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RUSH: We’re still learning things about what happened at University of Missouri that add to all of the hoax theories. This new president, they’ve got a new interim president out there at the University of Missouri, and what have I always been saying? Well, that’s an unfair question. Let me remind you, one of the things I’ve been pointing out is the university has been teaching this anti-American claptrap for I don’t know how long and here it is coming home to roost.

But more importantly as leftists, typified by Obama, you name it, they all have chips on their shoulders. They don’t like this country. They think it was unjust and immoral from our earliest days, from our founding, and nothing that we’ve done since has ameliorated one sin this country’s guilty of. We haven’t made one bit of progress. America is not worthy of superpower status. You’ve heard that riff, right?

Okay, so the new interim president is a guy named Middleton, Michael Middleton. He’s the interim chief at the University of Missouri, interim president. He’s African-American. He’s a Mizzou grad. He went to school at Mizzou. He is, by all accounts, fabulously successful. But nevertheless, Mr. Middleton says he felt marginalized at every phase of his career at Mizzou, and he says that while he does not blame white people — oh, no, no, no, no, no, of course not, he is the president, he can’t publicly blame white people. So while he says that he doesn’t blame white people, he does blame the ugliness of American history. And there it is.

So the University of Missouri rabble-rousers have succeed in securing the appointment of an interim president who believes the same thing they do, the same thing that Jeremiah Wright believes, same thing that Obama believes. That this country is inherently ugly. That it was structurally and is structurally ugly and racist and sexist and bigoted and homophobic, and I’m telling you — don’t doubt me — that is liberalism, or call it socialism if you want, but that is what leftists think, and this is what the professors at these schools have been teaching.

Some really funny and crazy things are happening on campus. There was a brouhaha either yesterday afternoon or last night. A bunch of students actually demanded that the First Amendment be suspended for people that disagree with them. They did not want to hear it. They felt unsafe, they felt threatened, and they made a claim. They actually used the words “can the First Amendment.” Suspend it. Get rid of the First Amendment. It should not apply to people that disagree with us.

And there were some on campus who were taking it under advisement, taking it into consideration. Now, let’s take a little historical look at this. I would have to say, listening to what I’m hearing be spoken on the campus at Mizzou and in the Drive-By Media and at many other institutions of higher learning — and what I saw and heard out of Ferguson, Missouri, and what I saw and heard out of Baltimore and the Trayvon Martin case, Black Lives Matter, you name it — the civil rights movement obviously is a complete failure.

And not only that, according to the left, blacks do not have civil rights. They have yet to be granted civil rights, despite all that this country’s done. The level of oppression is unchanged. In fact, it may be just as bad now as it used to be. It may be even more intense now with media focus. The degree of racism and bigotry and discrimination against African-Americans is worse than ever. But not only are we to conclude that African-Americans do not have civil rights, according to some students at the University of Missouri, white people shouldn’t have them, either, because of “white privilege.”

White privilege wrote the Bill of Rights, and therefore it is illegitimate. The Bill of Rights (of the first 10 amendments the Constitution) doesn’t count, needs to be thrown out. People of white privilege wrote the Bill of Rights; therefore they are worthless. To make things fair, only radical leftists — that would include white people. White people can join this movement if they are lunatics. Only radical leftists should be allowed to move freely and speak their minds. Everybody else is to be limited, jailed, silenced.

We also have to conclude, therefore, that the War on Poverty has failed; the Great Society has been a complete failure. All of these programs, all of the $15 trillion spent to make amends, to pay reparations in one form or another — the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Act B of 1964, however many Civil Rights Acts there have been, all of them worthless — all of them have meant nothing. War on Poverty? Failure. Great Society? Abject failure. And in fact, you know, Jim Geraghty — and I’m gonna get into this in more detail as the program unfolds.

Jim Geraghty at National Review Online makes the point that what’s actually happening on these campuses, is liberalism. If you want to look at it this way, it’s all liberalism on these campuses. I mean, from the executive offices to the faculty and the faculty lounge, the student assistance — in many cases the athletic coaches — everywhere you go, on every major American college campus, all you will find is liberalism. And what is happening? It’s imploding. It’s failing everybody.

Once again, I would like to point out to any of you scratching your heads and watching all this: There aren’t any Republican fingerprints at the University of Missouri. They don’t run anything there. You don’t have Republicans on the faculty. You don’t have Republican student advisors nor conservative, much less. So actually who are these people really angry with? I’ll develop this further as the program unfolds. Geraghty’s headline is: “What if the Left’s Campus Meltdown Reflects its Growing Sense of Doom?” He actually quotes a writer over at Commentary in expanding on it.


