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RUSH: You know, I’m sitting here, and there’s a part of me that’s embarrassed, because I suspected it, but I didn’t have the guts to go there. I knew this thing at Mizzou was a hoax. I knew the whole thing had to begin with a hoax, and we know that it did. There were two hoaxes that got this whole thing started. There was never a swastika of poop. It was totally made up. And this Butler kid, the hunger striker, he comes from a wealthy family in Nebraska. His father is a railroad executive, but he lost his health care in his undergraduate, something to do with his health care, because of Obamacare. Those two things are what triggered this and everything else that happened after that was a result of the kind of anti-white privilege, which is a meme, by the way.

I want to make a prediction. In future Republican debates at some point that term “white privilege” is gonna be brought up, and these guys are gonna have to be ready, because the question, “Would you define the white privilege that’s governed your life.” It’s gonna be something like that. That’s one of the things that’s governed this. The signs were there, should have picked up on it. All these college kids, stories we’ve had the last couple years, white kids running around professing their guilt at their white privilege, should have known, just should have known, should have been able to put two and two together.

Anyway, details on all this coming up as the program unfolds before your very eyes, Rush Limbaugh behind the Golden EIB Microphone. The telephone number is 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

It was just the last couple of days another MU student claimed that the KKK was on campus, and it turns out he totally made it up. The whole thing was practically a hoax. Every bit of it. None of it, very little bit of it was real, and certainly the allegations of blatant racism and all this were totally made up and manufactured. I’m just suspicious of this stuff. I know liberals, I understand who these people are, but the reporting on this made it sound like it was legit and so forth, but I’ve learned my lesson. This is the last time, folks, I’m gonna buy into garbage like this without — I didn’t buy into this. It’s just I didn’t voice my real, true sentiments about this.


RUSH: Look at it this way. Look at the Duke lacrosse case. A total, made-up set of lies that everybody believed. Well, the campus believed it, the faculty believed it, the police chief believed it, the DA believed it. We didn’t believe it here. We were immediately suspicious because it was just too pat. It just fit every leftist racial stereotype. Look at all of the made-up stories about rape on college campuses. The most famous one is Rolling Stone, but there are a bunch of them.

Look at all of the made-up — totally made-up — stories that not a shred of it is true on college campus. So here comes this Mizzou business, and… I don’t know. Honestly, folks, I am a little embarrassed that I did not voice my suspicions that this wasn’t real. I just didn’t have the confidence to do it, I will admit it. This is a great lesson on how seductive standard, everyday media reporting is. Look, I’m not alone. Everybody bought into it. Everybody believed it.

Get the football team involved and you get the… I mean, when nobody on the administration staff is fighting back, when the university president quits in two days, you’re thinking, “Oh, there must be something here.” And, no, it’s just… It was a total hoax. I wonder how everybody feels now. I wonder how everybody at MU feels from the president that retired to the chancellor they got rid of. It was a hoax, and none of the people that were responsible for bringing these issues to light are in any way suffering.

They come from wealthy families. They’re not in any way being harmed. The whole thing is made up. And I think going forward, you have got to be — we’ve all got to be — totally disbelieving and suspicious of every outrageous story we get that emanates and is sourced to a university and its campus. Radical leftists are getting what they want by lying, hoaxing, being dishonest. It’s not real. And it’s affecting people’s attitudes of their country and of their culture and society, and it’s got to stop. There was no push-back.

There was not one iota’s worth of push-back anywhere on that campus. There was total caving. And, somebody… These are children we’re talking about. Somebody’s gonna have to stand up to ’em and tell ’em, “No. No, you’re children, and you don’t know yet, and we’re not simply gonna react, give you what you want and turn Romper Room over to you.” But, man, there’s so much reluctance to do that. We don’t want to offend people, don’t want to make the parents mad, whatever it is.


