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RUSH: You know that Mizzou president, Tim Wolfe and the chancellor. I forget his name. How do you think these guys feel today? I imagine it’s a mixture of emotions, but do you think they feel — I don’t know — ashamed, foolish, embarrassed, because they resigned over charges that turn out to be as phony as Hillary’s hair?

I mean, really, they got hoaxed out. Now, maybe, maybe they’re saying, “You know what, thank goodness I’m outta here. This place is a funny farm. It’s a nutcase factory, and I’m glad to be gone.” But they resign hoping to bring peace and tranquility to the campus and so forth, as though they were the problems. They’re just scalps. They weren’t even any real grievances against these people other than the fact you might want to chalk white privilege or the fact that they’re white or whatever, but — (sigh) I don’t know.

Now, quickly, we’re gonna go to Republican candidates and immigration, because everybody’s reacting now to Trump and his assurance he’s gonna deport the illegals. The Republicans are reacting to it. The media doesn’t like it. But just to show you what’s out there. Now, we got two soundbites here from a woman named Keely Mullen. She is a Million Student March national organizer, a student. These are nonsensical things that she is saying. The thing is that liberals, the entire time I’ve been doing this radio program have been articulating nonsensical, stupid, crazy, insane stuff. And we laughed at it. I always adopted the belief, who in the world is ever gonna fall for this stuff? And as the years went by all that kooky, wacko stuff actually ended up being implemented one way or the other.

I’ve learned not to laugh at it anymore. Sometimes you can’t help it, like these two sound bites, but the thing that I’ve learned is they mean it, and they don’t go away. They literally mean it. And in this case you’re gonna hear that they’ve just been propagandized. This was on Cavuto Coast to Coast this afternoon on Fox Business Network, and he’s speaking with this student, Keely Mullen, who is the national organizer for the Million Student March. They’re gonna have something called a Day of Action, calling on college students around the country to march in support of their demands. So Cavuto says, “What do you want?”

MULLEN: Well, so the movement, the Million Student March, um, is a movement for a more, um, equitable and fair system of education, as opposed to, um, the really corporate model that we have right now. Uh, so the three core demands of the National Day of Action are free public college, a cancellation of student debt, and a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage, um, for people who work on the campus.

RUSH: Right. And these young flowers, as a product of our education system, free public college, a cancellation of student debt, and a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage for people who work on campus. (imitating Mullen) “Yeah, well, no, we can’t, like, do, you know, the corporate model, like, um, this is a movement for more, um, um, equitable and fair, uh, system of education, as opposed to, um.” Yeah, I know, we got a little valley girl thing going on. So Cavuto said, “Okay, so how is that going to be paid for?” Instead of saying, “Are you serious? Do you really, really think,” he said, “How are you gonna pay for it?” And of course the valley girl had an answer.

MULLEN: The 1% of people in society that are hoarding, um, the wealth and really sort of causing, um, a catastrophe that students are facing. I mean, we have a relationship right now where 1% of the population owns more wealth than the 99% combined.

RUSH: So you see it’s a catastrophe. It’s a student catastrophe. Well, it’s a catastrophe for, um, students that they’re facing. So it’s a relationship where 1% of the population owns more wealth than the 99% combined. Yeah, they’re hoarding it, right. They’re hoarding it. Hey, Keely, can I help here? I want to help. I hate hearing students in distress. Damsels in distress, students in distress, I hate hearing of catastrophes on campus. Why don’t you, instead of targeting the 1%, because they’re just the winners of life’s lottery, why don’t you find out who gave them the money that they’ve got. That should be your focus because they are the real enemy. The real enemy are the people who gave the 1% all the wealth. So find out who did that. That’s who you need to take out. That’s who you need to be really mad at.

I mean, how did the 1% get their money, Keely? Somebody had to give it to them, and there has to be somebody deciding the 1% are gonna get this and the rest of the schlubs are gonna get that. And that’s not fair. Whoever is in charge of distributing the wealth needs to really be taken down, don’t you think, Keely? You watch, she’s gonna agree if she hears this. (imitating Keely) “You know, Mr. Limbaugh was mocking us, um, and making fun of us, um, but that’s really a good point that he was raising.” And I think it is, too. Find out who gave the 1% what they’ve got. Find out who gave Bill Gates his $78 billion. Who gave it to Warren Buffett? Somebody did. There is your real enemy, Keely. Get back to us when you discover whatever it is you learn.

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