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RUSH: By the way, folks, over the past year we have literally been inundated at RushRevere.com, all of the readers of the books and then some have been requesting a Liberty, the horse, stuffed animal, a cuddly stuffed animal. And we have responded to the massive public demand. Liberty now has a plush and cuddly stuffed animal sidekick, and it is just the cutest thing.

It is perfect for your little child to have this stuffed horse, animal, while you’re reading the books. We got it in today, and this is it. I’m holding it up for those of you on the Dittocam, so you can see it. I mean, even I, El Rushbo, this is just cute as it could be. It is a replica of Liberty, the talking horse, in the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series.

It’s an ideal gift, and it’s by popular demand.
We have people requesting these things practically from the first month or two after the first book went out. You can see one at RushRevere.com. It’s very simple: www.RushRevere.com. I tried to balance the new thing on top of the computer monitor so it would be up there the whole show but it won’t stay. I need some kind of support up there for it. I meant to show you earlier, and I just remembered it just now.

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