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RUSH: On the Democrat side… Let me tell you a little secret. On the Democrat side, they are worried like you can’t believe about Hillary Clinton and her vulnerability. And added to that, they know they don’t have a bench. They know it isn’t gonna be old Bernie, the communist, and they know it isn’t gonna be Martin O’Malley and his abs. And they can’t get Putin to run because there’s not enough time to make him a resident and have him register.

And they can’t get Castro to run ’cause he’s too old. And the Chinese communist leaders don’t have enough name recognition, so they can’t go there. And they don’t dare come up with, you know, go get Jorge Ramos and try to tell him to run. That wouldn’t work ’cause there’s too much anti-attitude about that. So they’re stuck. They’re stuck with Hillary. And when they’re stuck with somebody, you talk about a long time? The election’s a year away, and there’s any number of things that could happen, that could blow up about Hillary.

And if that does happen, where do they go? Their best option is for President Obama to just refuse to leave. Have you ever had a hotel reservation and you show up for it and the person in your room refuses to leave and the hotel says, “Sorry, we can’t kick them out?” Has that ever happened to you? (interruption) It has or hasn’t? It happens to me all the time. I am not kidding. It happens frequently. I’ll make a hotel reservation for… I’ll give an example.

I’m not gonna name the hotel. I’ll make a hotel reservation year in advance, and a week out, I’ll get a phone call, “Sorry, the guy is not leaving. He’s been there three months and told us he’s gonna be leaving two days before you check in but he’s not leaving. And we can’t, by law, kick them out.” I’ve had that happen any number of times. They’re great hotels. I mean, my favorite places, places I love. (interruption) No, no politics to it. It’s just… That’s never happened to you? (interruption) Never happened to you? (interruption)

Now, if you don’t know this, if you want to stay and your reservation’s over and if they come and say, “You gotta get out of here,” you’ll probably leave ’cause you don’t know that you can camp and stay and they can’t kick you out. So you get up and leave because it’s the hotel telling you you have to leave, your reservation is up, this is when you said you were gonna go. Obama, what if he decides not to leave? What if he says, “I just can’t in good conscience leave this country to the Republican Party. I just can’t. Did you see who they elected governor? They put lunatics in office. I can’t in good conscience leave this country,” and you think the media would oppose that? The media would find a way to support it.

I’m not predicting it. Don’t start firing off e-mails to people here. I’m just having a little fun think process here. I’m just trying to illustrate the Democrats don’t have anybody but Hillary, and if something blows up for her, and I’m just telling you, they’re worried to death about it. Contrary to what you might think, the Democrat Party is not unified behind Hillary, and they’re not all excited about it. There’s more fear of Bill Clinton than anything and what he would do. They think he’s got the power to blow up the Democrat Party if somebody screws around with Hillary’s candidacy and all that, so I think they’re in a defensive posture.

Now, other people in the Democrat Party love her and think it’s the best thing in the world and she’s a goddess and all that. I mean, it runs the gamut. But I’m just telling you it’s not monolithic that she is the best thing they’ve got. There are people really worried about her vulnerabilities because they’re real. The woman is flawed in many, many ways. And, remember, despite appearances, the Drive-By Media monopoly doesn’t exist anymore. There are now ways that they can be penetrated. They can’t shield and protect their flawed candidates and hide them the way they used to be able to.

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