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RUSH: Yeah, here I was, I was all set to go, real good mood and everything, and then I looked at Fox, and there’s ceremony, Obama signed a two-year budget deal. And I don’t know, just blows me up, just ticks me off. It’s just a reminder of how we’ve been lied to, about how we’ve been played for idiots, suckers, but worse than that is the damage all this has done to the country or is going to do. But the Republicans don’t have to deal with the threat of a government shutdown anymore. For the next two years, the Republicans don’t have to worry about being blamed for that.

So all’s well, folks. The Democrats won’t blame the Republicans for shutting down the government, and the Democrats are no longer gonna be talking about how senior citizens won’t get their checks and veterans won’t get their health care and Medicare patients won’t get their health care and Medicaid patients. Democrats can’t say that for the next two years. Want to bet it won’t be the end of this month until they start claiming it again, because it’s in the playbook no matter what the reality is.

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