RUSH: Now, to the University of Missouri and what looks to me like a series of hoaxes. First let’s look at the hunger strike kid. Student. His name is Jonathan Butler, and my source for this is none other than the vaunted St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It’s a story that ran yesterday or the day before. “Jonathan Butler, a central figure in the protests at the University of Missouri, is an Omaha native and the son of a railroad vice president, the Omaha World-Herald reports.

“Butler refused food last week in a move to force the university system’s president, Timothy M. Wolfe, from office. Wolfe resigned Monday and Butler ended his hunger strike.” His hunger strike lasted a couple of days. I mean, big whoop. I once fasted for a whole month. Nobody had to resign. Nobody had to quit. I didn’t threaten anybody. I just did it. I did it on a dare. I was 21, 22. Nothing but water. I took some vitamin pills.

People said, “If you’re not eating anything, the vitamin pills are not gonna matter.”

I said, “Well, they might psychologically.”

Jonathan Butler is in his eighth year at Mizzou.

He’s a graduate student.

He “played high-school football at Omaha Central High, where he won a state championship, and earned a bachelorÂ’s degree in business administration from Mizzou, the newspaper reports. He is working toward a masterÂ’s degree in educational leadership and policy,” hoaxes. “He is a member of a prominent Omaha family. The newspaper says that Butler’s father is Eric L. Butler, executive vice president for sales and marketing for the Union Pacific Railroad. His 2014 compensation was $8.4 million…”

The hunger strike kid, the hunger strike student — struggling and fighting for social justice, battling against the racism and the inequality and the lack of social justice on the campus at Missouri — his father earned $8.4 million last year. And we know it because of “regulatory filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Eric L. Butler and his wife, Cynthia Butler, serve as pastors of Joy of Life Ministries, the newspaper reported. Along with Jonathan Butler, the couple has two other children.

“Butler, who was seen walking on the Mizzou campus on Tuesday, has declined to be interviewed by the Post-Dispatch, other than to say he was feeling better.” Okay, so he doesn’t have anything in common with the poor, anything in common with the suffering. He doesn’t have anything in common. He’s a typical guilt-ridden rich kid who probably has been gotten to by the race hustlers and the civil rights activists. I don’t know what happened, but clearly he’s not the picture presented.

He’s not a poor, struggling student — and apparently what started all of this is that he lost his health insurance or a part of it in his graduate student years because of Obamacare. Here is that story from the Wall Street Journal. “Bonfire of the Academy — As liberal adults abdicate, the kids take charge on campus.” It’s a Wall Street Journal editorial. “By bonfire of the academy we mean a conflict of values about the idea of a university that now threatens to undermine or destroy universities as a place of learning.

“Exhibit A is the ruin called the University of Missouri. In the 1960s — at Cornell, Columbia, Berkeley and elsewhere — the self-described Student Left occupied buildings with what they often called ‘non-negotiable’ demands. In the decades since, the academy — its leaders and faculties — by and large has accommodated many of those demands regarding appropriate academic subjects, admissions policies, and what has become the aggressive and nontolerant politics of identity and grievance.

“In the United States by now, the instinct of the overwhelming majority of people is to address such complaints in good faith, investigate them, and remediate when necessary. Only the tiniest minority would wish to see racial grievances bleed indefinitely. Yet the kids assert that America is irredeemably racist.” See, this is the first clue to me. The first clue to me when any of this racial stuff comes up, it’s always presented as though this is still the 1840s and the 1850s and we still have slavery and there’s still plantations, and there hasn’t been anything done to address it. That is the narrative of every one of these so-called racial oppression stories or events.

The race hustlers and the race industry and the Black Lives Matter crowd and the Occupy Wall Street and the Reverend Sharpton and Jackson come get in gear and play to type and create this illusion there hasn’t been any progress and there can’t be any progress because America is in its DNA racist. America as founded is no good and cannot be perfected or fixed. America must be overthrown, torn down, ripped apart, or what have you.

