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RUSH: How’s the book? Book 4, Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner in pre-order announced on Tuesday is still numero uno at Amazon, in up-and-comer and new this and new that, and in a certain age group. I think Dr. Phil’s new book took the number one spot yesterday. I haven’t checked today. I really don’t know where we are today. We’ll get it back. We’re just thrilled as we can be. We’re gratified as we can be over this. The book doesn’t actually hit until October 27th. This is purely pre-orders, and the first three days it was number one at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and I think Books-A-Million.

It’s a labor of love, and it’s just great to have it reacted to the way it is and received the way it is, and all the great feedback we get on these books. They’re an effort to teach young people the truth about the founding of this country, and they’re fun to do, and it’s done in a way that takes the reader right back to these historical moments and puts them there while they’re happening. Some of the students at the middle school end up time traveling back with Rush Revere and Liberty, the horse, actually get to talk to the Founders and the subjects that we tackle in the books. They’re really fun to do. Anyway, Snerdley wanted to know how the book’s doing. I wasn’t gonna mention it today, you know, overkill. But he asked.


RUSH: Thank you so much for today, folks. Thank you for every day. Thank you, as always. And thank you again for Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner, book #4, continuing to scorch the charts all because of you.

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