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RUSH: They are worried. The Democrat Party is worried. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. They are worried.

Hillary Clinton’s wearing a wig? We always knew she was fake, phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller. Now the big news is Hillary’s wigs? By the way, who was first to observe that she might have been wearing wigs and pointing it out? That was me, your guiding light El Rushbo, weeks ago. Her hair didn’t look natural. But when you know how to look at Hillary, it’s not hard to figure out, find out she is wearing a wig. But that’s the big story.

There’s also — and you gotta guard against getting sucked into this kind of stuff, but this story is not going away. Catherine Herridge at Fox News: “FBI Expands Probe of Clinton Emails, Launches Independent Classification Review.” The story here is: “The FBI has expanded its probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails, with agents exploring whether multiple statements violate a federal false statements statute.”

The point is that if we are to believe this, the FBI is not being deterred, and they’re not being talked off of this or talked down. We are also told that James Comey, who heads up the FBI, is dead set on getting to the bottom of this. Now, you gotta avoid getting sucked in because these kind of things happen all the time and nothing ever comes of them. But there are some things that you can conclude. If you don’t think the Democrat Party is nervous, then you’ve got to rethink this. The Democrat Party’s leading nominee is Hillary Clinton. But is she flawed? She is deeply flawed. And after Hillary, they’ve got nothing. It isn’t gonna be Bernie Sanders, and if it is, he’s not gonna win anything. Biden, Martin O’Malley, they don’t have anything. They are supposedly the party of the young and the hip and they’re being led by mummies. They’re being led by dinosaurs. Hillary Clinton, wigs? Is the big news. And Bernie Sanders and so forth.

The Republican debate, on the other hand, is vibrant with all kinds of ideas going back and forth, and it’s exciting, it’s got people keyed up. Television audiences for Republican debates are off the charts. You’re not gonna see Democrats admit any of this. You’re not gonna see Democrat media admit any of this. But in the privacy of their homes, offices, and what have you, they’re worried about this. They’re worried that the black vote is not gonna show up with as eager or great an intensity as it did in 2008 and 2012 for Barack Hussein O. And then they look at the polling data on women, and they see Hillary extremely weak with women and not doing all that well with Millennials and young people.

So I don’t think it would be a mistake to say that Democrat Party operatives are behind all of this stuff from Ferguson to Baltimore to now Mizzou and over to Ithaca, and all of it trying to say that the country still is racist as ever. For all intents and purposes we still have slavery, that no progress has been made, and in their hearts these evil Republicans still want black people in jail. That’s the theme, or worse. The whole point is to scare and panic these people to make sure they show up and vote against whoever the Republican is. If they can’t get ’em to vote for Hillary, get ’em to vote against the Republican.

They need that black turnout. They need the Hispanic turnout. They’re worried about the that. And they need the women vote, and they’re worried about all of this stuff. You may not think they are. You may think they’re sitting there fat, dumb, and happy and totally confident ’cause the Republicans are such a bunch of bungling idiots. But it’s not the Republicans they’re afraid of. It’s the Tea Party. It’s the Republican base they’re afraid of. That’s why they spend so much time trying to impugn you and defame you and destroy you and depress you and what have you. So, yeah, it’s entirely possible that the all of this is manufactured for electoral purposes. But even if it isn’t, it’s manufactured. And its purpose is societal unrest and tearing down the institutions and traditions which have been with this country since the days of our founding.

The more you learn about these things the more contrived you see that it is. I mean, the hunger strike kid who grew up in a $2 million house in Omaha, $2 million house in Omaha. Warren Buffett’s house in Omaha is half a million. It’s not a shack, either. The kid’s father, $8.5 million dollars earned last year, Union Pacific. It’s just like they try to tell us that Al-Qaeda and ISIS are just a bunch of poor, uneducated, young Arab men who so fed up with the United States and so fed up with Abu Ghraib, and so fed up with Guantanamo Bay, that we are recruiting. And that’s not who they are at all. They are wealthy, they’re professionals, like Ayman al-Zawahiri is a doctor, he’s an Egyptian, he’s taken over for bin Laden. So many myths about all of this.

But the bottom line is — and don’t forget this — the Democrat Party’s not sitting there confident. They are not thinking they’ve got a slam dunk. They know they have an Electoral College advantage just ’cause there’s a D next to whoever their candidate is. But they know they’re losing seats left and right all down the ballot. As long as they can keep hold of the judiciary and the bureaucracy they think they can mitigate that somewhat. But it doesn’t mean they’re not gonna just leave things to chance. So any number of explanations for why this is happening.


RUSH: New data from the Battleground Poll. You know, I’ve always trusted the Battleground Poll, Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake, Republican pollster and Democrat pollster, surveying their own people, same questions. Battleground Poll. The latest one shows trouble for Hillary with vets and illegals. I’ll give you the numbers in due course.

Real Clear Politics. Somebody just sent me this: “Okay, Mr. Know-it-all, you think this worries the Democrats? Well, let’s see. Obama job approval. This is the Real Clear Politics rolling average of polls: 45.3% approve; 51.4% disapprove Obama job performance. Direction of the country. Right direction: 27.4%; wrong track, 64%.” So I’m being asked snarkily, “Do you think this makes the Democrats nervous?” Yes, I do. Not in the way you think. It doesn’t make ’em nervous to the point they’re gonna have to change.

It makes ’em nervous that people aren’t buying what they’re selling, and they’re gonna have to double down and force it on people, therefore. The Democrats are not gonna change. The Democrats are not gonna adapt to public opinion, not really. They may make it look like they’re doing so. But I’m telling you: In privacy, when their consultants get together and their analysts and their strategists and all this kind of stuff, damn right it bothers ’em. And the fact that Hillary is the banner carrier does not make it easier.

Don’t doubt me.

The Democrat Party threw her over themselves in 2008, for crying out loud. They didn’t even wait for the public to get a chance to throw her under the bus. The Democrat Party itself did almost eight years ago.

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