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RUSH: Say, folks, many of you know the Adventures of Rush Revere Series. The latest book is Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner. Our book series, our little tea company, Two If By Tea, we are proud sponsors of tremendous organizations that help the United States military and their dependents, in particular the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, and it’s been awhile since I’ve detailed what they do. They’ve been around since the early to mid-nineties. They’re former veterans themselves. Many of them have worked in the FBI.

And they formed a charity, basically, which would provide college educations in the form of scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action. And during the times of major crisis, like 9/11, or the Oklahoma City bombing, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation also extends assistance to the children of agents in other agencies who happen to be killed such as maybe Secret Service, wherever they might have fallen, if it’s big. They try to help as many families as they can educating the children of these fallen heroes.

The third book in the Rush Revere series is, in fact, dedicated to the United States military for their tremendous sacrifice defending our freedoms, and we are eternally grateful. Yesterday was Veterans Day, and I’m actually happy to see more and more people noting it. I can remember the 25 years we’ve been doing this program — or 27 now. Some Veterans Days don’t even get mentioned. Pearl Harbor Day hardly is noticed anymore. But there is a renewed appreciation of and devotion to veterans and their families.

And we are happy to be associated with the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. We are proud sponsors both with the books and Two If By Tea. Now, this week marks the 240th Marine Corps birthday and also Veterans Day, which was yesterday. So we thought: “What better time to host a very special sweepstakes in honor of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation?” So here we go, folks. Now, you know as a setup, we never, ever, go cheap here. When we run a sweepstakes, it’s top drawer from top to bottom.

Even the secondary prizes, in many cases, are worth more than the grand prize in other contests. So here you go. Starting right now, you have the opportunity to win a grand prize five-day trip for four people. How many contests give you a trip for four people? Usually it’s you and whoever you can scrounge up to go with you. We’re giving away a trip of five days for four people to any of the Hawaiian Islands you want to go to. It’s starting to get cold in a lot of places here, and it’s gonna get even colder. The weather forecasts, climate change for this winter is extreme snow and cold in the Northeast, just for an example.

So picture yourself jetting off to the warm sunshine trade winds of Hawaii. Picture yourself sipping a Mai-Tai over the tranquil blue Pacific Ocean, sandy beaches. We’re gonna take care of all the travel. We will take care of the luxury accommodations. We will provide spending cash and meals while you are there. We don’t want to give you anything that’s gonna cost you money to accept it. We do not slouch, as all of our previous winners will attest. Now, here is another thing: If you’ve been to Hawaii, and you’ve been there, done that, and Hawaii is old news to you?

Not a problem.

You can change the prize to go anywhere you want. Now, if you want to go to Hawaii we’ve got all set up; it’s fine. But if you’ve been? No problem. Pick a place you haven’t been. Four people, everything else stays the same. And all that you have to do to be automatically entered to win is place an order right now for one of our great new Liberty the horse plush stuffed animals that we have been begged to manufacture. Kids all over America want these things because they love Liberty, the talking time-traveling horse in the Rush Revere series.

Liberty the horse stuffed animals from the Adventures of Rush Revere series are made of a soft, dark brown material, perfect for cuddling — and they’re not cheap, either, and they’re not tiny. I mean, this is a serious stuffed-animal doll. We had many prototypes, and we went to the end of the earth to find the absolute best one. Perfect for reading, perfect for cuddling, the stuffed animal has “LIBERTY” embroidered in red on the saddle. They will arrive at your door packed in a special draw-string pouch.

And they are the perfect gift for young readers in your house who love Liberty, or maybe you haven’t introduced them yet to the Rush Revere series but you’re going to this holiday season by getting them the books. In advance, get them a Liberty doll and they will love it. Supplies are limited. We don’t know how many of these things to buy, so we’re like Apple. We buy just a very, very few and hope that we have a waiting list of years to fill more. I’m just kidding. We have plenty, folks.

But supplies are limited, and you have to act.

Now, we’ve reduced the price. We do everything right here. We don’t do anything cheap. There’s no cheap come-ons. There are no baits or switches. Everything’s right out in front of you here. We have reduced the price for today and tomorrow. Today and tomorrow are the two days of the sweepstakes. So, in addition to a reduced price for Liberty the stuffed animal, in addition to the fantastic trip, there is a second place $5,000 shopping spree and 30 additional special-prize packs.

So all you have to do is go to RushRevere.com right now and visit the all-American Store. It’s all there. It will all be explained. All the rules are there, and you will see this adorable Liberty plush stuffed animal doll right there. RushRevere.com. Remember: Right now through (Friday) at 11:59 p.m. Pacific only to be automatically entered to win. If you can’t travel — if you end up winning this thing and you can’t travel or if you want to share the trip with somebody else — if you want to gift it to somebody else, that’s fine.

But I’m telling you, you will not find a grand prize like this anywhere: Five days, four people, luxury hotel accommodations. We pay the meals and cash money! “Walking-around money,” as Al Sharpton says. Cash money! For four people. You may not even know four people you want to hang with, or three. Whatever. If you don’t want to go to Hawaii? Tell us where else you want to go if you’ve been to Hawaii. Doesn’t matter.