And it’s that that infuriates me, and that’s when I lose them, because the whole thing begins on a bunch of false premises, that there has been no effort, there has been no grievances addressed, that slavery is still around, that racism is worse than ever, that discrimination is worse than ever, that hatred is more intense than it’s ever been. None of those things are true and they’re not even close to being true.

Now, most people think that what’s going on here is, “Rush, come on, you gotta get over this. This is just happens. Teenagers and young adults, they go to school and they rebel and they protest.” That’s not what this is. This is way beyond that, folks. This is way beyond, I mean, even the sixties to a certain extent. This is way beyond. The objectives here are much different. They are more serious, and they’re greater. And another reason it’s different is because the sixties radicals are now running the show and they’re in charge of way too much of our government, of our universities. And their objective is to tear down. Their objective is to rip apart. And in the process they teach — this is the thing. I mean, professors are teaching all this hatred.

They have these young skulls of mush come into class and they tell ’em how they don’t have a chance, that America’s worthy of being hated. You should hate this country. This country hates you. This country isn’t gonna give you a shot if you’re female, if you’re lesbian, if you’re gay, if you’re bi, if you’re African-American, if you’re Hispanic. You don’t have a chance because white privilege runs this country, and if you’re not white, you’re forever gonna be picking up the garbage, taking out the trash for everybody else. You’re nothing; you’re a nonentity. After years of years and years of teaching people this stuff, finally the anger has boiled over, and we’re where we are.

But here’s what really happened here in the case of old Jonathan Butler, whose father makes $8.4 million in Nebraska working for Union Pacific, hunger strike kid. This might be the real beginning of this whole hoax at Mizzou. “Behind the headlines was also a festering dispute between the school administration and graduate students over cutbacks to their health-care coverage. Student Jonathan Butler listed among the reasons for his hunger strike that ‘graduate students [were] being robbed of their health insurance.’ Less noted in the news coverage is that an August posting on the website of the universityÂ’s division of graduate studies explains in detail that the health-insurance cutbacks are the explicit result of the Affordable Care Act. ObamacareÂ’s regulations forbid employers, such as universities, from paying for their grad studentsÂ’ health insurance.”

Did you know that? Obamacare, because they want to force everybody into the exchanges, once you get your four-year degree and you’re a grad student, you can no longer get your health insurance from the school, i.e., your employer, or the place you go, place you work, you’ve gotta get it on your own, you’ve gotta go to an exchange or you’ve gotta pay a penalty. It was Obamacare. It wasn’t the university president. It wasn’t the university of Missouri, except to the extent that they signed on to Obamacare, and by law they have to.

So Butler here, who’s dad’s got $8.4 million in salary last year, bonus, earnings, whatever, had his health care taken away as a graduate student. So, harumpf, harumpf, and started all this. And then there have been other hoaxes. One of the biggest hoaxes it looks like has been exposed by a writer at PJ Media. Remember the story about the swastika? Apparently there was a report at two in the morning in a dorm (gasping) an innocent young flower of a student was walking the hallways on the way to the bathroom and noticed a swastika on the walls that had been formed using human feces. For those of you in Rio Linda, that’s number two. And the student was shocked and scared and felt unsafe and felt violated and ran to the nearest — didn’t take a picture, just ran and told people about it.

There has yet to be any evidence that that swastika ever existed. Not a shred’s worth of evidence, but nobody had the guts to stand up to the complaining, whining student, demand proof, where’s the picture, there was no immediate investigation of it. To this day they can’t find any evidence that a swastika drawn with feces on the wall of a dorm ever happened. And then there’s the student body president. This guy is his own piece of work.

I take a brief time-out, and when we get back, fill you in a little bit on this guy, just one of the things that he did was make up the fact that he knew the Ku Klux Klan was on campus. The KKK has a chapter in Columbia. They’re on campus and they are harassing us. It was a rumor, and he has admitted he made it all up.


