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RUSH: To St. Louis we go. This is Chris. Thank you for calling, sir. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. I guess it’s good, if you want to call it that. I’m from St. Louis, born and raised all my life, recently moved north into the country because of all the things that are going on. I am an alum of Mizzou. I have had… The media today here in St. Louis, I’ve been listening in the morning. A lot of reporters were down there, which after the whole charade went on they were able to try to get some interviews. The kid that was doing the hunger strike, he couldn’t give a reason why he was doing it. And nobody even really knows it, if he was doing it. And for Gary Pinkel to go out there with the team and to do this is a sham. It’s ridiculous. If they were —

RUSH: Now, wait a minute about Pinkel. I mean, I’ve met Pinkel one time. He wouldn’t remember. It was at Nebraska, in fact. I was at a Mizzou-Nebraska game. In fact, you know, Missouri’s my home state —

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: — and there was there was a Missouri student following me all over that stadium shouting insults, and they finally had to kick him out of the place. He wouldn’t stop shouting insults at me. My home state. Talk about feeling unsafe. Pinkel, back to Pinkel. The problem with him is, if he doesn’t join his players in this, they won’t play for him.

CALLER: I agree.

RUSH: He can’t recruit if he doesn’t express solidarity with ’em. He looses ’em. He’s almost between a rock and a hard place. Now, he may… I don’t know what his personal feelings on this are, whether he’s with ’em or not but he had no choice but than to be with them. That’s why it’s kind of… You have to admit than involving the football team in this, pretty brilliant stroke on the part of these rabble-rousers.

CALLER: I agree. Now, a couple more things. I was a lifelong Democrat up until five, six years ago, all right? I will be the first to admit I did vote for Obama on his first term, like an idiot.

RUSH: Welcome home.

CALLER: Yes. I’m conservative for you. Really conservative. The race tensions in the United States of America were never like this until he got into office, and he is just eating this alive and salivating at his mouth. And he’s the real problem. The whole thing is these kids don’t even know what they’re protesting about. It’s so frustrating, and he’s divided us. I’m gonna tell you right now, St. Louis has become a very divided city now as far as race is concerned.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: It is. He’s ruined this country. I’m 42, I have two little girls, and we literally moved 75 miles north of St. Louis into the country, on a couple acres of land ’cause I don’t want ’em growing up there. You know, it’s sad to say.

RUSH: I understand.

CALLER: It really is.

RUSH: I agree. I think Obama has sought to exploit racial strife and capitalize on it for his agenda, which is the transformation of America. In order to succeed in transformation, he must make the place look unjust, illegitimate, unfair.

CALLER: I agree.

RUSH: The more racist he can make things appear, or the more racism he can stoke, the more unrest and disunity, the more need for Obama to “fix” the problem. And that’s an open recipe or invitation for him to further implement his agenda.

CALLER: One more thing I want to point out; this has also been coming across the media in St. Louis today. A lot of the protesters down there weren’t students at Mizzou. It goes back to the whole Ferguson Black Lives Matter thing and George Soros funding it.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Something needs to stop now.

RUSH: Well, I totally agree that a lot of the protesters are bought and paid for members of a rent-a-mob. But I want to go back to something you said —


RUSH: — a moment ago that you don’t even know what they’re protesting.

CALLER: They don’t.

RUSH: Well, in terms of specifics, I think you’re right. I think most of these children — which is what they are, and they’re acting more and more childlike every day.

CALLER: Yeah, the —

RUSH: I think they’re being manipulated by the very people who you talk about, Soros and his professional protesters and motivators who are ginning up the hatred and so forth. On the other hand, though, I have to be honest. I think a whole lot of people in this country, Chris, are scared for the future, in all walks of life, because of the state of the economy, because of what you just said: The disunity, the strife. There used to be… I mean, we’ve always had divisions, and we’ve always had disagreements.

But the lines that are dividing us have gotten wider and bigger and more pronounced. And it all just doesn’t feel right to a lot of people. People who have lost their jobs fear they’re never gonna find on another one that pays them what they were earning. People who have jobs fear they’re gonna lose theirs. People fear they’re gonna lose their health care, not be able to afford it. People fear this, and this is on purpose because when you have this kind of fear — and these students are illustrating it.

