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RUSH: Hey, we got that guy from Denver back, the guy who thinks I’m wrong about the Democrat nomination and that Hillary’s gonna win it. He is Andrew in Denver. Great to have you, Andrew. I’m glad you called back, and welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Rush, I’m so excited to talk to you. I’ve been listening to you for 30 years, since I was like 17, 18 years old, and now I got little girl who I’m trying to teach the same to, and she loves your Rush Revere and Liberty book.

RUSH: She loves them, you say, or wants them?

CALLER: Loves them.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you very much. That’s real cool.

CALLER: You’re just. We listen to them in the car and she wants to —

RUSH: I tell you what. Let me, Andrew, since you’re such a nice guy, even though you’re saying I’m wrong, I want to send you a new one. If you hang on after we finish, let Mr. Snerdley get your address, and when the new one is hot off the press, I’ll send it. Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner. I’ll send that out. What is your daughter’s name?

CALLER: Aoife. A-o-i-f-e.

RUSH: A-o-i-f-e, and you pronounce that “Aoife”?

CALLER: Yeah, it’s an Irish name.

RUSH: Okay, cool. All right, so we’ll have it for her. It’ll be a while. It comes out October 27th. So as soon as it’s out, we’ll get it to you. It’s the least I can do.

CALLER: No one can say that you are not kind to people who disagree with you.

RUSH: No. Well, we trying to put you at the top of the line to boot.

CALLER: Exactly. Well, Rush, what I wanted to say was, you know, I think we’re coming out of the chute. All day today I’ve been — I deliver and talk to a lot of people, and I kind of was working in to the conversation did you listen to the Democratic debates, and I got a sense that people who specifically trying to target people who are kind of Democrat type, and I got a feeling that they… You know, they kind of were leaning definitely toward Bernie Sanders, and even though Hillary kind of got a chance to save face a little bit, I think that it was pretty clear —

RUSH: Okay, wait just a second. Wait, wait, wait. You say you deliver things, and that’s how you encounter these people?

CALLER: Yes. I’m a deliverer. I drive a truck and I deliver packages, and I go in and I have… You know, I could have a couple minutes to chat with people and talk about the weather while I throw in some politics here and there.

RUSH: And does everybody that you’ve talk to, they watched the debate last night?

CALLER: No, not necessarily, but several people did this morning.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Also been kind of chatting with them over the course of the last —

RUSH: Now, do you tell them who you’re for in this race, or do you just bring up the conversation and let them talk?

CALLER: Today that’s what my goal was, just to bring it up and let them kind of talk.

RUSH: All right, so this is purely anecdotal and you do not trying to insight them by telling them that you are for Trump or whoever you’re for. You just say, “Hey, did you see the debate last night?” and you start talking and you’re concluding from what you’re hearing out there anecdotally that there’s a lot of love and affection for Bernie Sanders?

CALLER: Definitely. One particular intellectual Democrat who I kind of knew he was probably gonna be that way, the thing that motivated him is the revolution’s gonna start and he, you know, was ready for Bernie to take the forefront of that.

RUSH: The revolution is gonna start?

CALLER: Yeah, they’re ready for the revolution, you know?

RUSH: What the hell has the past seven years been?

CALLER: What’s that?

RUSH: For crying out loud, what the hell has the last seven years been? What revolution does this guy think Bernie’s gonna launch?

CALLER: Well, I asked him about that, and he says, “Oh, all the things Obama’s done have been great. So, you know, like I hear Bernie saying exactly the same things that Obama was saying.”

RUSH: All right, hang on. Look, hang on, I gotta go to commercial break. Hang on here. I’m not through interrogating you.

Back here in mere moments, folks.


RUSH: Okay, we’re back with Andrew in Denver. I just have a little bit more time here, Andrew. I’m not as time constrained. I just want to make sure I understand this right. You called after hearing me say that it’s now conclusive that Hillary’s the nominee, that none of these others have a chance, not even trying to be the nominee, really, especially Bernie, you heard me say that.


