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RUSH: Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are reviving… You know, I said not long ago that these people are stuck in the nineties, the Clintons, in terms of their worldview and how they deal with scandal and problems. And they are faced with a lot of problems now. A lot of donors are leaving the Clinton global foundation, Clinton Global Initiative. People are not showing up to the thing. This e-mail scandal, even Hillary is now using the term “drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip,” which I think was popularized by me on this program.

She was on with F. Chuck Todd yesterday, and, you know, he asked her a series of questions and just let her answer them and ramble and contradict herself. But he didn’t point out any of the contradictions. But the point is that Bill Clinton’s coming along now and they’re trying to revive this vast right-wing conspiracy again as the reason for Hillary’s problems. Clinton on Friday said that he believes Republicans are exaggerating scandals against his wife, using the scrutiny over her e-mail use while at the State Department to tear her down.

He was on Fareed Zakaria: Global Positioning Satellite I guess the name of his show. (Clinton impression) “Yeah, you know what, Fareed? By the way, why do you call yourself GPS? I’ve never figured that out, ’cause you… I know you say the word ‘world’ a lot. You think you’re a world guy? Is that why you GPS? Anyway, Fareed, I think there are lots of people who want there to be a race out there for different reasons. They thought the only way they could make it a race was a full-scale frontal assault on Hillary.

“I know that’s kind of a weird thing to (chuckles) envision, a frontal assault my wife, but I think that’s what it is. This e-mail thing, Fareed, it just became the biggest story in the world. It’s all the Republicans.” And that’s how they’re doing it, folks. They’re trying to once again make everybody think that Hillary’s sailing along fine, nothing wrong, nobody’s doing anything that she disapproved of or vice-versa, and this vast right-wing conspiracy has come back to life once again to derail Hillary Clinton’s ambitions yet again.

That is all they know to do. Meanwhile, the list of policy failures/embarrassments takes three pages to print out. There’s an Internet joke, one of these Internet things going around, and it’s Trump talking to Hillary about all of her scandals, and Trump says, “You know, this one out there? You’re never gonna get past this one.” “Oh, you mean the one where…” List stuff like the Benghazi. “No, no, no,” Trump says, “The other one,” and it keeps going that way for three pages. It’s an intriguing way of listing every boondoggle, every mistake, every lie.

Some of them include the Clinton administration.

It’s just a great way to illustrate the woman’s total lack of honesty and total incompetence.

So, anyway, now it’s time to blame the Republicans for this.

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