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RUSH: Global warming. There’s news on that today. From the UK Express: “Meltdown Myth: Antarctic Ice Growing, Expanding, Is Just the First Evidence Global Warming Is Not Real.”

Now, this story, we’ve talked about the Antarctic ice. We talked about it yesterday, the day before. The point about it is: Where are all the computer models the global warming people believe to predict it? The only reason we’re even talking about global warming — well, the real only reason — is it’s part of the left’s agenda of expanding government worldwide, raising taxes worldwide, and a key ingredient of this is blaming average citizens for the problem. And make no mistake. That is actually Important Point Number One about the entire global warming movement is that all of us are to blame.

All of us are responsible. All of us are using more than our share of coal. All of us are using more than our share of gasoline, all of us are driving bigger cars than we should be. We’re living in bigger homes than we should. It’s all our fault. This is the key. And the reason it’s our fault is that then allows the statists to say, “See, you people cannot be trusted to live your lives responsibly. You need us regulating the way you live in order to save our planet.” And that’s how they’ve set it up.

And since there are a lot of people out there, low-information voter types who really don’t think their lives have much meaning and they’re seeking for meaningful lives and they think, “Wow! How much more meaning can you have than to actually save the planet.” So they eagerly sign on to this, they eagerly accept the blame. Because they’re offered penance. “Yeah. You just support the Democrats, support bigger government, support higher taxes, agree to drive a bunch of little no-name cars that nobody really wants to drive. Just do all the things the government says, and you can be forgiven for the damage you have wrought on this planet.”

The fundamental element of liberalism is that every problem has been caused by us. Not them. Not the central planners, not the legislators, not the leaders. No, no. They’re the saviors. You and I are the problems because we do not know how to live our lives responsibly. They say the evidence is abundant. We drive cars that are too big. We air-condition our homes too chilly. We turn the heat up too much in the wintertime. We waste here and we waste there. We drink all these sugared soft drinks. We smoke all these cigarettes and all this horrible stuff! We don’t know what we’re doing.

They’ve gotta come in and regulate it all. That’s the key element of every agenda item of liberalism: It’s our fault; we can’t be trusted. Number two is, the only reason there’s global warming is ’cause there’s models that say there’s gonna be climate warming, change, whatever, 10 years, 30, 50, hundred years from now. Not next year. Not next month. Now, all there is is models. There’s no evidence. Why didn’t the models predict this expanding ice in Antarctica?

But more than that, can I ask you the real zinger question? Let me ask you the real zinger question. I want you to really think about this. I first heard of global warming 1979. It was actually called the new ice age. It was a cover story of Newsweek magazine. It was my first year working for the Kansas City Royals. But I was still a news guy paying attention. I’ll never forget that cover. And then, the next thing I knew, I’m in Sacramento. It’s 1984, and I’m watching This Week with David Brinkley, and there’s guy, some scientist named Oppenheimer on.

And he’s talking about global warming and we’ve only got 20 years. And he admits he can’t prove it, but we don’t have time to wait to see if he’s right or wrong. We’ve gotta move now. We have to start taking drastic action now to stop global warming in case we’re right about it and we’ve only got 20 years. That was 1984. In 2004, we hadn’t done anything to stop it, fix it. We should all have been suffering immensely because we didn’t do anything. But then when the 20 years approached, no, no, it became 50 years and so forth. There’s no real timeline for this where we can see evidence in our lives. But what has happened is they first start with freezing and the ice age, and that changes in five years to global warming. And since 1982, ’84, they have been on this global warming kick.

They have been warning us of the dire consequences of the climate getting warmer. Greenhouse gases, CO2, the exponential increases in heat, all the disasters that are gonna happen, all the hurricanes that are gonna happen and the sea level rise and lack of ice for the zebras and for the polar bears and whoever else, the seals, you’ve heard it all. You know the drill. Global warming is going to be a disaster. Okay? Well, here we are in 2015, and we’ve had 18 consecutive years of no warming. We now have expanding ice in Antarctica. Why aren’t these people happy? It isn’t warming. Why aren’t they out there trying to take credit for it?

I mean, they’re basically dishonest people to begin with. Why aren’t they out there trying to take credit for the policies they have demanded that governments implement for working? We haven’t had any increase in temperature in 18 years. The ice floe in the Antarctic is expanding, isn’t that good? The opposite, the ice melting, that’s bad. And yet all this good news, the warming seemingly has been arrested. The ice in Antarctic is expanding, the sea levels aren’t rising. Why aren’t they happy? Why aren’t they beating their chests and saying, “See? Our policies have succeeded”? Instead they’re mad. They’re mad, and they’re doubling down on the fact that it’s really gonna get warm, and the climate’s really gonna change, and it’s gonna become intolerable, it’s gonna become insufferable, except that it hasn’t and it isn’t.

Why are not happy when the warming has been arrested? The entire premise of the global warming movement is that we must stop it. Well, there hasn’t been any for 18 years. You would think at least one of these scientists, at least one of these politicians, at least one of them around the world, one of them at the UN would be happy that the destruction and the damage and the pain and the suffering from global warming isn’t going to happen as soon as they thought. But there not happy. They’re mad. Why are they mad? They’re mad because they’re being proven to be frauds. Or at the very at least, they’re being proven as having made big mistakes.

But whatever, we’re not dealing with scientific opinion here. That’s one thing that’s for sure now. We’re not dealing with neutral scientific opinion, because if we were, they would be happy that the warming isn’t happening, and they would be trying to claim credit for it.


RUSH: Richard in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: It’s a pleasure, Rush. I just wanted to thank you because I’m a molecular biologist, and I was thoroughly convinced global warming was real. I thought, “Well, we gotta do something,” and so on and so forth. About three years ago a family member suggested I start listening you to and I did and I thought, “You know, I agree with just about everything Rush says except he’s got it wrong on global warming.” But being a scientist I decided let me look at the papers. I took some meteorology courses just as a side interest and I realized after reading the real science, that I’d been lied to. They had completely deceived me. I was stunned at first, and then I got mad and now it’s one of my pet peeves on social media. I’m waging a one man campaign to convince everybody I know that it’s a hoax, it’s a means of trying to control everything. I couldn’t believe it. I was so stunned at the enormity of the lie —

RUSH: And you were able to determine this reading their own published studies, right?

CALLER: Right. I went to the literature. I did my online searches like I’d research any of my molecular biology topics, I started pulling up papers. I had to do some generalized papers to learn the language, but then I started reading what they real scientists were publishing and then I started seeing the stuff, and all of a sudden I realized the people in the global warming group, they’re not even real scientists. They’ve got like bachelor’s degrees, they’re barely qualified. Even the people advising the UN people, I would look at their CVs, these people aren’t real. I mean, they’re jokes, and most of them are like political hacks. And then I played the grant game, I helped play the grant game and chased the money, be as honest as you can, but, you know, it’s follow the money is what it boils down to.

RUSH: You know, you said something very key here. And I should have included this in that piece I wrote for National Review. You’re using social media here. Social media is turning out to be, when used properly, a great weapon against the Drive-By Media. There is as much opportunity for truth and alternative. I think it’s one of the reasons Carson and Trump are doing so well, actually. It can overcome lying, distorted, or noncoverage of somebody in the Drive-By media. Carson is using it really effectively, in fact. But, Richard, I’m glad you called, and I’m glad you did what you did. You found out for yourself using their own data that it’s a hoax.

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