RUSH: “It was a rough night on the campus of the University of Missouri, thanks in large part to Student Body President Payton Head. Head posted on Facebook earlier in the night that the KKK was confirmed on campus and that he was working with ‘the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard.’ The only problem with that terrifying statement is it wasnÂ’t true and Head was forced to delete the post and apologize.”

He put it on Facebook, social media, and everybody thinks the KKK has an operating chapter on the campus of Mizzou, and they don’t. Now, at this stage you have all these students at Mizzou and every one of them or the vast majority have a cell phone, and all the cell phones have cameras. The students all live on social media and they’re posting pictures and everything about themselves they can think of on social media. And yet not one picture of the poop swastika. Not one picture of a car driving around with Confederate flags. Not one video of somebody walking down the street calling an innocent University of Missouri child the N-word.

There isn’t any proof for any of this. There isn’t any evidence that any of it happened. The evidence is the student body president lied about the KKK and that the hunger strike kid doesn’t have much in common with anybody who makes less than $8 million a year. By the way, the student body president, this was uncovered and reported yesterday on our St. Louis affiliate, KMOX. The student body president is African-American. They made him homecoming king in an effort to prove that the school is not racist or any of that. So he’s a student body president, Payton Head.
He’s a homecoming king. Oh. And did I mention he’s from Chicago and has interned for Rahm Emanuel? The student body president at Mizzou.

So no poop swastika photos, no photos of the Confederate flag, no video of some Mizzou child having to hear the N-word. And the school cannot ever admit they were hoaxed. Can you imagine the lawsuits from the people that were fired?


RUSH: So I just checked the e-mail, and there’s a bunch of angry e-mails. It’s obviously an organized campaign. “What do you mean, Ferguson, Missouri, incident was a hoax?” I’ll tell you exactly what I mean. “Hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen. And you know the really dangerous thing about this is how many people do you think still, particularly young African-Americans, but liberals in general on social media, how many of them think it actually did happen?

How many people in this country, particularly young, impressionable youths really still believe that the Gentle Giant was just that, a Gentle Giant. They don’t know that the held up a convenience store and roughed up the owner. They don’t know that he was walking down the middle of the street. No. They’ve been told that he was happily walking down the sidewalk, eagerly anticipating his first days at college. Yes. ‘Cause that’s what he was gonna do. And then a murderous, racist white cop drove up, and without provocation, shot him in the back while the Gentle Giant was running away with his hands up saying, “I surrender, I surrender.” They believe this happened.

So we have the grand jury hearing. Witness after witness after witness after witness after witness after witness after witness. Nobody told the story the way the leftists wanted it told. In fact, what happened was the Gentle Giant attacked the cop, tried to get his gun, attacked him inside the cop car. We’ve had another life ruined here. The cop’s life has been ruined, and this is what the left does. It’s either Republican candidates, Republican presidential candidates or whoever, they’ll destroy anybody in their way.

The Gentle Giant wasn’t gentle. He was not murdered. I mean, it’s a sad incident, but if the kid had just been told “no” in his life a couple of times, maybe he wouldn’t have had the attitude that he had that caused all this to happen. My point is, that’s the hoax. “Hands up, don’t shoot” is the hoax. “Hands up, don’t poop” is the hoax with the feces swastika. Students, young impressionable children that attend the University of Missouri can’t handle the N-word being shouted but there’s no evidence that it was, there’s no tape, no pictures of the poop swastika and no pictures of cars driving around with the Confederate flag and there’s no KKK chapter.

And you know what else has come out? The football team was not united on this boycott business. The football team was nowhere near united on boycotting the rest of the season or practice. We were lied to. We were set up. This was planned and executed long ago. You’d have to say it was a brilliantly planned and especially well executed hoax. All because nobody’s willing to stand up to any of these people. And at this point, you’re not gonna hear very many people, and certainly nobody in officialdom at the university even using the word “hoax.”

