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RUSH: You know, yesterday we — I won’t say we broke news, but we were among the first here to report the true nature of the fraud of all the so-called protests at University of Missouri at Columbia. And today, there are stories all over the place about it. I’m gonna briefly touch on it again in case you weren’t here yesterday — shame, shame. But both these stories were the primary focus of the program yesterday. Here’s one from — well, the website didn’t publish here. It doesn’t matter. The news is out there.

This is a story about Payton Head. Payton Head is a student body president, African-American, homosexual, they named him the homecoming king in an effort to calm down supposed racial tensions on campus. This was some months ago now. Well, weeks, you know, homecoming is back in October usually on most campuses. It turns out that he’s from Chicago, and it turns out that he’s from a moderately wealthy family.

It turns out that he did an internship with Rahm Emanuel, that he’s a well-trained intern in community organizing Chicago style. And now it has been unearthed, a picture of him meeting with President Obama. And yet we’re supposed to believe he was just randomly picked from among the student body at the University of Missouri, made the student body president, the homecoming king and what have you. This is the guy that said there was a KKK chapter on campus. This is the same guy that then apologized for saying there was a KKK chapter on campus because there wasn’t one.

And then the news about Jonathan Butler. This is the hunger strike student. Yesterday we revealed that his father made $8.5 million dollars last year working for the Union Pacific Railroad. He’s from Nebraska. He’s a graduate student.

We revealed yesterday — this is all in the Drive-By news today — well, I don’t know how far in the Drive-By it is, but it’s out there now all over the place. I’m just reviewing here, this is cutting edge, societal evolution, definition, is what I mean. The Butler guy is not starving. His hunger strike maybe lasted a couple of days. His father showed up on campus to rescue him from the clutches of this evil, racist institution.

It turns out that what sparked Mr. Butler’s anger was when he became a graduate student he lost health care benefits as a student. And the reason that he lost health care benefits — this is what’s important about this — it’s Obamacare rules. It was not the university. It was not the board of curators. It was not the chancellor. It was not the president. It was dear old Barack Hussein O and his beloved health care plan, which snatched away health care benefits from graduate students. I don’t know the reason. Well, I do know the reason. It’s to eventually shuffle everybody off to the federal government or one of their exchanges to get this done, to have health care.

Apparently he was so outraged that’s literally what got this going. All of this was over that. The interesting thing about this, and this is a real problem. No matter what you think of the protests on campus. No matter if you think it’s a big deal or not a big deal, it’s standard, ordinary, everyday student behavior, not worth getting exercised about and all that. It’s been done before. It’s happened for years and years and years, Rush, and the country’s still here, nothing to worry about. If that’s your attitude, fine and dandy. The problem with this is that this man lost his health care benefits because the president of the United States health care plan was implemented, and Barack Hussein Obama is the last guy that’s gonna get blamed by any of these people. And it’s his problem.

He’s the one who has restructured the American health care system. He lied to people about how cheap it was gonna be. He lied to people about how plentiful it was gonna be. He lied to people about how extensive their treatment options were going to be. He lied about the fact that the premiums are gonna be cheaper. He lied about the fact that you keep your doctor, keep your plan if you like it. He lied about the fact the deductible prices weren’t gonna change. None of what happened that has happened was actually honestly told to the American people.

But this guy, Butler, who’s a graduate student, ought to have half a brain to be able to figure out he’s been lied to. It doesn’t matter. I would bet you that even if he found out that he lost his health care because of Obama, he wouldn’t blame Obama. The attitude would be, “Does Obama know about this? I wouldn’t want to be the guy that has to tell Obama this. Do you realize how mad Obama’s gonna be when he finds out what they did to his health care plan?”

That’s the way these things go. It’s the Limbaugh Theorem in practice and in play. Obama actually engages in destructive behavior and then gets to stand away from it and act like somebody else is doing it and gets to join the fray of those who are opposed to it and he’s going to fix it, when he is the destructive agent. That’s the important thing about this. How do you inform people that the things they voted for, the things they support are the reasons they’re mad? This is a major point to me with Millennials. You know the old saw that they don’t really blame Obama, they don’t blame the Democrats. They just think the country’s lost its shine.

The country’s lost its mojo and it just so happens the country peaked a little bit before they became adults and now the country’s in decline, and they don’t have the slightest bit of knowledge or awareness that the decline is related to the policies implemented by the current Regime of the past seven years. And to add insult to injury, if they do start blaming the political system, it always ends up being the Republicans who had nothing to do with this. The only way you could blame the Republicans for this health care debacle is that didn’t do enough to stop it, but they did everything they could. They didn’t have the votes to stop it in 2010. There’s literally nothing they could have done.

