody said a word! Nobody said a word or anything to stop Obama. “That’s right, Rush. Well, he’s historic! He’s first African-American president. We can’t be seen as opposing that. It’d doom us! We’d have no chance at the Hispanic vote or the African-American vote in 2014.” So everything they do is from a defensive posture, and they tell themselves they have to shut up.

Except when Republicans or potential Republicans may take similar action, then they have no problem standing up and condemning it.

Even before it happens.

RUSH: Here is G.W., Mount Vernon, Texas, it’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. Thanks for having me.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to talk just a moment. I took my family to the American Airlines Center last night to experience the Trump phenomenon. And I was surprised and impressed with the positive and excited reaction from —

RUSH: G.W., let me ask you a question. Did you show up as supporters, or did you show up not sure what you were gonna get?

CALLER: Well, my family and I, we like Carson and Trump, but, you know, Trump’s energy is unmatched. I mean, he’s very unique. After the rally we’re definitely leaning more towards Trump than Carson.

RUSH: Okay, I just wanted to get your frame of mind as you were there. So what was it you noticed that you thought was interesting?

CALLER: Well, I noticed a very positive and excited reaction from the large number of Hispanic-Americans that were there.

RUSH: Really?

CALLER: Yes. Very much so. There were a lot of them in the audience, a lot of Hispanic families, and the media noticed also. I mean, they were constantly coming by singling out the Hispanics for interviews. Of course, I don’t think we’ll see these interviews on TV. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: But it was very, very obvious. But what really stood out, there were two things.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: One, when Trump started discussing illegal immigration, they were the first to jump to their feet. I mean, just jumped to their feet with excitement, applause, energy. The whole audience rose to their feet, but I was sitting right next to a family, a very nice Hispanic family, and we were getting along, having great conversations, but they were the first to jump to their feet, and I noticed others in the audience, and that really stood out.

But what stood out even more to me is when we left the rally there were a lot of protesters that were positioning themselves in the way of the parking lot so that you had to walk by them to leave. And as we approached, I saw a large group of Hispanic people chanting. And when we got closer to them, they were chanting, “Go, Donald Trump! Go, Donald Trump!” And what was happening was that Hispanics were protesting the protesters. At first we thought these were the protestors, but these were people who attended the event and when they were leaving the event and they were coming in contact with the protestors, they just decided to protest the protesters.

RUSH: You know, every time this comes up, every time I get a call on the program like this from somebody who is either Hispanic supporting Trump and his position on illegal immigration, or a Hispanic calling to say so, I get flooded with e-mails from others who say, “Hey, hey, you know what? I’m Hispanic, I couldn’t agree more.” Really overwhelmed. I’m gonna get ’em now since we’ve heard here from G.W. about this. People are gonna send me, “Yeah, he’s right, he’s right, I’m one of them.” I’m gonna be overwhelmed with them.

I think it shows we’ve been conditioned to think of the Hispanic community as monolithic, all-in for the Democrat Party. And because of that, that’s why we have to understand and support the Republican Party supporting amnesty, because all Hispanics do. And every time we hear anecdotal evidence to the contrary, I literally am overwhelmed with people supporting the contention.


RUSH: Time here for a quick sound bite. Don Lemon, CNN last night after the Trump rally Lemon played a clip of Trump speaking about immigration, and this was his reaction. Now, this is quite telling, too.

TRUMP: Did you hear the cheers and the applause he got when he mentioned immigration and building a wall and people saying, “USA, USA,” and screaming. Have you — I have never heard anyone rally around, in the Republican Party, rally around the immigration issue like that.

RUSH: Donald Trump speaks on immigration like he has spoken on immigration for three months, and Don Lemon says he’s never seen anything like this. Now, it’s Don Lemon, I understand, but still, the point here is that it is a shock to all of these Drive-Bys that there is such opposition to immigration. See, they think Trump is way, way out there all by himself walking a plank. That he’s extreme and uncouth, and maybe even uncivilized, and clearly all alone out there. And when they see evidence of this rollicking support, they’re shocked, they’re stunned.

My point is, they don’t know, folks, these inside-the-Beltway media types, the elites, they don’t know, in this case — not all of them — in this case, they’re so distant, they’re so far away from the mainstream of the people in this country that they are shocked when they find out what they really think. And yet when Obama goes out, talks about making sure the sea levels don’t rise or whatever, they think that’s right in their mainstream, oh, man, that’s exactly what we all think and believe, but this is a foreign country or world to them.

I don’t know. I just find it fascinating that we have major news networks that are such strangers to majority thinking in this country. They really don’t know what it is. Shocked every time they see it.

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