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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, Hillary and the Benghazi hearings are tomorrow. And that’s another thing, the Drive-Bys are all excited about it, and you know she has been rehearsing. They have been putting her through her paces on this.

(playing of spoof)

RUSH: Hillary Clinton rehearsing for her Benghazi committee hearings tomorrow. There’s an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: “More Americans Are Unsatisfied With Clinton’s Response to the Benghazi Attack.” It’s an NBC News story. If you read the whole article, they don’t put this in the headline, but if you read the whole article, it turns out 73% of Americans are unsatisfied with her responses on Benghazi, and 64% of Americans do not think the investigation has been unfair or too partisan. But why ruin a good story with a headline that tells the truth?

You know, I told you the other day when I came in, Snerdley — I think you told you people, too — the Star Wars trailer ran during Monday Night Football. I can’t remember if I told you or not. My little tech blog buddies, they were so mad. (laughing) These geeks were so ticked off they had to turn on a football game, and on ESPN. They hate that because that means they had to turn on cable; they hate cable.

They hate football. Football’s barbaric, I mean, it’s almost as uncool as golf is, and they had to turn on a football game and endure some of the stuff at halftime just to see the two minute, what was it, 20-second Star Wars trailer. Anyway, are you ready for this? The Star Wars trailer outrated the game. The game was the New Jersey Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles, and it was an Eagles blowout for the most part. And the Star Wars trailer actually outrated the game. My little tech blogger buddies tuned in, the geeks, and they watched it and they tuned right out, and Nielsen caught it.

So, now, back to the Benghazi hearings. You have to hear this. This is Patricia Smith on CNN’s Newsroom this morning. Patricia Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, the computer specialist who was killed at the consulate in Benghazi. Do you know, by the way, what Judicial Watch has uncovered? There was actually a different video that the Regime wanted to blame before they settled on the one they settled on. They had an argument over which video to pick and choose as the excuse for what happened in Benghazi.

Now, your reaction should be, “Wait a minute, pick and choose? I thought there was a video out there and the Muslims and the Islamists saw it, it just made ’em mad and they started raising hell?” No, no, no. Nobody had seen the video and it turns out the Obama administration had to pick one of two, and the original choice was something other than what they eventually settled on.

Anyway, Patricia Smith, who is the mother of Sean Smith, the computer specialist killed at Benghazi, is being interviewed on CNN about Hillary’s scheduled testimony before the committee tomorrow. Carol Costello is the infobabe. She plays the clip from January 2013, the Benghazi hearing when Hillary said, “What difference does it make?” She played that clip for Patricia Smith and then said, “When you heard that, what went through your mind, Mrs. Smith?”

SMITH: She’s lying! She’s absolutely lying! She told me something entirely different at the casket ceremony. She said it was because of the video, and that she would get back to me and tell me what happened with my son. She has not only not gotten back to me, but all I’ve ever heard is that I am not — not to know because I am not a member of the immediate family. I still want to know. I saw on TV the bloody fingerprints on the walls over there. I asked specifically, “Are those my son’s fingerprints crawling down the wall, the bloody fingerprints?” Nobody ever got back to me on that! Are those his fingerprints? Were those his fingerprints? What happened? Somebody’s got to tell me from the government!

RUSH: “She’s lying! She’s absolutely lying. She told me something entirely different at the casket ceremony,” which we all knew. It’s just powerful to hear this from the mother of one of the four people killed in Benghazi. And Hillary lied to her. The whole administration lied to all these people, blaming the video. They promised they’d get back to ’em; have never gotten back to ’em. They’ve just been left hanging. Then Carol Costello. You won’t believe this next question. Here’s the next question. After what you just heard, this was the question Carol Costello was inspired to ask…

COSTELLO: These hearings have taken on a partisan tone. Does that worry you?

SMITH: Not in the least. Not in the least.


SMITH: It is not partisan. The thing is this was Hillary’s department, and she is the one that one that made the choices, made decisions, made everything necessary, and caused it to happen, and killed my son. Just tell me so I — so I can get some peace out of this. She hasn’t bothered telling me, and she has no intention of telling me. Or I don’t know if it’s her personally that did this or her people that said that nobody should tell me anything, because I shouldn’t know.

RUSH: Do you believe the question from Carol Costello? “Well, these hearings have taken on a partisan tone. Does that worry you?” Of all the crazy things to ask a mother who is still in great pain over the inexplicable death of her son! The Regime has promised over and over again to explain what happened, to get back to her. They haven’t. They lied to her about this video. And this whole notion of the hearings being partisan? It’s not. This is another one of these gaffes. I think it’s Kevin McCarthy that made some kind of gaffe.