Now, they could have pushed back since, and they’ve told us they were going to, but they didn’t. But all these students are miserable and unhappy and outraged, and a lot of other people are, too, who voted for Obama. He’s the reason for it. The Democrat Party’s the reason for the misery, by virtue of their policies, those that have been implemented. It’s not even arguable and yet it’s the last thing they would consider because the Democrats can’t do bad things, the Democrats love people.

See, the Democrats are filled with compassion. The Democrats are devoted to civil rights, saving the planet, protecting the rights of the unfortunate and the minorities and all that rotgut. These evil Republicans over here end up being the architects of all of this misery, and it’s just not the case. Whoever can make that case as part of everything else that’s in the presidential campaign could go far.

Fox Sports, of all places, picking up the banner: “Is the Entire Mizzou Protest Based on Lies?

You know, this is the point of the program yesterday, that it was one hoax after another. Just like “hands up, don’t shoot” is a hoax out of Ferguson. Just like what happened in Baltimore. There’s a lot of hoaxes coming out of Baltimore. Just like global warming is a hoax. Just like most of liberalism is a feint or a misdirection or a hoax. But I’m just happy to see some in the Drive-By besides here get onto this particular theme, not just reporting the news but actually raising the question, “Is the Entire Mizzou Protest Based on Lies?”

This is Clay Travis, actually, at Fox Sports, and it’s good. I outed all these people yesterday, and I pointed fingers of blame properly in the right direction, but it’s good to see it picked up here.

Here’s a pull quote from Mr. Travis’ story: “My point here is pretty simple: When you add all this evidence up, there is actually no tangible evidence of anyone at Missouri doing anything wrong or ignoring anything improper. No crime has occurred on campus, no one has been physically harmed. At the absolute worst a small number of students have been subjected to mean words and an insane person wrote with poop on the wall. That’s it.

“Yet two people have lost their jobs,” three now, if you count that mass communications professorette, “and the protesters have received almost universal praise in the media. So why is no one else in the [Drive-By] media pointing out these facts or asking these questions? Because if everyone else starts asking the same questions I’m asking,” writes Mr. Travis here, “it’s hard to come to any conclusion other than this one: this entire University of Missouri protest is a manufactured sham.”

Hey, Mr. Travis and the rest of you? The Drive-By Media is gone. This is exactly why I call ’em the Drive-By Media. A little skirmish happens at the University of Missouri. The Drive-By Media shows up and blows it up and amplifies it. And whatever lies and mischaracterizations and distortions there are, they amplify it. They create all kinds of tumult and chaos — two or three people lose their jobs — and then the Drive-Bys are on the way down the road to the next manufactured crisis. There’s no way the Drive-Bys are gonna turn and head back to Columbia to correct the record, follow up.

If they do anything, it will be continuing the narrative here that the University of Missouri is a racist outpost. By the way, there is now… You know the poop swastika? As of yesterday, there was absolutely no evidence that it had ever existed. Nobody found any poop. Nobody found any swastikas. Nobody found any remnants of… What would you call it? Shadow, trace elements of poop on the wall. It happened at two o’clock in the morning in some dorm. Somebody claimed that there was a swastika made out of human feces on the wall.

It scared them. It was so upsetting, it really scared them and they reported it. But nobody took a picture of it. Nobody took any picture of the Confederate flags all over the town. Nobody took any picture or video of somebody calling young Mr. Butler the N-word. There’s no evidence for any of it. However, a remnant of the Drive-Bys did stay in Missouri at Columbia. It’s the AP, and they have a story here saying the police report now confirms the poop swastika story.

“A report filed by a campus police officer confirms that one of the most disturbing incidents of racial intimidation cited by University of Missouri protesters in recent weeks actually happened.” Think of that paragraph. Let us parse this paragraph. This is a teachable moment. “A report filed by a campus police officer confirms that one,” one, one, one, o-n-e, one — one finger — one, “one of the most disturbing incidents,” blah, blah, blah, “actually happened”? What an affirmation! You know what? “One of” these things “actually happened.”

We have a news story: “One of” these “actually happened.” Who would have thought? We thought we were making stuff up off of whole cloth — and, lo and behold, one of them actually happened! And it turns out that the one of the things actually might have happened is the poop swastika. But back to the paragraph: “A report filed by a campus police officer confirms that one of the most disturbing incidents of racial intimidation cited by University of Missouri protesters in recent weeks actually happened.”

