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RUSH: Before this hurricane, before Hurricane Joaquin, let’s look at the last two. I don’t even remember what their names were, but I do remember the last hurricane. This was classic.

It was a tropical storm that formed out there in the southeastern Caribbean, and it wasn’t long before we got official recognition that it was indeed a storm, and then they gave us the models, and the models all had the storm hitting somewhere in Florida. So the National Hurricane Center first five-day forecast track was bull’s-eye, dead hit Miami. We’re talking five, six, seven days away. “Miami dead hit!” The Miami local media went nuts, with the usual predictable, “Make sure you’ve got batteries! Make sure you’ve got water! Make sure you get out of town!” It was Media Disaster Coverage 101, and the people responded.

People began hoarding things from stores, driving around like mad, traffic was crazy. TV media kept whipping things up into a frenzy. And then a couple days later they moved the track north. Miami’s still in the cone, but now it was us here in the West Palm Beach area, we were gonna get creamed. Then another day or two and they moved the track further north. They stuck with population centers as long as they could to create crisis mentalities in as many people as possible and with the media. And then the storm dissipated. It wasn’t even a tropical storm. It was just a low-pressure area, thunderstorms and a lot of boomers and some lightning, but it never did achieve — and during all this time, “It’s being sheared, a lot of wind shear taking the tops right off of these storms, so it may not survive.” They were making sure to tell us this but it never formed in the first place, not seriously.

And the one before that earlier this summer, same thing. It started in a different place, it was never targeted to hit Florida, but it was targeted to hit population areas in Central America, Mexico, and the Gulf, it dissipated. But they’re so desirous of a storm. They so badly want a storm. They need the storm for global warming. They need a disaster so that they can link it to climate change. It’s a tough sell to try to tell people that Mars used to have two-thirds of its northern hemisphere covered by a mile deep ocean and now it’s gone because of probably a catastrophic event related to climate change on Mars, never mind the fact there’s no climate on Mars. There’s no atmosphere. There’s no climate on Mars.

It didn’t stop them from saying, “Probably a catastrophic event probably due to climate change.” It’s one thing to sell climate change and tell people what’s happening on Mars and scare them that way. Much easier to tell them that storms here might end up killing people and ruining property and so forth, but the storms all fizzle out. And look at this storm now. Same thing happened. Look at the original track of this storm. Original track of this storm: Washington, DC. Our nation’s capital. Yes. And it got so bad that the NFL was talking about moving the game from Washington, Eagles and the Redskins, they were thinking of moving it to Detroit, Ford Field.

And then it was gonna drench North Carolina. Before that it was a Category 4, it was a disaster, it was horrible, you remember the models, you remember all the different places this storm could go, according to the models? It was clear nobody had a clue where it was gonna go. I mean, the models were all over the place. And yet they predicted landfall in the United States, even though the vast majority of the models had it way out over the ocean. Now, there are certain models that are more accurate than others, and the National Hurricane Center follows those on a regular basis. And if you’re a student of this stuff like we in south Florida are you can finally, after not too long a time, figure out which models the NHC values over others.

I’m not saying it’s all made up. I’m telling you the left is a corrupt ideology anyway, and they have people everywhere. And even if they don’t think they’re exhibiting bias, even if they don’t think that they’re liberals, just who they are, they can’t help themselves. I’ll give you another example. I had a friend of mine call and tell me that some Internet website wanted to do a profile, and they sent me the note of the request letter, the e-mail. I read the letter, and I wrote my buddy back and I said, “Don’t do this. In the first place you don’t need it. You’re doing just great without it. You don’t need it. Secondly, even if this person is being honest with you, they still can’t hide the fact that they do not understand you and they’re not gonna do this interview to find out who you are and learn about you. That’s not why they’re doing this. There’s no upside here for you,” was my advice.

“Even a well-intentioned, supposedly objective liberal media cannot help themselves. Their liberalism is gonna surface, and at the top of that is conservatives are kooks and weirdos, and everything they do is inexplicable and it doesn’t make sense. So you’re not gonna get fair treatment here or even honest treatment. It’s not worth it. And it’s not even about trying to get to know you. I learned this 25 years ago.” In fact, I would tell anybody doing an interview, anybody in the media, don’t make the mistake of thinking they actually want to talk to you ’cause they want to learn something. That’s not it at all.

Anyway, now this storm isn’t gonna hit anything. As I said yesterday, if it hit land, major, climate change, oh, global warming, oh, my God. Now it’s not gonna hit anything. But they can’t let it go. They can’t let it go. Now there are panic stories still associated with this storm about the amount of rain and sea level rise and wave action all up North Carolina and the Outer Banks. They’ve got their own storm there coming in from the west, an entirely different rainstorm, nothing related to the hurricane that’s out there, but they can’t let this go. It’s hundreds of miles offshore.

My point is, I don’t care if it’s gun control, whether it’s weather, they have just corrupted every institution they have gained control over. Now, whether you actively know it or instinctively know it, you know it, and what do you hold onto? Where can you turn to? What institution do you really trust, that you don’t have any doubts about? They’re harder and harder to find.

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