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RUSH: Okay, folks, so when the pope left Congress he went out to the balcony and spoke to the multitudes out there on the mall. And left there, he went over to Catholic Charities in Washington and had lunch with the homeless. And he said that Jesus Christ knew what it was like to be homeless, and not have a roof over his head.

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No, I was just thinking about how close in proximity the comment was. Every Christmas you can count on the fact, you can bank on it, you can invest in it and make a lot of money, that some Democrat somewhere is going to say that the homeless today are the modern equivalents of Mary and Joseph. That Mary and Joseph are homeless, and Jesus was homeless. It is a Democrat Party, left-wing rhetorical trick, per se, in order to tug at heartstrings.

After the ceremony at the White House yesterday, you know what I’m told that they were running around the White House saying? They were ecstatic. They were just giddy at the White House over Pope Francis’ remarks yesterday. They were calling it “The Audacity of Pope,” because of one of Obama’s book titles, The Audacity of Hope or whatever it is, and so it was considered to be a resounding success by all in the media and Democrat Party, as far as yesterday is concerned.

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