They can’t admit to being hoaxed for two reasons. How embarrassing. But secondly, a university president and chancellor were essentially fired, forced to resign or else. And, by the way, this mass media studies babe, I saw the video of this last night. (laughing) This is hilarious. You’ve got this Asian-American photographer. I wouldn’t have even noticed Asian-American except I’ve been sensitized to it now by the left. You’ve got this Asian-American photographer and he’s trying to take pictures, still photographer trying to take pictures. He’s got a nice Nikon or Pentax, it looks like, trying to take still pictures of the protesters, and there’s a bunch of people, “No, you can’t come here! You can’t come here! You don’t have the right.” And this guy, “What do you mean, the right? Ever heard of the First Amendment? I’m a journalist here. I’m covering you.”

“We don’t want you here! We don’t want you here!” little children. They finally grabbed this babe, this mass media professor, and she panicked. “You can’t come in here! You can’t be here, you can’t!” And she ran off looking for help. She wanted some muscle to come over and kick this nice, harmless Asian-American child photographer out of the surroundings, which is another thing. You know, the left is scratching their heads over this, ’cause they think that the protesters ought to look at the media as friendly. But yet the protesters were looking at the media as the enemy, or enema, as it were, given the feces swastika. So nothing played to type here.

Anyway, that babe has been fired. The mass media studies — we read you her bio yesterday, and it’s embarrassing that this woman would even be hired by a kindergarten. And here she is. By the way, this is where failed J school applicants go, mass media studies.

Anyway, back to the phones we go. This is Carly in Asheville, North Carolina. Welcome. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s a pleasure to talk to you. I’m a Rush Baby, and I have to tell you, I’m so frustrated having a friend that graduated from Mizzou. She’s an African-American, great girl, but when I see what she posts on Facebook all about this Mizzou, the players, how proud she is of them standing up for what they believe in, even though she can’t articulate what it is they’re standing up for, and how she has to de-friend people who disagreed with her because they were so anti-inclusion and anti-diversity. And it’s like I can’t even voice my own opinion because it’s not what she believes. I’m called a racist and non-accepting of other races, and it’s so frustrating that my generation is immediately jumping on the defense if you don’t believe what they believe.

RUSH: Hey, one thing, it’s not just your generation. It’s all liberals, and I’m not exaggerating. I’m not trying to be funny or mean or caustic. It’s true. They are the most intolerant bunch around. It’s their way or no way. They’re not interested in having a debate in the arena of ideas. They don’t think there’s qualified opposition and they don’t deign to even entertain it. You either fit in with their small, little worldview or you’re automatically the enemy and you have to be silenced, and whatever it takes to silence you, if it’s embarrassment, if it’s getting you fired from your job or whatever it is, but they are the most intolerant, and it doesn’t matter how old they are. You could have an 85-year-old Jurassic Park professor at Yale or a 12-year-old student at some high school or junior high school somewhere, they’re all the same if they’re liberal.

CALLER: The irony is they talk about how they’re not about exclusion but yet they won’t include us if what we think isn’t what they think, and I’ve had to stand up for myself.

RUSH: Well, congratulations, I’m glad you’re figuring this out. This is progress. You’re figuring it out, you’re living it, you’re seeing it. Now learn from it, and don’t forget it. And don’t think it’s specific to this one friend of yours or exclusive to this one friend of yours. This is precisely why, when we get back into the political sphere, it’s why I just blanch when I hear Republican candidates, “I can work with the opposition. I am the guy who can work with ’em. I can cross the aisle.” They don’t want to work with us. They want us not to even be there. They have to be defeated, not cooperated with.

What’s so hard to understand about this? They’re not trying to work with us. The only way they work with us is if we cave on our core beliefs and sign on with them. Other than that, there’s no cooperation. There’s no working together. There’s no bipartisanship. Partisanship is Republicans opposing Democrats. Bipartisanship is Republicans caving on their core beliefs. I don’t want to operate under those definitions. That’s why I get so frustrated there’s no push-back. There’s no effort to defeat them. No effort to stop them.

