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RUSH: Now, in this Washington Post story about the sweeping Republican victory, there is a warning paragraph to all of us. There’s Ron Fournier. Ron Fournier… Because Matt Bevin was elected governor, Ron Fournier is in sheer panic today. Well, because Hillary’s not doing well. Her trust issues are way down. People don’t like her, people don’t trust her, and he thinks the Democrats are making the mistake that Hillary can beat anybody just ’cause she’s Hillary, just ’cause she’s a Clinton, just ’cause she’s got a Democrat with a (D) next to her name on the ballot.

And he’s worried that there’s active dislike for her and that it’s not a slam dunk and automatic, and he’s been leading the crusade against her in terms of honesty and trust. But I’m telling you, this outcome yesterday has shell-shocked a lot of these people on the left, media and otherwise, for a number of reasons. A, that it happened. But you can’t leave out the fact that their own polling predicted none of it was gonna happen. So they are discombobulated and bamboozled on at least two different levels.

Which takes me to the warning paragraph here in the Washington Post story, and it may have some merit. “Turnout was VERY low across the country. Republicans could over interpret the results at their own peril.” So, you see, whenever the Republicans win, it’s really not legit. These off-year elections, they don’t mean anything! That’s why you never hear about how badly the Democrats do in them, folks, ’cause as far as the Drive-Bys are concerned, “Off-year, midterm elections, what are we talking about? Dogcatcher here? It doesn’t matter.

“All that matters is that we’re in the White House doing executive orders and screw you! Everything else, we can manage. We got the judges. We got everything else to fix whatever else goes wrong. So screw you!” That’s their attitude. As long as they have got the White House. If they could get the Senate back, they would be in Fat City. (interruption) Well… (interruption) Well, the enthusiasm… (interruption) Yeah, but, see, the enthusiasm gap, I think the Republicans misunderstand. They better be careful because the enthusiasm is not for them!

I’m talking about Republicans as defined by Washington Republicans. The enthusiasm is not for them. The enthusiasm is for Matt Bevin. No, no, no. Don’t misunderstand. But this is also, starting in 2010 and again in 2014, anti-Obama on parade. This is a full-fledged rejection of the Democrat Party, of its ideology and of its president. That’s what’s going on. I don’t care about turnout. They had an election, and people showed up and voted, and among those who voted, the Democrats got skunked.

Now, the Democrats can rewrite that any way they want to make themselves feel better. But the results are real. They have lost seats galore. Republicans hold two-thirds of state legislatures in bicameral legislatures, two-thirds of the governorships or more. Statehouses = Grassroots. This is big. This is why it’s all the more amazing to note that the Washington Republicans continue to do business with Obama. The Washington Republicans are continuing to prop him up, and yet Republican voters all over the country are saying, “Stop it!

“Stop him! Stop the Democrats and stop what you’re doing.” Now, this warning paragraph in the Washington Post: “Republicans could over interpret the results at their own peril.” So don’t feel all that hot about this win, ’cause it really doesn’t mean anything, ’cause the turnout wasn’t very big. The presidential election’s exactly one year away. That’ll have dramatically larger and much more diverse turnout. That’s when we get our illegals voting and that’s we pay our union people to go pick people up off the street and get them to the polls, and that’s when you don’t have a chance.

And all of that “works against the GOP. Serious structural problems persist: the Grand Old Party is still too white, too male and too old. Hillary Clinton’s political director, Amanda Renteria, tweeted a photo of a ‘Vote Here’ sign overnight and wrote: ‘Wish more people did this today.'”

Meaning: The turnout was low, not enough people voted, and the Republicans won. But you’re not in Fat City! You people are still too white, you’re too male, and you’re too old. Do they ever write of the Democrat Party deficiencies and problems after they win?

It’s amazing. And then they say, “There were also some bright spots for the left on an otherwise dark night: In a stinging rebuke of Chris Christie, undercutting one of his rationales for seeking the presidency, New Jersey voters ousted at least three Republicans from the state Assembly. Alexander Burns in the New York Times: ‘Republicans had hoped to build on Mr. Christie’s political successes and cut into the Democratic majority in the chamber, where Democrats currently hold 48 of the 80 seats. Instead, the election became a sharp reality check for allies of the governor, who only two years ago won re-election by a towering margin.”