How do we know the intent of the poop and the swastika? And before you start laughing, I am serious. I have never associated poop or a swastika or the combination of the two as having anything to do with race, unless you want to posit that the Jewish people are a race. Was the swastika aimed…? Who was the swastika aimed at? Whether it’s made of poop or anything else, it was… Seriously now, folks. Where do you get off inferring that the poop swastika had a racial intimidation characteristic?

“The university system’s president and the Columbia campus chancellor announced their resignations Monday after racial unrest that included protests, a hunger strike and the football team’s threatened boycott of its next game. … The report from an officer identified only as ‘Bakerb7,'” that’s the cop, “said the officer was called to a coed restroom that served five private dorm rooms in Gateway Hall. The officer ‘noticed there was a swastika drawn on the wall by someone using feces,’ the report stated.

“Feces were on the floor as well, the officer wrote.” Okay. So apparently the cops want to tell us that there was a poop swastika. But how is that racial intimidation? Seriously. I’m not trying to be provocative. Well, maybe provocative, but I’m not trying to obstinate here and I’m not trying to be funny. Racial intimidation? Twice mentioned in this story is confirmation. Hey, hey, we’re all excited! One of the things “actually happened,” folks. The poop swastika!


RUSH: Glenn Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee. He writes a column at USA Today, and he’s got a piece today which basically says — based on what we’re learning here — that if these college students are too spoiled to even tolerate debate, why in the world do we let them vote? How in the world can people who are afraid to hear anything they disagree with? I mean, literally afraid! How can we let ’em vote? How can students too spoiled, too childlike, too narcissistic, too unwilling to tolerate opposing points of view…?

How can we let them vote? How can they even assess opposing political arguments? How can they determine what they agree or disagree with? They can’t. So raise the voting age to 25. He said, “This isn’t the behavior of people who are capable of weighing opposing ideas, or of changing their minds when they are confronted with evidence that suggests that they are wrong. It’s the behavior of spoiled children — a characterization that … underscores … they are too young to be responsible for their actions. And spoiled children shouldn’t vote.”

That’s an interesting proposition. It’d never happen. But I like the point that it makes. By the way, it’s spreading now, ladies and gentlemen. Ithaca. The students at Ithaca College in upstate New York are staging a walkout over racial issues. Their only specific complaint is that an alumnus — for those of you in Rio Linda, that is somewhat who once went to the school. Their only complaint is an alumnus called a student a “savage” at some college event. I kid you not. That’s it. Students at Ithaca are staging a walkout because somebody called somebody else a savage.

Now, it seems to me that the racism here has to be in the hearts and minds of the students walking out. If you hear somebody call somebody, “You savage! You, you savage,” and the first thing you think of is African-Americans are black, what does it make you? The students are self-identifying here as racists, claiming that it’s the campus that’s racist. The students at Ithaca are demanding the school’s president resign. In fact, they’re gonna hold a vote to decide whether he can keep his job if he refuses to resign.

You know, Reagan dealt with this stuff back when he was governor in California, Berkeley, 1966. You know what Reagan did? Called out the National Guard. Put a stop to this stuff. You know, I would have stood up to the football game, “Okay, you guys don’t want to play? Okay, fine. Get out of the dorm that we’re paying for. You’re not gonna eat our food anymore. If you don’t want to play, you don’t want to fulfill your end of the deal? Fine, don’t play. Stay home and we’ll cancel the game. Who cares about BYU anyway?”


RUSH: No, no. I was not being flippant. I know that if they had actually told the football players to go pound sand and therefore had canceled the game scheduled for this weekend in Kansas City, it’s against BYU, it would have cost them a million dollars, a forfeiture fee. If you don’t show up, you owe a million bucks. I still — and, look, I know it’s just me, and a lot of you think it’s easy to say this kind of stuff when you’re half a country away. Missouri’s in the middle of the country. We’re here down in Florida. It’s easy to say from this distance what you would do. But I am not — I’ve thought about this. This is not the day after the event. I’ve thought about it. “You guys don’t want to play, fine, we’re not gonna play. We’ll pay the forfeiture fee, but you are not running this college. The football team does not run this institution and we are not gonna react to a bunch of BS in the first place.”

I know it was never gonna happen, but I’m telling you with the right people in charge — ’cause I don’t think the whole football team was ever behind this. I think the coach went along with this because he had no choice but than to go along with it. He’s gotta go out and recruit once the season is over. He’s gotta hold his team together, and that’s the way everybody looked at it. And now you got all these people saying, “Don’t worry. This does not mean that football teams all over the country in college football are gonna start wielding this kind of power. This was a one off, you don’t need to worry about it.”