And that’s what it’s going to take, whether it’s on a college campus and just standing up and saying, “No, you don’t get what you want, grow up. We have a perfectly fine institution here where you have just as fair a shot at anything anybody else has at this university. Go back and study. You really want what you want, get educated. That’s what here we’re to do, and we’ll do it. I realize you’re under a bit of a penalty because all our professors are stupid liberals, but that’s the best we can do. But we’re not gonna shut down the university and we’re not gonna shut down this or that just because you can’t handle some things you don’t like hearing. Time to grow up.”

But where does this come from? I mean, this is the way these kids have been raised. They didn’t come out of the womb expecting this stuff. They have been raised, they have been cultured, they’ve been coddled. Parents have wanted to be their friends. I’ve seen it. I know exactly what’s going on here in the cases where it’s happened. And then we’ve had the self-esteem movement combined with outcome-based education.

But the last thing, the one thing that was never gonna happen — we weren’t gonna tolerate it; it wasn’t gonna be permitted — is our young people were not going to suffer humiliation. If that meant shielding them from the fact that there were people who were more talented than them, screw it! What we’ll do is we’ll make sure the more talented are penalized. We’ll make sure the smarter are penalized. But we’re not gonna humiliate our young people, and we’re gonna instill in them self-esteem. How are we gonna do that?

No matter what they do, we’re gonna tell ’em they’re great!

If they think 2 + 2 = 5, it is, until they figure out it’s 4. But we’re not gonna tell them. They might not be able to handle the fact that they’re wrong. We’re gonna applaud them. “Little Johnny, you’re so good!” If they cuss out an umpire at a Little League, we’ll say, “Little Johnny, you’re such a wonderful little boy standing up for yourself. That evil umpire obviously didn’t know what he was talking about.”

“Right, Mom! Right, Mom! I also told him something else, something that you always tell Dad to do.”

“Well, Little Johnny, I don’t want to go quite that far, but…”

“Well, I did, Mom — and you applaud me.”

Self-esteem. Little Johnny and Little Mary are perfect little angels, so forth. I don’t know where that started. Then you got Conflict Resolution 101, and then you throw all this stuff with the multicultural curricula you get in public school, and what you end up with is exactly what we see here at the University of Missouri, and every other college campus. They’ve lied about rapes, or they have laid about this predatory male culture all over the place. Look at all the hoaxes. Look at all of the abject lies the left is telling — in order to do what? Advance its political agenda. What’s all this about?


RUSH: All right. I’m told now that Melissa Click, the mass media studies professor, was not fired, that she resigned from the job. Actually, “a courtesy appointment,” they call it. She resigned, said she got a lot of death threats. She’s keeping her real job, her paying job, whatever. But she says she was getting a lot of death threats. Of course she was getting death threats. Don’t you know that’s what happens?

Stand up for decency and justice, and of course here come these rabid Republicans with death threats! Of course that’s what happens. Another hoax. Another pack of BS. And she says she’s worried about the safety of her family. Well, I would be, too, if I was depending on her. Sorry, folks. This is how the New York Times reported her symbolic resignation. Quote, “University of Missouri Professor Who Confronted Photographer Quits Journalism Post.” She wanted to keep the media away from the protestors, and the media…

Can you imagine how confused they were?

“Hey, we’re your buddies in this! You’re protesting against the university? We’re trying to get rid of ’em, too. We’re on the same side of the aisle here. What do you mean, you won’t let us in?” She wouldn’t let ’em in. From the Columbia Missourian, the local rag: “A courtesy appointment allows members of one academic unit to serve on graduate committees for students from other academic units. Click teaches mass media in the Communication Department. The School of Journalism is a separate entity.” That’s right, ’cause she couldn’t get in there. Exactly. If you go into mass communications, it means you didn’t get into the J-school.