So the Democrats are being told by the Washington Post, “Hey, it’s not all bad. We really skunked Christie in New Jersey,” and they think that’s a bright spot for the left. It’s also an eye-opener for Republicans, is it not? And if you don’t understand, think about it. I can’t be expected to spell everything out here. Otherwise you’d be come intellectually dependent and I don’t want that. Back to the audio sound bites here. Carol Costello, this morning on CNN’s Newsroom, had a guest here.

It’s WDRB Eyewitness News TV media columnist John David Dyche, and they’re discussing an op-ed that Dyche wrote comparing Matt Bevin to Donald Trump. That really worries them, because you can find various pieces in the media today saying, “Oh, my God! This Bevin guy, do you realize what else he did? He tied himself to Trump! Do you know what that means? That means that Trump was a factor in his win! Oh, my God.” ‘Cause they still don’t think Trump is real. They still don’t think Trump’s real. They don’t think Ben Carson’s real. They don’t think either of those two people are serious or even gonna be around. So Carol Costello and Dyche have this little discussion about the Trumpster’s impact, if any.

COSTELLO: You wrote this op-ed calling Mr. Bevin Kentucky’s Donald Trump. Do you really believe Kentucky voters elected Bevin on bluster?

DYCHE: Not just on bluster. Bevin does have some good ideas. But the fact remains that he contradicted himself frequently on the campaign trail and he did resemble Donald Trump in a lot of ways during the campaign. Bevin never closely embraced the establishment. He didn’t operate off the usual political script. He was saying things that would have been considered outrageous from more conventional candidates, and he used a lot of his own money.

RUSH: See, for liberals who live that bubble and everything outside that bubble may as well be another planet to them, this is all terrifying. They think Trump is just “bluster.” And the only reason people like Trump is ’cause he braggadocios and he’s a character and he’s a personality. “Yeah, he has big hair, does all this stuff. He not a real guy. He’s a caricature, is a cartoon figure, and people like cartoons.” And then they see this guy winning the governorship. It causes a reality check, ’cause they just can’t believe it.

They will never accept that any Republican wins on issues. When you boil it all down, ladies and gentlemen, no matter where you go in the media — the Democrat Party, anywhere on the left — when we’re talking about Republican wins, it is never about issues. It can’t be, because their issues are the only issues there are. Our issues are kookism, quackery. So it has to be other things. It has to be bluster, personality. It has to be mind-numbed robot voters, brainless and brain-dead, influenced by the likes of talk radio and you name it. But it’s never issues. This little conversation continued here. Bevin and his complaints and campaigning against Obamacare came up.

COSTELLO: He also talked a lot against Obamacare. Did that also put him over the top in Kentucky?

DYCHE: Well, there’s no doubt President Obama has alienated Kentuckians of both parties with Obamacare, with coal issues, and on social issues. A lot of people are experiencing premium increases under Obamacare. I think perhaps more importantly was the gay marriage issue which was focused on Kentucky nationally. When Kim Davis, the clerk in Rowan County, refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Bevin was quickly on the scene there to take her side.

RUSH: That’s another thing. They can’t believe that. They can’t believe that somebody that supported Kim Davis won? Kim Davis is racist, bigot, she’s a blustery fool, she’s dangerous. They can’t believe anybody would sidle up to her and then win. It does not compute with them. They are that detached folks. I don’t know how else to say it. They are that distant from reality. They live in their own virtual world where Charlie Rose is shocked to learn that Hillary Clinton has lied about the video being the reason Benghazi happened.

He has never heard any other explanation. He has never heard that Hillary Clinton’s told two or three different versions of the story, depending on who she’s talking to. So Marco Rubio comes along and calls Hillary a liar, exposed as a liar, and Charlie thinks that Rubio’s practically committed a crime. “That’s a very serious charge, Senator, accusing Hillary Clinton of lying.” Rubio is incredulous. He’s talking to a guy that has no clue. Now, how can it be that one of America’s most acclaimed journalists has no idea. And it’s not just Charlie. It’s all of them. They have no idea other than what they report and things that they discussed with their friends and so forth, they have no idea.