When you have this kind of fear, where do you turn to?

You turn to the biggest source of money you can find.

In this case, it’s the government.

You turn to the biggest source of power you can find. You don’t turn inward and rely on yourself because you think it doesn’t matter. These kids have been told the deck’s stacked against them; they got no chance because of racism or bigotry or what have you. Other people don’t think that they’ve got a fair shake because of whatever this or that. But whatever it is, people know the things are not right.

Something just doesn’t feel right. This is not the way the country deals with problems. It’s not the way we’ve always solved problems. The whole idea of the American dream now being in decline? I mean, this unsettles people. The students are unsettled and frightened and scared, they say. I think it’s over ridiculous things that are largely made up, but it doesn’t mask the fact that there is an unsettledness that’s spread over many people in this country.

CALLER: I agree. I do agree with that. I just think that it’s just so frustrating to watch this happen over and over. It’s like every week, something is going on. And there are four instances that did happen at Mizzou over the last couple years. One with the feces swastika in the bathroom, the one with the drunk frat guy getting up on stage saying the N-word; he was expelled the next day.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: The president did take care of that guy. And the cotton balls. But when you ask… Like, I’m gonna go back: If I go and find the video of the kid that was doing the so-called hunger strike, he couldn’t give a reason why he was doing it.

RUSH: Well, if you look at their demands. Well, if you look at the list of grievances, there isn’t any specifics in those, either.

CALLER: No, it’s ridiculous! You want him to go up and say he has “white privilege”? Where does this come from? I don’t… What (garbled)? I mean, I don’t understand it. My family came from Sicily —

RUSH: What do you mean, “Where does it come from?” You just said where it comes from. You know exactly where it comes from. Its home today is the Democrat Party.


RUSH: The Democrat Party. In any of these circumstances, ask, “Who benefits? Who benefits from all this?” Somebody does, or it wouldn’t be happening. In another sense — and I know that this frustrates you, too. I can hear it in your voice. “Why doesn’t somebody stand up and stop this. These are kids. Why are kids being allowed to run the show?” Because nobody’s got the guts to stand up, if political correctness is involved, nobody has the guts. The university president! What’s the worst thing that could have happened if he would have stood up and defended the university?

He’d have been fired, which he was anyway.

I see microcosms in this. The reason why I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in this is ’cause to me it’s instructive, a teachable moment. Everything we’re seeing in this little microcosm, the University of Missouri, is exactly what’s going on inside the Beltway in Washington with the Republicans versus the Democrats. And there’s no push-back to any of this. The left just seems to be able to intimidate, impugn, destroy whoever they want.

And nobody does a thing to stop them. And it gets really, really frustrating and irritating. And the more localized it is for you in St. Louis, this University of Missouri, then the more impact it has on you, far more impact than whatever’s going on in Washington, which is why I try to make the point that it’s the same thing. But I appreciate the call.


Just some questions that I have. We are told that there is systemic racism at the university. Hell we’re told there’s systemic racism everywhere in the country. The governor of Missouri is a Democrat. Name is Jay Nixon. The governor appoints the board of curators, which is the governing body at the university. Claire McCaskill, a long-standing Democrat senator from the state of Missouri, is out there saying that these protests at Mizzou will be an impetus all across the country.

“Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) argued that the protests at the University of Missouri ‘will be an impetus across the country’ and ‘how diverse the faculty is, is a problem all over America.'” The diversity of the faculty? Are you kidding me? Look at the curriculum. The curriculum has been perverted and polluted and corrupted by the American left. Who cares who’s teaching this rotgut. The fact that it’s being taught ought to be success enough for the left. How about the football team? The sports team. You want to talk about diversity there? See, there isn’t a diversity problem when it’s majority African-American. It’s not a diversity problem if it happens to be majority gay. But now we’ve got a diversity problem, and the University of Missouri, this is going to be an impetus for this type of thing happening all over the country.