RUSH: Kathy in Santa Paula, California, great to have you. You’re first today. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you. I’ve just been thinking about these students in Missouri and I guess students all over the country that are upset and frustrated with their difficult life and the hardships they endure as student body presidents and student body vice presidents and scholarshiped football players, and I just wanted to comment that I betcha there’s a lot of young people in countries like Sierra Leone and Boko Haram [sic], people who are dealing with these kinds of slavery issues that would be thrilled to trade places with them.

RUSH: Well, they’ve got those handled. You’re talking about Boko Haram and the kidnapping of women, they deal with that, these students, with hashtags. They go to Twitter and put hashtags up, and they’ve dealt with Boko Haram.

CALLER: I met a young man who emigrated with his father from the Congo, had lived his whole life in refugee camps and was able to come and was thrilled just to be here. I think we don’t realize what privilege really is.

RUSH: Who doesn’t?

CALLER: Most of us. I think most of us are privileged to be here, to be able to go to college, whether it’s a top-rate college or a community college, I think we’re privileged.

RUSH: Well, I agree with you that a lot of people take a lot for granted, particularly being born to it. I mean, you don’t know anything else but freedom, what else, you think that’s what it is. You don’t know life in a refugee camp. You don’t know life in tyranny. It’s one of the frustrating things, frankly, if I may be bold and honest in trying to explain to people. It’s why I’m doing these history books for kids. It’s why I spend so much time talking about how unique and exceptional the United States is. Never before or since in human history has there been a nation formed under such principles. Life for most every living human being — well, that’s contradictory, or duplicate — life for everybody, the story of human life is bondage and tyranny and suffering, enslavement, hunger, poverty.

The vast, vast, vast majority of people who have lived on this planet have never known anything like life in the United States. That’s why so many people do not understand all of these spoiled brats running around talking about this place being the home of oppression, this place being the home of racism or sexism, all these other isms and all this destructive stuff. They’re spoiled rotten little kids who haven’t the slightest idea what toughness really is or hard lives really are. If they think the things they have got to live through, the daily obstacle course of their lives, if they think that’s tough, they’re really out of touch and ignorant.

But they’ve been educated this way. They’ve been educated to be softies. They have been educated to go through life as children. You know, I was thinking earlier today, all these kids on campus want these safe zones. They don’t want to go anywhere where there’s anything at all that they see that makes them uncomfortable, that they read that makes ’em uncomfortable, that they hear that makes them uncomfortable. And I think back, you know, my parents — and I’m sure most of your parents — raised us just to be the exact opposite. They wanted us to learn how tough it was out there. They wanted us to learn to deal with it. That was part of being raised. That was part of being educated, is to understand that there isn’t a utopia. Nothing is fair. There is nothing idyllic out there. It’s all up to you and what you make of it.

But these kids act powerless. These kids are scared. They’re still immature attitudinally, and they act like there’s nothing they can do other than to either sequester themselves or to get rid of that which they disagree with, don’t like, makes them uncomfortable, whatever. But the point is they’re not being educated, trained, taught to deal with things that are unsafe, with things that present challenges and pose problems, and that was always part of growing up. For me, anyway.

We weren’t coddled. It’s a fine line, parents protecting children, but at some point you have to grow up and learn to take care of yourself, and that’s what’s not happening here.

And not only is that not happening, they’re being given and offered excuses for not taking care of themselves. And the big excuse is, you can’t. The deck is so stacked against you, the rich, the 1%, the people with white privilege, they’re all aligned against you, everything’s arrayed against you, you don’t have a chance at a fair shot, no matter what your age, no matter what your sex, no matter what your gender. That’s the message for young people on college campus. Anyway, Kathy, I appreciate the call.


RUSH: Back to the University of Missouri, slash, campus Stack here. I mentioned earlier that Jim Geraghty at National Review has a post today with the headline, “What If the LeftÂ’s Campus Meltdown Reflects Their Sense of Doom?” And he starts off with a pull quote from a Noah Rothman piece over at Commentary.

“At the heart of the collective liberal angst over the pesky burden of free speech is the nagging perception that they have lost the argument. There is no great progressive era about to dawn; we may never see a more liberal presidential administration than this in our lifetimes. While the dangerous impulse to silence their critics is merely sad in fully-formed adults, it is terrifying to witness in the generation just coming of age. When asked if he had built for ensuing generations of Americans a republic or a monarchy, Dr. Benjamin Franklin was said to quip ‘A Republic, if you can keep it.’ That is a proposition set to be tested like never before.”

So the question is, “What if the Leftist temper-tantrum that weÂ’re witnessing is in fact something of a last gasp, a sudden recognition that their long-awaited nirvana is never going to come?” You know the reason I like this is I myself have made the point. I don’t mean to be braggadocious about it, but it’s a simple question. Is it any wonder really that these people on the left are fit to be tied? They just had their utopian president for seven years now, going on eight. They have had the best they can get. They’ve had an untouchable, radical leftist communist president. They have had somebody in the White House who shares their anti-American vision. And if anti-American is too tough for you, let me rephrase it. They’ve got somebody in the White House who has the same problems with America they do. America’s racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic. It’s unjust, it’s immoral, it’s illegitimate the way it was founded. And what do they have to show for it?

