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RUSH: Have you seen the latest polling data? There’s a couple of polls out. One of them is in Florida. And this is a poll that has upended a lot of people. This is a University of North Florida statewide poll of Republican primary likely voters. This is the home state of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Donald Trump’s at 22%, Ben Carson at 19%, Marco Rubio at 15%, and Jeb Bush is at 9%.

Asked to name their second choice, 20.1% said Rubio, 14.9% said Carson, 11.1% said Fiorina. Trump was the second choice of 6% of — (interruption) yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m getting to that. Just hang tough. People are shouting, “What about what W said about Cruz?” Just hang in there. We’re coming to that. How great it would be, the first monologue of this segment do all three hours and go home. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. But, boy, yeah, if I could say everything I wanted to say in 15 minutes, I’d be the first one on that bus.

At any rate, this news is incomprehensible to the establishment leaders of the Republican Party. They can’t figure this out, Jeb Bush, Jeb and Marco together ought to own this state, Trump moving in there as an outsider at 22%.

We have the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. “Donald Trump and Ben Carson continue to broaden their appeal among Republican primary voters and have widened their lead over former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and many other more-experienced candidates.” That is the Wall Street Journal version. The NBC News version: “Real estate mogul Donald Trump remains the front-runner in the Republican presidential field, while former neurosurgeon Ben Carson holds a close second place, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows. With the backing of 25 percent of Republican primary voters, Trump is at his highest level of support in the poll since entering the 2016 race.” Highest level of support since entering the race in this poll. “Ben Carson now gets the support of 22 percent of Republican voters, remaining within the margin of error of his first-place rival. Last month, 21 percent of GOP primary voters said Trump was their first choice for the partyÂ’s nomination, while 20 percent picked Carson.” So Trump is up four; Carson is up one.

“The new poll, which surveyed respondents from Oct. 15 to Sunday, saw a slight dip in support for former Hewlett-Packard executive Carly Fiorina, who fell from 11 percent last month to 7 percent.” That’s more than a slight dip. She’s ditched here out of double digits. “While Trump leads when GOP primary voters are asked about their first choice for the partyÂ’s nomination, Carson boasts the highest share of voters who say they can see themselves supporting him.” So Trump number one with 25%, but then the same people, okay, who’s your second choice if your guy doesn’t get it? Ben Carson runs away with everybody’s second choice, and Trump is 6% as everybody’s second choice.

Now, I want to remind you what we’ve been hearing from the establishment all of this time, that Trump — in fact, they said Trump peaked about a month ago. There was one poll, kind of an outlier poll, which showed Trump had lost a point and a half or two points — and another poll that showed Trump even — and the establishment was getting all hot and bothered. “All right!” That’s what they’re saying. “This is cool! This is what we knew was gonna happen. Trump’s leveling off. Trump’s peaked. Trump is only downhill from here!” Do you know that Donald Trump has been number one in the polls for more days than are remaining until the Hawkeye Cauci?

And the establishment’s still waiting for Trump to bomb out, still waiting for this magical gaffe or the discovery of something nobody knows about Trump that’s so embarrassing that he’s got no choice but than to get out of the race. Those are the two slim things the establishment’s holding onto. But all this time they’ve been telling us, “It’s downhill from here!” All of these months at the top, all of these months number one in the polls has been telling the establishment it’s about over. If Jeb Bush were Donald Trump, since this race began…

If Donald Trump’s numbers were Jeb Bush’s, everybody would declare this over. They would have declared it over months ago, and the news would be devoted to telling the other candidates to get out and let’s unify. “Let’s coalesce. Let’s get behind good old Jeb!” That’s what they’d be saying. If Jeb Bush had 25%, they would be doing everything they can to call this off.

“It’s over with. Let’s unify. Let’s get ready to go into the Hawkeye Cauci, into New Hampshire and then South Carolina and Nevada and let’s just own this.” But with Trump it’s, “Well, you know, we’re right where we want to be this far out. We’re at 8%! That’s right, right where we want to be: 8%. We’re poised for the eventual Trump fall from grace.” But Trump has been at the top for more days than are remaining until the first ballots are cast.


RUSH: Yeah, it’s kind of hard for the establishment to admit it, but, I mean, you got Carson and Trump both gaining ground in a poll that everybody in Washington accepts. The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. This is as gold as the CBS/New York Times poll, and it is becoming more and more obvious that voters particularly on the Republican side really, really have no use for Washington politics-as-usual. They have no use for it. They’re up to speed on it. They don’t want anymore. They’re not being fooled by it. They don’t want any part of it.

Every chance they have to show their support for outsiders they are doing it. And if you’re a member of the establishment, it’s gotta be tough. Gotta be. They’re facing major, major rejection, and these are the big money people, these are the experts. These are the highly paid, highly touted professionals who run around telling everybody else only they know how to get enough votes to get a candidate elected. Now, the story at Vox.com. I want to get to this in the next hour.

It’s something you’ve again heard on this program ever since the 2010 midterms, and that is how bad it is for the Democrat Party in elective office all over this country. They are down over 1,000 elected seats in state governments and city governments. They are in deep, deep doo-doo. And they’ve figured this out over at Vox, which is, you know, a young… Explainer journalism. It’s a bunch of liberals that grew tired of working for big guys.

So they started their own, got some funding, which is what liberals do, and they claim their site is to explain the news, not report it. And one of their explainers today is just how deep the trouble is for the Democrat Party nationwide outside the White House.

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