All he did was say that Hillary’s numbers seem to have taken a hit since the hearings began. It’s what the Drive-Bys get into action with and say, “A-ha! A-ha! A-ha! You’re just doing this to try to drive Hillary’s numbers down! A-ha!” It’s exactly what they do with any Republican that’s in the crosshairs, and that’s not even what Kevin McCarthy was saying. One final sound bite here. Question from Carol Costello: “Will you be watching these hearings tomorrow,” these partisan hearings? She didn’t say that, but that’s what she means. “Will you be watching these hearings tomorrow? Because they’re gonna last for a long time. Are you gonna be watching every moment?”

SMITH: I want to hear what Hillary has to say. If she takes all day and all night to say something, I want to be there. I want to hear it. I want to hear it from her lips, as she’s lying to the American public again. When this thing was going on he was typing into his computer to his friends. He says, “If I live ’til morning,” and he didn’t explain to live ’til morning because of everything that was happening out there. (choking up) This is a hell of a thing to have to tell your mother, that you’re not gonna make it.

RUSH: See, she broke down. She started crying. She was getting messages from her son from on scene that she interpreted as him not confident that he would live through the night. She hasn’t gotten a satisfactory explanation or answer from anybody about any of this. She manifestly states that Hillary Clinton is lying and she wants to watch that. Now, last night in Boston on New England Cable News Broadside — this is a local access show, I guess — the host is Sue O’Connell, and she spoke with Tufts University political science professor Jeffrey Berry.

You know what’s famous about Tufts Magazine? This goes way back to the early to mid-seventies. They did a survey at Tufts University in Boston, and they were able to draw a correlation between IQ and bust size. And the higher the bust side, the lower the IQ. Tufts University! That was one of the first bits of news I ever used as a radio deejay in Pittsburgh when I ran across that. Anyway, Sue O’Connell was speaking with Tufts University political science professor Jeffrey Berry about Hillary’s scheduled testimony before the committee tomorrow, she says, “What do we really expect to see happen at the hearings? Will we learn anything, Professor?”

BERRY: Republicans are loaded for bear. They need to demonstrate that this is not — as has been accused — a political witch hunt. So they need to show substance and are gonna show anger. Remember they’re playing to their base. They’re playing to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. They’re gonna show that, uhh, Hillary Clinton is someone that cannot be trusted; they’ve done a lot of damage already to her trust factor. So I would expect them to really go after her. Polls show that, uh, Benghazi goes right over the head of most Americans. They don’t know what it is. They’ve forgotten or they don’t care. So it’s not scoring a lot of points with voters generally, but it is red meat for the Republican ideological media.

RUSH: Au contraire, Professor. You need to consult the Wall Street Journal today and NBC News. Seventy-three percent, professor — 73% — of the American people are unsatisfied with Mrs. Clinton’s response to Benghazi. And a whopping 64% don’t think the investigation’s been unfair or too partisan. It doesn’t sound like the public doesn’t know what they’re being asked about. The Wall Street Journal has a little blurb today from James Freeman: “Benghazi: Hillary’s Missing Hours — “‘Why did Secretary Hillary Clinton leave the State Department on September 11, 2012 while US diplomats were under attack in Lybia?”

This is news to me.

Maybe I should have known this.

I knew that Obama was off the grid.


RUSH: it was news to me that Hillary Clinton left during the Benghazi attack. I knew that Obama was off the grid. We all know that Obama handed Benghazi off to Panetta and Hillary. Now, the Wall Street Journal today, James Freeman: “Why did Secretary Hillary Clinton leave the State Department on September 11, 2012 while US diplomats were under attack in [Benghazi]? … John Bolton notes that on the fateful day when a US ambassador and three other Americans were murdered, Mrs. Clinton went home for the evening.

“He adds that ‘she reportedly spoke exactly once, at 10 p.m., with [Obama] when he called her to discuss the State Department news release that first floated” that all of this was due to a video. “Incredibly, Mrs. Clinton never spoke at all to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta or Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey, according to their congressional testimony.’ And Mr. Bolton raises another question: ‘Was Mrs. Clinton using her private email server while her State Department desk stood vacant? If so, where are those emails?'”

So she bugged out. She went home, was off the grid along with Obama. And then at ten o’clock, she spoke with Obama to discuss how they were gonna blame it all on the video. And this professor, by the way, up at Tufts saying that the House Republicans are playing to me and to Fox? What…? These people are so dense, it just… You know, if I were a student at their university or class, I’d really be dissatisfied with the low range of education that I’m getting. It’s just miserable.

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