Matt Bevin, I guarantee you, to them may as well be an alien. And he’s never gonna be treated as the winner. He’s never gonna be treated as serious. He’s always gonna be treated as an asterisk, as a freak. The election was an upset, it was not real. There’s something in it that they don’t yet understand, but they’ll get to the bottom of it to explain this, but it certainly isn’t real. That’s the way they rationalize these things. They never lose on issues. They always get cheated or fooled, their voters, on some other thing that happens.


RUSH: No, no, no. Ron Fournier of the National Journal, his panic is that, since Bevin won, he thinks that any lunatic could win now. That’s the best way I can express this to you. They all think he’s nothing more than, it’s no different than Christine O’Donnell winning. Take your pick of any of these Tea Party — it’s like Sarah Palin’s won. “Oh, my God, if this guy can win, Trump can win,” is what they’re saying. “Oh, my God. If Bevin can win, holy smokes, any lunatic can win.” And when any lunatic can win, the media has lost control of things, is what that means. The dirty little secret is they have lost control anyway, and they just don’t want to admit it.

Here’s John in Lexington, Kentucky, as we get started on the phones, as promised. John, thank you for calling. It’s great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Wow, Rush Limbaugh, my beacon of hope. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: You’re speaking to an extremely happy Kentucky conservative.

RUSH: I can imagine you are, yes.

CALLER: We have been reaffirmed. The conservatives, the Christian conservatives in this state have let it be known that the career politicians are toast.

RUSH: Well, what do you think about the Washington Post saying, don’t start getting all huffy and puffy here because the turnout was so low that had it been anywhere near normal you guys would still be sucking air?

CALLER: Well, the turnout in the cities of Lexington and Louisville was not low. And they did choose Jack Conway, for example. It was the rural areas, the areas outside of big cities that said enough is enough, and they finally went out and voted their conscience.

RUSH: Well, this has been building for a while, I think. I don’t think this is something that happened overnight.

CALLER: No, no. And the thing was, you’re talking about the polling, I believe they’re acting surprised about the polling because the media was attempting to form election results by constantly feeding us —

RUSH: Oh, I know. I know. The purpose of the polling is to make and shape public opinion, not reflect it. I know. The prepolling there was portraying Bevin as a lunatic. They really do think if this guy won, any lunatic can, which means Trump can, which means we’re toast.


RUSH: Let me tell you something else they tried in Kentucky, the Democrats and the Drive-By Media. They said he’s going to take away your free Obamacare health insurance. They ran around the Democrat candidate, they ran ads, the media doing interviews asking people on the street, “So, are you worried that Mr. Bevin is going to take away your Obamacare policy? Are you worried that your health care costs are gonna skyrocket because Bevin wants to take away your health care?” And even that didn’t work.

Now, imagine you are the Democrats. By the way, the Drive-Bys, you could go through — I have some sound bite support for this maybe. The Drive-Bys, they are shocked to learn in many cases — it’s not universal — they are shocked to learn there are people that don’t like Obamacare. Now, I’m sure you’ll go, “Rush, that’s crazy. They have to know.” No. No. Folks, they live in a bubble. It’s a small universe of people that they interact with, and they interact with the architects of Obamacare. They interact with elected Democrats. They interact with other media people who think all this stuff is wonderful. Of course, the people that don’t like it are Republicans, who are immediately written off.

But to them the Republicans are a minority nonexistent party, and the people that vote for ’em are a very tiny, nonexistent bunch of kooks, and so substantive opposition or dislike of Obamacare is not real. So they run ads against Bevin accusing him of taking away health care, “This is gonna kill the guy, ’cause everybody loves Obamacare, they love health insurance, and Obamacare brought health insurance to everyone.” They have no clue that a majority — well, they can read the polls, but I tell you, they selectively believe what they want to believe. They have to read these polls, majority polls of people that don’t like Obamacare, but it doesn’t register because another factor in liberalism is what people want is irrelevant. They’re too stupid to know what’s best for ’em. And I’m not exaggerating this at all.

So a public opinion poll of Obamacare that shows a majority of people oppose it, to them, just confirms how dense people are, or unappreciative, in fact. All the hard work Obama and the Democrats did, all the things they had to do to overcome these mean-spirited Republicans who want to deny people everything and they finally got ’em Obamacare, health care, national health care, and people don’t like it? They’re just stupid idiots. They don’t have the brains to appreciate what we’re doing for ’em. And I’m not exaggerating. They are that out of touch.

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