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RUSH: Hillary Clinton has come out against the Keystone pipeline. Folks, I hope she’s doubling her security, because she and her husband have taken multiple millions of dollars in donations and speaking fees personally from banks and other industries in favor of the Keystone pipeline. She has taken money, I mean it’s $3.6 million total. Investors have given both Clintons combined $3.4 million right into their pockets. This is not for their little Crime Family Foundation. This is straight to them.

Canada banks are among the largest contributors. And Mrs. Clinton used to be for the Keystone XL pipeline. It’s one of the ways she was trying to distinguish herself from the Regime as she was establishing her campaign. Now she has decided to saddle up with Tom Steyer and Warren Buffett. Where do these Canadian banks go to get their money back? Their money has just been wasted. They didn’t give the Clintons this money ’cause they like ’em. They didn’t give this money ’cause they want to hang out with them. They gave them this money because they thought the Clintons were gonna support the Keystone XL pipeline if Mrs. Clinton was elected.

There’s another, pharmaceuticals. Clintons paid at least $1.6 million for speeches to drug companies. And Hillary now, since her campaign is floundering out there, Hillary’s running around ripping into pharmaceuticals now, Big Pharma, Big Drug, which is what all Democrats always do, but Hillary was not doing that while taking their money. So $3.4 million from Canada, $1.6 million from the drug companies. We’re at $5 million that people have given the Clintons. And they’ve just been screwed. Unless Hillary has, with the pharmaceutical companies, unless she’s doing a little wink-wink thing here. “Okay, fine, you understand I’ve gotta rip you in public, but don’t pay any attention to it. I’m in there with you. I’m all for you. But I gotta condemn you in public, you understand.”

And if they say, “Oh, fine and dandy, here’s another $1 million, have at it.” If there’s not some arrangement like that, there has gotta be some ticked off people.


RUSH: Ray, Livermore, California, great to have you. This is another place liberals hate because this is where the Lawrence Livermore laboratory is. It’s where Edward Teller worked. You know, Edward Teller, father of the bomb.

CALLER: You got it, brother Rush.

RUSH: I’m exactly right I got it. I met Edward Teller, by the way. I was surprised he was a listener, too. Anyway, what’s up? What’s happening?

CALLER: Omega Ahmed peaceful clockmaker dittos to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: In your opening segment you were talking about Hillary Clinton taking donations from parties and now taking political positions that would be against those very people that she took money from.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And I would contend she’s going for the Jesse Unruh school of politics. And you were in Sacramento for a while. You probably heard this name, even this quote, Jesse Unruh once said that, “If you can’t drink their whisky, sleep with their hookers, take their money, and still vote against them, you don’t belong in politics.”

RUSH: (laughing) That’s right. If you can’t drink their whisky, sleep with their hookers, take their money, and still vote against them, you don’t belong in politics. Jesse Unruh.

CALLER: It sounds like Hillary Clinton is ready for the job.

RUSH: Yeah, for the Democrat side of things, exactly right.


RUSH: Jesse Unruh, it’s U-n-r-u-h. Willie Brown always pronounced his name Unruh. But Jesse Unruh was a god in leftist politics. He’s also the creator of the phrase “money is the mother’s milk of politics.” Same guy. You’re on to something there, Ray. (laughing) Hey, Hillary has learned well. Anyway, these people gave her money and she’s now stiffing ’em. She’s probably saying, “Where else are they gonna go? They clearly aren’t gonna give any money to Trump.”

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