RUSH: James in Houston. Thank you for call, sir. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Happy Veterans Day.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. Same to you, sir.

CALLER: Rush, going back to the Missouri incident and no pun intended, this thing has kind of smelled from the start. Rush, I grew up in New Orleans, and ended up migrating up to northeast Kansas where I played college football, and numerous, numerous teammates were from Missouri. And I can tell you that back in the early to mid-eighties, you know, my brother and I were just struck by the racial tolerance that existed in that part of the country. And when all this started coming about, you know, in the last week or so, I had just happened to see the ESPN 30 for 30 special on coach Bill McCartney from Colorado. And they interviewed several of the black players that played for Coach McCartney in the eighties and nineties. And, Rush, I gotta tell you, I think part of this hoax is we’ve victimed by a Biden in that this is all plagiarized. When you listen to what these kids from Colorado were saying, it’s word-for-word the Missouri kids, players and students were saying. I mean, almost word-for-word, and it struck me, you know, that they couldn’t even be creative here and come up with their own set of issues and grievances. They just plagiarized these Colorado kids.

RUSH: Well, you know what? It’s an excellent point, but it isn’t plagiarizing. It’s the playbook for the left. I mean, the left runs these things. The radical left runs these things. The students, no matter how energetic and enthused they get, are the pawns. They’re kids, for crying out loud. They get walked into it, walked into it, talked into it, roped into it. They get juiced on the power they claim to have or they’re told that they have in doing these kind of things, but there is a playbook for this kind of community organizing and social upheaval, and I’m glad you noticed it. You’re not telling people what the nature of the problem was at the University of Colorado back in the days when McCartney was coach there. But there were all kinds. In addition to the racial problems, man, there was all kinds. I mean, cheerleaders were taking recruits out on sex parties. And maybe not even cheerleaders, but it was, well, it was pretty encompassing, shall we say. But you’re right to notice that the technique and the words and the phrases, they’re timeless. Obama used ’em.


RUSH: Jennifer in St. Louis. Hey, Jennifer, I’m glad you called. Great to have you with us on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, I’m so glad I got on today. I am an educator here in St. Louis, a suburb of St. Louis, south of St. Louis, and —

RUSH: What suburb?

CALLER: Fenton.

RUSH: Fenton. Yes. I’ve driven through it countless times.

CALLER: Yeah. I’m an elementary schoolteacher, and I was coming home from — I got sick at school, and I have a daughter who is a freshman at the Mizzou who had to come home because she felt threatened. She is a part of the Greek there at Mizzou, a sorority, and I could have been on your show all day today.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You have a daughter in a sorority who’s not afraid of the men, she’s afraid of the racist climate?

CALLER: Oh. Oh, yeah. What happened was — and this is straight out of the horse’s mouth — what happened was apparently there’s been some chatter on social media that a select group of blacks in Columbia — I’m not saying that they’re students — are going after the Greek system because those are the white privileged people.

RUSH: Yeah. I would totally believe that. And she felt threatened by that.

CALLER: That is not language that my daughter would normally use, so I guess she got that off social media. She is home today —

RUSH: I bet she’s probably heard it being shouted on campus. White privilege is the new phrase that’s used to justify every racial protest in the country today, white privilege. I’ve had stories on this program, Jennifer, of male college students feeling guilty over the white privilege they’ve had. They’ve come out, they’ve talked about it, the professors are making them feel guilty at all their white privilege. It’s a seminal, fundamental aspect of college education these days.

CALLER: Right. Well, in a glimmer of hope at the end of your program today, there are a lot of kids like my daughter who cannot believe the fact that the media is telling lies. I mean, she is getting an education, all right. It may not be the one we sent her there for.

RUSH: You know what, Jennifer, I’m out of time here, but you’ve got to tell her something. Tell her not to forget this. And tell her it’s this way every day in the media about other things, too, in politics, not just what’s going on at Mizzou. Make sure this is a learning, teachable moment that she doesn’t forget.

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