Well, my question is, how can there be such anger in a place dominated by liberal Democrats? The faculty has to be all liberal Democrats, or 95% of it. The administration, whether they’re liberal or Republican or conservative or not, they may as well be liberal ’cause if they’re conservative they don’t have the guts to stand up and show it, so for all intents and purposes, they’re liberal Democrat. Whenever you go on this campus or any other campus, it’s majority liberals who are running it. Why is there such anger? Why is there so much fear?

Why do the students, the precious children, our future, oh, my gosh, our treasure, why do they feel so scared? Why? When it’s the village, Hillary Clinton’s precious village, raising them, how can there be such anger? How can there be such palpable fear? Why is there the need for hunger strikes? Why do they need to protest this or that? Why, if the liberals run the show, is anybody allowed to drive around with a Confederate flag on their car anyway, decal or otherwise? With the liberals and the Democrats running the show, running the town, running the state, why is somebody running around shouting the N-word in the first place? What happened to the utopia?

If I didn’t know better, I would think the archenemy of these people happened to be running the university, but it’s their own people, the people they vote for, the people they believe, the people they trust. With liberals in charge, the lesson is clear: There isn’t a safe space anywhere in this country. Even people who embrace liberalism feel unsafe. Even people who embrace liberalism and vote for it feel scared and unsettled. So universities have become the home, universities have become in fact what I would call the safe spaces for community organizers, for community rabble-rousers, for shakedown artists, the people the president cheers, the people the president encourages to continue doing what they’re doing. Anti-intellectual bullies who cannot stand for diversity of thought, who will not tolerate diversity of opinion.

Organizing young radicals and turning them against their parents and turning them against the United States of America, that’s the passion of the modern-day Democrat Party and its figurative titular head, Barack Hussein O. And what we have on parade, if you’ve ever wonder what, I mean by “young skulls full of mush,” just turn on your TV and listen for five minutes to an interview of anybody on campus at the University of Missouri or now at Yale or at Harvard.

Speaking of Yale: “Yale Students March Over Concerns About Racial Sensitivity.” Yale, you talk about a haven of liberalism, how can this be? “Hundreds of Yale students and supporters marched across campus Monday to protest what they see as racial insensitivity at the Ivy League school. The ‘March of Resilience’ followed several racially charged incidents at Yale, including allegations that a fraternity turned a woman away from a party because she was not white. Students held signs, including one that read, ‘Don’t Look Away,'” which is a reference to the horrific e-mail sent by a Yale dean who cautiously, callously said, “If a Halloween costume offends you, look away.” That was this female professor who tried to tell these little children, “Hey, if you see somebody wearing a skeleton suit for Halloween and it scares you, just turn away, don’t look at it.” And they mocked her. “It’s easy for you to say, but we are frightened by the first sight we see. It leaves an indelible mark on our young brains.” So that’s why the “don’t look away” sign.

And then: “Yale Students Protest, Disrupt, Pro-Free Speech Event,” which is exactly the opposite of what they’re really seeking. They don’t want free speech. They want to punish any speech they don’t agree with or that makes them feel hurt or makes them feel angry or makes them feel unsafe. And this is a different story. This is a different story than the last one about racial insensitivity. This is a story displaying the real diversity and tolerance enjoyed at Yale and other colleges.

And then this: “Million Student March Aims to Fight for Free College Tuition and Cancellation of Student Debt.” And this is really what a lot of it’s all about. They want to get all A’s without having to attend class. They don’t want it to cost anything. They don’t want to have any student loans, free tuition, cancellation of student debt. They want freedom and diversity and grades. They want much more tolerance for marginalized students, which means if you don’t want to go to class, you shouldn’t have to go to class. What an unfair and rigid requirement. That’s at Yale.

No matter where you look, every place in this country that is run by liberal Democrats and has been for years is an abject, total disaster with unchecked misery and unhappiness and anger and rage: How can that be?


RUSH: Yeah, just wait ’til health care is run a hundred percent by Democrats. Imagine how much happiness there’s gonna be there. You talk about orchestrated, calculated chaos. Anyway, two down, one to go, broadcast excellence, yet another excursion into same, and the Republican presidential campaign is up next when we get back.

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