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RUSH: It might have been yesterday. This is what, Wednesday? So it might have been Monday or Tuesday. Somebody called here and was talking about an idea that Ted Cruz put forth that I moderate a debate. And I said, “No, no, no. If I moderate any debate, it ought to be a Democrat debate.” And that subject came up last night on Special Report with Bret Baier.

KRAUTHAMMER: I think the idea of having conservative moderators, say Rush and two people he chooses, would be a splendid idea if that panel would be the moderators for the Democratic debate and the GOP will take any liberal because obviously when they took on the CNBC liberals, they won.

RUSH: Dr. Krauthammer is exactly right. You know, the Drive-By narrative, well, Obama’s out there saying (imitating Obama), “These guys running for my office saying that I’m gutless, I don’t have the ability to stand up Putin, and these are the guys that are afraid of a bunch of CNBC moderators.” And they weren’t afraid of any CNBC moderators. They made mincemeat of them. They didn’t run and hide from the CNBC moderators. They overwhelmed them and destroyed ’em. And Dr. Krauthammer here is acknowledging that as well.

But there you go, folks, I have been endorsed as a moderator for an upcoming Democrat debate, which is never gonna happen. The Democrats will not even do a debate on Fox News. You let somebody propose me as a moderator for a Democrat debate, you want to watch people hightailing it in the other direction? It’s another reason why the Democrats wouldn’t go for it. They don’t want great ratings in a debate of theirs moderated by me. That would equal bad news. It’s not gonna happen. I just wanted you to know that the idea that I had, me moderating a Democrat debate, that has been endorsed.

And Jake Tapper of CNN came along and made the point yesterday that I made, that after Obama’s running around and trying to rip on these Republicans for cowardly behavior toward the CNBC moderators, Jake Tapper on CNN on his show last night talking about all that said this.

TAPPER: Democrats boycotted the Fox News Channel, slash, Congressional Black Caucus debate back in 2007, so a lot of Republicans are out there saying, you know, this isn’t just about Republicans not liking moderators. Democrats didn’t like the idea of Fox News Channel doing a debate back in ’07.

RUSH: Yeah, but the difference is the Democrats didn’t do theirs. We show up. We show up at every debate moderated by Democrat Party hacks. The Democrats won’t even do one debate where they don’t control every aspect of it.

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