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RUSH: What Barack Obama has done regarding this upcoming visit by the pope, have you seen this? Have you seen the guest list that he’s invited to the White House to meet the pope? Well, let me just share with you. The White House, Obama has invited several opponents of Catholicism and Catholic teaching to meet and greet Il Papa in person. He’s gonna have a nun who is pro-abortion. He’s gonna have a transvestite in there, a cross-dressing woman and former co-chair of the Transgender Caucus for Dignity. A pro-abortion religious sister. An openly gay Episcopal bishop, and two Catholic gay activists.

This is the group Obama has personally invited to the White House to meet the pope. Now, some people are saying that this is perfectly Obama. He’s got the pope coming, and he wants to insult the pope, put pressure on the pope, and challenge the pope, ’cause the Catholic Church — and Obama’s a leftist, and leftists hate the Catholic Church. Do not doubt me on that. The Catholic Church is in the top five of all-time biggest enemies for the American left and the worldwide left. And so here is, in one possibility, it is a designed effort to humiliate, challenge, make nervous, make uncomfortable the pope. However, there’s another possibility.

There’s another possibility. What if — and I’m just throwing it out there as a possibility — what if the pope has requested a group like this? If I were to be told that, it would give me pause, but I would not be totally surprised. I’m not at all surprised that Obama would do this as an in-your-face gesture to the pope. That doesn’t surprise me at all. And I got to thinking, would I be surprised if somebody told me, “No, no, no. This is who the pope wants to be there”? You’re frowning. You don’t think that could be possible, do you? Then you aren’t paying attention to what’s happening out there.

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