RUSH: You’ve been out there doing your job today, talking to a bunch of people, you’re hearing all kinds of enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders, so much so you think I’m wrong, right?

CALLER: Well, the leaning of the conversation was always towards Bernie, yes. So I don’t know if there’s enthusiasm per se, ’cause, you know, some of the people were just like, “Well, yeah, I watched some of –“

RUSH: No, no, no. But let me put this in perspective. Here you’re listening to the radio, you hear me say, analyze what happened last night —

CALLER: And I thought you were definitively wrong. And there’s two points. There was the first one —

RUSH: Okay, wait a minute. Hold it a minute. Let me set the table. You think I’m definitively wrong after talking to how many people today?

CALLER: Well, you know, how many people can I talk to doing my job —

RUSH: Well, that’s the point. You’re talking to 12 people, let’s say, and you’re concluding from that that Bernie Sanders is gonna be the nominee, that they don’t like Hillary that much?

CALLER: I think over the last two weeks, that’s my sense of what I’ve gotten from people that I talked to.


CALLER: And then there was, you know, a handful of people today that seemed to be leaning that direction, and especially a particularly intellectual Democrat.

RUSH: Intellectual —

CALLER: And listening to the applause one way or the other last night, it was pretty clear that Hillary was getting some laughs for the things she was saying. But Bernie Sanders, when he, you know, did his Obama speech about, you know, how we’re gonna change things and things are gonna be, you know, we’re gonna start the revolution, he got all kinds of really genuine response, and Hillary’s gotta figure that out if she’s gonna get back in the game.

RUSH: Based on that, why don’t you think Trump is gonna be the next president based on all the response he’s got?

CALLER: Well, Trump may be, he may be. I have no idea.

RUSH: I’m just saying I just — no, no. (crosstalk)

CALLER: — nominee, Democrat nominee.

RUSH: To me it’s just fascinating that on such flimsy evidence, scant, flimsy evidence, you call here to tell the host he’s wrong. So what you’re hearing, the way you’re hearing it must be pretty powerful. It’s admittedly a tiny sample of people on which to be basing an applause at a casino during a Democrat debate, when the only people they let in there are Democrats? TV applause determining — I mean, Bernie’s crowds are 15 times the size of Hillary’s. If Bernie had a book out there, it would be selling 15 times better than hers is, and she’s going to be the nominee.

The coronation is back on, bottom line. They’re not gonna let Bernie Sanders have this. And Bernie threw it away last night anyway. Bernie Sanders threw the nomination to Hillary Clinton with his admonition on her e-mails. She was absolved. She was applauded. She was exonerated by her opponents. It’s over. I mean, that’s her vulnerability and if none of those people on that stage are gonna go after this nomination on the basis that she’s a criminal, there’s an FBI investigation going on, if none of them are gonna even go there, they don’t have a prayer of winning the nomination.

But we’ll see. Your small, little focus groups out there could actually have something. You never know until it’s over with. Anyway, Andrew, I’m glad you called back. Now, hang on so Mr. Snerdley can get an address and I can send your daughter the next Rush Revere book when it hits on October 27th, Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner. And it is great. It is so chock-full of just inspiring, factual truth about the founding of this country, and there’s even a time travel adventure back to when the founding documents are being written in Philadelphia.

That was so much fun to write. Revere takes a couple students back and they actually talk to James Madison. Ah, it is so much fun to do. It is such an opportunity to tell the truth of this country to young people who probably are not hearing it and certainly not hearing it enough in their own schools. Folks, it’s in pre-order now. Amazon. It’s only 12 bucks, by the way, if you order it in advance. It’s a 19.99 list, and I think the pre-order price out there is $12. This is like every other Rush Revere book, it’s hardcover, 200-plus pages. A serious, serious literary effort here.

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