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RUSH: Big Republican debate tonight, Colorado, opposite the second game the World Series. Cookie just sent me a note, “Do you have any predictions for the debate tonight?” No. None. No clue. I mean, not along the lines of earlier debates when I was able to predict what the media was gonna do and so forth. I predict that there will be a lot of effort on the part of the media to hammer the fact that Trump may have peaked and it could be over, sayonara, so forth. And I fully expect the moderators to ask these various candidates if they endorse the Republican budget deal.

I mean, that’s a sitting duck. If that doesn’t happen, then the fix is really in. If that question doesn’t come up tonight, if these guys are not asked about that, because that budget deal… I’m telling you, folks, we’ve just taken half the arsenal out of the campaign against any Democrat nominee, by assuming their role as big spenders, deficit spenders. So, anyway, Mitt Romney has an announcement for us on the importance of tonight’s debate.

(playing of Romney spoof)

Hey, we’re just trying to lighten it up here, folks. That’s all we’re trying to do, just lighten it up. It was not… Hey, it was Ron Fournier: You don’t campaign for president telling people you’ve got things you’d rather do. Okay. So Mitt Romney with a little heads-up on the Republican debate tonight.


RUSH: Snerdley thinks I could end up being a debate question tonight. “Senator so-and-so, did you hear Rush Limbaugh say earlier today that the Republicans might actually prefer Hillary to be president?” Oh, I can see that, yeah, yeah, especially if they don’t add the context? Don’t forget, I said Republicans would rather Hillary than Ted Cruz or a conservative, not just any Republican. Yeah, I can see where that would happen. Well, we’ll be ready for it. Just let me know if that happens. I’ll be watching the baseball game. I’m just kidding, folks. I’m gonna be watching.

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