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RUSH: The Drive-By Media’s got it in its head that it’s over, Trump’s finished, and he’s gonna drop out at some point. Even though he’s still leading in every poll, they’ve assumed a position here that there is an inevitability to Trump dropping out. It’s just gonna happen. They thought it would happen by now. They’ve tried to make it happen by now and before today, but it hasn’t. So they’re just assuming that it hasn’t happened, and that has become the narrative surrounding the Trump campaign. In fact, they’re even getting Trump to talk about it.

You know, Trump says (imitating Trump), “Hey, look, you know, if I do get out of this, you know what’s gonna happen? The entire Republican presidential campaign is going to collapse.” The people that write about this are incredulous. I think it’s at Politico or New York Times, I’m not sure which, they just can’t believe the guy’s ego. Trump said if he gets out — and this just feeds the monster. I think he’s toying with them. If he gets out, you know what’s gonna happen? The entire Republican campaign is going to implode. There won’t be one. The excitement will vanish. There won’t be any interest in it. There won’t be any reason for anybody to continue following it. There will be a couple of TV networks that fold because with Trump removing himself from the campaign, their ratings will go south so far that nobody will be watching some of these networks. So he’s tweaking them in his own way, given their new narrative that it’s inevitable that he is going to drop out.

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