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RUSH: I didn’t see the undercard. I had other things going. I just didn’t watch. And I haven’t seen any replays. The only thing I know about the undercard is everybody’s raving about Bobby Jindal. And Bobby Jindal apparently had some sort of very clever insult of Christie. He’s gonna give him a participation ribbon and a juice box. Anybody know what that juice box thing means? (interruption) Hmm. (interruption) Juice box… (interruption)

No, I think there’s more to it than that. I think… Well, I don’t feel comfortable ’cause I’m not sure what it is here. But there’s a reason. There’s a reason that Jindal starts mocking or making fun of Christie by saying, “Here’s your participation ribbon and a juice box.” I mean, do you drink juice out of a box? (interruption) Right. (interruption) I know. I know what they… (interruption) Yes, I know what they are. The little kids… (interruption) Yes, I know. Right, right, right. But… Oh, well. I… Look, I can’t. I can’t take this where I think it goes. Just trust me on this. It isn’t a big deal anyway. You’re not missing anything by my not saying it. And I am putting into play here: I can’t be hurt by something I don’t say.


RUSH: Here’s Tom in Dallas. Tom, I’m glad you waited. It’s your turn next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to make a quick comment about Bobby Jindal’s performance. I thought, number one, all four candidates in the first debate were terrific. They were very articulate. They had a lot of time to answer questions, and, you know, really got their points across. I thought that Bobby Jindal’s responses, while kind of funny — and the juice box comment, by the way, that refers to seven-, eight-, nine-year-old kids who don’t care whether or not they win a game at the end of the day. They’re just waiting for the juice box and their participation trophy. But I thought it came across to the audience a bit harsh and a bit snarky in comparison to Huckabee and Christie, who really focused on Hillary Clinton more. And while, you know, Jindal was absolutely right, we have to elect a conservative, it did come across as a little desperate, I think.

RUSH: Desperate? Or mean?

CALLER: I think more desperate. He seemed a little shrill. He wanted to make his point, and he did multiple times, comparing his conservative record against Huckabee and especially Christie, and I think he could have done it in a more appreciating manner.

RUSH: Do you think he may be a little frustrated? ‘Cause in his mind he’s looking at Huckabee and Christie, and he doesn’t think they’re real conservatives, and he thinks he is.

CALLER: Well, that’s absolutely right.

RUSH: He’s hell-bent on having as many people as possible know. I think Bobby Jindal is one of these guys, and there are many of ’em, who really resent these moderate quasi-Republicans getting away with calling themselves conservative when they’re not, and he’s calling them on it.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: The juice box reference and the participation — well, let me ask you this. Did you think Trump was like Jindal when he made reference to Carly Fiorina’s continual interruptions?

CALLER: No. I think that Trump picks his moments and, you know, is good at getting a great audience reaction. I don’t think that anything he said came across as, you know, snarky or mean-spirited. It was more in the fun of keeping the discussion going and —

RUSH: Well, at one point he got frustrated with Kasich.

CALLER: — drawing attention to himself.

RUSH: He said, “What am I doing here? What’s this guy doing up here? We’re wasting our time with this guy up here,” something like that about Kasich. I forget specifically what it was. Anyway, Tom, I appreciate the call.

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