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RUSH: Folks, have you seen, did you happen to see, have you seen the little automobile that the pope is being driven around in? I have not seen it. I’d heard that he was being carried or driven around in a tiny car, but I didn’t think anything about it. I thought something like a Popemobile. So I’m watching the arrival at the White House today and I see this little Fiat drive up, and I said, “You’ve got to be kidding.” And sure enough, the pope got out of it.

I mean, it was tiny. It looked like one of those tiny little PT Cruiser things. And it looked like the pope was in there pretty tight. He had some help getting out of the thing. He just flew from Italy to Cuba to here, circling over North Carolina for a half hour, 45 minutes, and to show up in this? Yeah, I know, it’s a good thing this segment’s over.


RUSH: Yeah, the Popemobile is a Jeep, but not this limo that he’s driving around in. I mean, they had the picture of the motorcade heading in from Joint Base Andrews into the city, and this little car that the pope is in is so tiny that it straddles the center line of the two lanes. Then the SUVs, the Suburbans and Escalades and whatever else they are, there are two behind it and two in front. So those four SUVs make a square, and the pope’s little car there is in the middle.

That is how tiny it is. I read that it’s a Fiat. I have a very low resolution picture of it so I can’t find out the icon, the logo on the back of the car. It looks like it says Chrysler on it. Only it can’t be a Chrysler. Did Obama sell Chrysler to the Italians? I know he sold Jeep to the Italians. I read that it’s a Fiat, but it’s just tiny. I don’t know, it struck me because here’s the pope on this giant Airbus A330 flying from Italy to Cuba, the United States, circling over North Carolina for a couple loops and then driving around in this little thing with the windows down to boot. It just looked different, and I know the pope’s trying to make a visual impression here, not being ostentatious.

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