The winner calls the shots. The official rules are at RushRevere.com. Remember, get one of these little things and you are automatically entered to win up until 11:59 p.m. Pacific (on Friday). And just to show you we care, we have cut the price of the Liberty doll. We’re doing this because we love everything involved with this, and this is one way of showing our gratitude for all the support that we have been given for so many people on the books. We’re just so appreciative. So RushRevere.com. It’s all explained there.


RUSH: The Official Program Observer has asked me to clarify that our sweepstakes is live until 11:59 p.m. Pacific tomorrow (Friday). I might have said tonight. I thought I said two days, yeah, today and tomorrow, up to 11:59 p.m. Pacific tomorrow (Friday), which is 2:59 a.m. Eastern. So if you want to stay up ’til three a.m. tomorrow night, you’re still good to go, or 2:59. But it’s through tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. (interruption) What? Snerdley, “You haven’t talked about the book.” I know, I can’t talk about the book every day. I’d drive people crazy with it. They know it’s out there. They know and love it. Can barely keep ’em on the shelves out there.


RUSH: Michael in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Thank you, sir. Thank you for your patience and hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: It’s an honor to finally get through after all these years listening to you. I really wanted to thank you for writing the books that you have written, the Rush Reveres, and the reason being, I have an 11-year-old. I actually have five kids, but in the last couple years my 11-year-old has struggled with “Language Arts,” and that’s the new buzzword for “English.” But he has always struggled with that in terms of expression. I think it’s partly interest based, but I told him a couple months ago if he would read the first book that I’ve had for a couple years, that I would reward him. He would answer questions. I’ve basically given him quizzes. And he has taken that to task and has finished the first book and has earned a little bit of money and has actually increased his knowledge in school. In fact, his last Language Arts test was a 90, which was an A.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: And for him, that’s good. But he’s also just gotten the last two books. We went to Books-A-Million the other day, and he wanted book two and book three. So that tells me that he has an interest and he’s learning things and he’s able to recall things now that he has not really spent a lot of time dealing with at school. So I really appreciate that.

RUSH: How old is he?

CALLER: He’s 11.

RUSH: He’s 11. You know, I can relate to this in a sort of way. I hated school. I didn’t per se dislike reading, but I hated anything to do with school. I hated homework. I just hated it. It was like prison to me. So anything that I had to do that was related to school, I resisted.


RUSH: I didn’t want to read the homework. But I would read the newspaper. I would read things I was interested in. But stuff forced on me, I just didn’t have any interest in it whatsoever. I didn’t have any problem reading. So I know exactly. I’m taking this as a supreme compliment ’cause your son loves the books and that’s why he likes to read them.

CALLER: That’s why, and I was the same way. So I get it. But the books are… He’s actually enjoying reading them, and guess what? He learns something, too, so that’s really good.

RUSH: Well, that’s the idea. Well, you’re making my day here, Michael. Let me send you the fourth one. Hang on here so Mr. Snerdley can get your address so that we can send you out a little package of stuff. In fact, I will throw in the new Liberty stuffed doll, the cuddly Liberty the horse stuffed doll, which really… Kids are gonna love this thing. We did it because they’re in such demand. You know, we had Ted-Tea Bear that went along with Two If By Tea, and the kids said, “What about Liberty? We want a Liberty!”

So we’ve got a Liberty doll out there now, and it’s the subject of our latest sweepstakes, which is five days for four people, luxury accommodations, first class air travel, cash on the ground, money. It’s all explained at RushRevere.com. Anyway, I’m gonna throw all that stuff together, including the fourth book, because it’s music to my ears, because there’s a mission with these books. You know, in a way the mission is to counteract the kind of kids that end up going to college, what they think. You know, they’re the product of their educations.

They’re the product of propaganda. They’re the product of indoctrination. They have been taught all of these horrible things about their own country. They have been taught that their country is unfair and racially discriminating and all of this stuff. How do you not teach the greatness of this country? And they don’t. The exact opposite is taught. How do you not teach the miracle that is the United States of America? In the history of mankind, never before was there anything like the United States.

Meaning never before were people and their lives governed and oriented around the concept of their freedom and their independence, rather than life being organized around a king or a tyrant or a dictator. I think it’s… The story of humanity on planet Earth is one of poverty and pestilence and disease and tyranny. It really is. The vast majority of people who have lived and who are alive on this earth are subjugated. They’re tyrannized. They certainly do not have individual liberty and freedom. It’s that unique. How do you not tell that story? How do you not teach that story with pride?

Especially when you claim you’re interested in civil rights and compassion? There’s no place on earth that has been better for civil rights and humanity than the United States of America. How do you teach the opposite? The only way you can teach the opposite is if you’re really not interested in individual liberty and freedom, and how could you not be interested in that? Well, very easily. If you didn’t have faith in people, if you didn’t believe in people, if you held people — average, ordinary people — in contempt, if you think they’re incompetent and incapable of doing what you think they should do, then you’re not gonna want them to be free.

You’re gonna want to control them to make sure they do what you want them to do. And that’s how most people have had to live until the United States came along. And how you don’t teach that story, how that becomes controversial, I don’t know. But the mission behind the Rush Revere books is to reverse that and to teach young people how great their country is. Teach ’em to love it, be proud of it, and to know why.

So when I get calls like this, hear these stories about people, young kids that don’t like reading but all of a sudden do or dyslexics kids who don’t even want to try to read but now do, you can’t believe what a good feeling is associated with hearing that kind of thing. It really is. So, Michael, I thank you very much.

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