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RUSH: Open Line Friday. So Mary Jo in Grand Rapids. It’s great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I’m calling about the presidential Democratic candidates, and I am — Democrat candidates. And they are constantly speaking about a life of “equality” and “diversity.” But ultimately, they are living a life of elitism. As I watched those five candidates up on the stage — all over 60, white, one female — I compared that to the Republican candidates who are numerous candidates under 60, Indian, Cuban, an Italian female. It’s… The difference is staggering. And if people would just stop and think. But the problem is that those who follow the Democrats are exactly that: They’re followers. They’re told not to question.

RUSH: Well, they react to what they hear. The Democrats preach a good game of diversity and fairness, equality, and all that, and the people eat it up. And they mean it, and they also believe it when they are told the Republicans are racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes. And as you say, when you look at the Republican debate field you see practically an element of every possibility in this country, ethnically. You’re right. You have Cuban and Canadian ethnicity. He have African-American. You have white rich, you have white poor, you have white middle class.

You have African-American middle class. It covers the gamut. There’s all kinds of diversity. And yet the reality of what people see is over shadowed it might not have by years and years and years of the Democrats in the media accusing the Republicans of not being diverse and hating everybody who isn’t white. Yet when you look at the Democrats all you see is white. All you see is aged — seasoned citizens in most cases. You don’t see minorities, ethnic or otherwise, and you can’t say Hillary is minority because women…

There’s no way that she could be tagged as a minority. She had five people up there: Four men, one woman, all white, all over 60, not exactly diverse. But you want to hear the piece de resistance on this? I am not making this up. The Washington Post watched the same debate you and I did. They saw Bernie Sanders: Aged white guy. They saw Lincoln Chafee: Dumb, close-to-aged white guy. They saw Hillary Clinton: Aging, obviously, white woman. They saw Jim Webb, and in Jim Webb, you kind of say, “What’s he doing here?”

But still you saw an upper-middle class, almost-aging white guy. And then Bernie Sanders: An obvious seasoned citizen, bitter and angry white guy. The Washington Post saw all of that, too, and it didn’t register. The Washington Post wrote a story going after CNN for not having diversity in the moderators! No. I’m not making this up. The Washington Post went after CNN in an article on Wednesday titled, “Where were CNN’s black and Latino moderators all night?” The Washington Post accused CNN of “talking a big game about equality and inclusion but broadcasting just the opposite.”

So when the Washington Post saw the same debate you and I did they missed the fact that every Democrat was old and white. And instead they focused on CNN and they saw Dana Bash, and they saw Anderson Cooper. Hell, CNN had more diversity than the Democrat candidates had. They had a woman, they had a gay/homosexual. Besides, there was Anderson Cooper and Dana Bash and who…? Did they have somebody else that was moderating or just those two? Seems there were three people last… Oh, there was an Hispanic guy. There was an Hispanic guy asking Hispanic-related questions.

Oh, yeah, Don Lemon, a black guy. He got in… Well, he got to read a question off Twitter or Facebook. But at least he got some face time. That’s exactly right. So the Washington Post sees Don Lemon, black guy; Anderson Cooper, Dana Bash, white; Hispanic guy. You had homosexual in that group. And they accused CNN of not being diverse, and they miss entirely the Democrats on the stage. You’ve gotta be trying to get that story. I mean, how do you…? I mean, ridiculous. But they go after CNN and give every Democrat on that stage a pass. Mary Jo, I appreciate the call.

This is Tom in Baltimore, you’re next. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hi there. It’s great to be on the show again. I talked to you as a Rush Baby, and I just wanted to say what an honor it is as a Rush Baby to be able to talk to you.

RUSH: Thanks very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: My point here is this. After watching the Republican debate I saw that many of them did have good conservative points to make. But overall there was a lot of infighting and a lot of areas where they were not presenting themselves as conservatives. There were many that stayed conservative the whole debate. But they overall were not unified. They did not present themselves as an ideologically pure conservative party. But if you compare the Republican debate to the Democrat debate, they all presented themselves as supporters of big government or reduction in individual freedom, redistribution of wealth. They all presented themselves as that. And in that way, I feel like Democrat Party is very ideologically pure and unified, and they use that power to their advantage when they’re trying to create legislation.

RUSH: Well, there’s no question. Look, this cuts both ways. I mean, you can say the Democrats are in lockstep, and they are. On the Republican side, you could say they’re not monolithic. There’s all kinds of different points of view welcome in the Republican Party, i.e., the big tent, that we’re not exclusionary of people. But that doesn’t seem to persuade anybody. It doesn’t seem to say to people, “You know, the Republican Party is pretty good. They allow all kinds of different ways of thinking.” That doesn’t seem to work. The Republican Party’s actively trying to suppress conservatives, Tom. And the Democrats are indeed unified on the fact that you and I are not qualified to lead our lives. They must do that for us.

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