Folks, that is so much horse hockey, it is exactly a harbinger. These are the things that we have ignored in the past. We’ve looked at too many of these radical events as one-offs that do not indicate trends or that are not related to anything when in fact they are, because all of this was a trumped-up, manufactured protest. In fact, if you wanted to get really cynical you could almost say the Democrat Party is behind this, and the ultimate objective is to secure African-American turnout in 2016 to the same levels that Obama got it in 2008 and 2012.


RUSH: One more little story here from little Mizzou. BizPac Review. The University of Missouri student body president, also the king of homecoming, the now famous Payton Head, who’s from Chicago and who interned with Rahm Emanuel, is a young community organizer in training. The guy who lied about the fact there’s a KKK chapter on the campus at Mizzou. Well, he has all but dared his fellow students to impeach him in response to his blatantly false claim that the KKK has a chapter on campus.

Payton Head, who is gay, who is black, is a central figure in the actions that led to school president Tim Wolfe stepping down on Monday. Head claimed that he was called the N-word from a passing pickup truck in September. The charge has not been substantiated. That’s another thing. The health care being taken away by Obamacare, but this kid’s running around, said he heard the N-word, somebody in noticeably a truck, you see, somebody driving a truck, drives by, probably had a Confederate flag on it, hears the N-word, he called the University president’s office, and nobody responded to him, and that made him really, really mad. This is what they tell us, anyway. I don’t believe any of this. I think all of this is just contrived and made up. And it’s all part of the hoax.

Late yesterday, Payton Head posted a message on Facebook warning students that the KKK has been confirmed to be sited on campus. Yesterday, or Monday he admitted he lied about it. Now, authorities quickly discounted the allegation, but it served to whip up students into a lather. Even though he apologized, his action was so irresponsible it prompted calls for him to resign as student body president. He says he’s not gonna resign even though he lied about the KKK being on campus. And he dares the students to impeach him. He didn’t do anything wrong. All he did was engage in responsible consciousness raising.


RUSH: Carol Costello on CNN was interviewing student body president at Ithaca College, Dominick Recckio, about the student calls for the college president to resign. She says, “The chair of the board of your campus…” Actually, she laughs when she asks questions. I saw her do it again today. Let me show you what I mean. “The chair of the (laughing) board in your campus says (laughing) he’s actively working with the president to address (laughing) the concerns, and they announced a new diversity officer position. (laughing) Are these…? (laughing) Are these good first steps in the students’ minds? (laughing) Really?”

RECCKIO: Last year, the Student Government Association put forward that proposal for the chief diversity officer. So now, and with it coming now, shows that President Rochon’s leadership is too little, too late.

RUSH: Right. Sure.

RECCKIO: We asked for that chief diversity officer more than a year ago, and for that to come now that everything is sort of hitting the fan — for lack of a better term — that just shows a lack of over-time commitment, and shows that only when things are immediate and urgent that he will take action.

RUSH: (impression) “We asked for a chief diversity officer more than a year ago and we still don’t have it! (sobbing) So there’s nobody here to enforce fairness and keep our feelings from being hurt!” (crying) Now, this next one will make your head spin. Carol Costello practically apologizes for asking the question.

COSTELLO: I feel I have to ask you this question because it’s out there. There are people who think that the students are overreacting because you can’t, y’know, present one horrible incident that would merit these large protests and the ouster of a college president.

RECCKIO: These students are not overreacting! All of these situations have students of color at Ithaca College very, very unsafe.

RUSH: Oh! Oh!

RECCKIO: They do not emotionally safe or physically safe in many scenarios on this campus.

RUSH: Stop the tape. How can you show up? You hear how unsafe it is? It’s scary unsafe, the campus at Ithaca College. “The students are not overreacting! They feel emotionally unsafe in many scenarios…” Here’s the rest of the bite…

RECCKIO: And I think that it is really important to foster a school and a[n] institution where students can feel safe and can feel that they’re just as included as any other student.

RUSH: Okay. Do you notice any commonality here? One of the major complaints at Mizzou: “Students don’t feel safe!” Citizens of Baltimore don’t feel safe. In Ferguson, Missouri, they don’t feel safe. But predominantly the University of Missouri Columbia, they don’t feel safe. They feel very scared. It’s really traumatic, you know? And at Ithaca? Oh, it’s so scary, Carol. Students feel unsafe, and you can understand it! I mean, we didn’t get our diversity officer when they promised one. So there’s nobody, nobody to enforce fairness and equality. So, yeah, we feel really unsafe. Notice the commonality? “Unsafe.” That tells me the whole thing is coming from a manual. There’s an instruction manual here, blueprints or what have you.

It isn’t spontaneous by any stretch of the imagination.

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