There’s nothing but misery all over the country. Not one issue has been fixed. We’ve got Obamacare, but nobody has free health care. We’ve got an education president, but nobody has free tuition. Everybody has to pay it and they’re going broke in the process. We’ve got a guy who’s big with unions and big with the little guy, and they can’t get work, and most of them are making 30 grand a year or less. There’s not one thing good that’s come out. The only thing that sustains them — stop and think of this. The only thing that sustains them is that conservative and Republicans are losing. That’s the only thing that makes ’em happy. But what they’re winning is not translating to the reality they believe in. In a way, it’s understandable they’re fit to be tied. This was it, folks.

Do you remember those first Obama town meetings after he was elected when people showed up and wanted a new kitchen, thought he was gonna give them a new house. Or another guy shows up and says, “Okay, my days of shining your shoes are over. From now on going forward you’re shining my shoes.” You know what all these things meant? People thought the election of Barack Obama, particularly African-Americans, meant that the excrement sandwich days were over, and they were gonna get payback. They were gonna be able to reverse the tables, and it hasn’t happened. They’re angrier than ever.

This is an observation I have been making over and over. You can’t miss it. All there is is a burning rage on the left. They’re not happy and they’re winning everything. Now, whether that means this is a last gasp on campus, I don’t know if it’s a last gasp because I don’t think liberalism ever goes away. That’s why it has to be constantly fought and defeated. But you can’t miss the fact that they’ve had seven uninterrupted years. They haven’t had any opposition. Not in Washington. The Republican Party hasn’t tried to stop Obama. Whatever Obama’s wanted, what he hasn’t done, he hasn’t done ’cause he hasn’t done it, he hasn’t done it ’cause he’s been stopped. Nobody’s stopping him from closing Club Gitmo. Executive orders here, executive actions over there, Supreme Court siding with him against the Constitution on Obamacare. Virtually everything he’s wanted.

How about this. By now there were supposed to be no guns. Guns were supposed to be taken away from everybody by now. They knew it. They had faith that was gonna happen. And there wasn’t gonna be any opposition from the pro-lifers anymore. Oh, no. There weren’t gonna be anybody standing in the way of abortions. It was all gonna be over with. Opposition was gonna have been dealt with and they’re gonna be made a minority forever and no chance of stopping anybody, and they got all that. And they’re miserable. You kind of would be, too, wouldn’t you? If everything you believed in had a seven-year run with no opposition, and it was implemented and none of it worked? They even got their minimum wage increases, and the people in poverty are still in poverty. And the numbers of people in poverty are growing.

They got their minimum wage increases and restaurants start closing ’cause they can’t pay people, they can’t stay open. All of their theory has blown up in their face. So now they’re up there angry. And who are they angry with at Columbia? At Mizzou. Who’s running that show? Bunch of liberals, a bunch of leftists, from the faculty over to the border of curators to wherever you go, it’s libs running everything. They are a bunch of spoiled, rotten kids and immature children, but I think there’s a lot to this.

Now, I don’t know that this represents their last gasp. I don’t think there is such a thing where liberals are concerned. In fact, what this is showing us that even when liberals win, they somehow don’t act like it. They get angrier with every win. And the reason they get angrier is because there’s more and more opposition. By the way, they’ve also learned they’re not the majority. They have learned that they do not represent the majority thinking in the country by virtue of how much opposition to them there is.

I mentioned this earlier. I want to go through it again. The Mizzou University system has picked Michael Middleton as the interim president of the university. He’s a Mizzou grad. He’s a Mizzou alum. It says here that he’s a fabulously successful black man who nevertheless says that he felt marginalized. This is in the New York Times, by the way. This is a New York Times story on Mr. Middleton. The Times story says that this guy says he “felt marginalized at every phase of his career at Mizzou.” He says that while he doesn’t blame white people. Course not. No. No way. He does “blame the ugliness of American history.” Well, who better to be in charge of what kids at Mizzou learn about America than a president who blames the ugliness of American history.

You know, what must it be like to live in a country that you hate? What must it be like to live in a country where you’d have seven years to change it and fix it and perfect it and all that, and none of that’s happened, and you don’t like it. Imagine winning the Super Bowl and being ticked off the rest of your life. Imagine winning the World Series and being ticked off and never celebrating it, never happy. The only thing that they celebrate is when we lose. But that doesn’t get them anything.

“Mizzou’s New President Made ‘Race-Relations’ Video With Activist — Mike Middleton, the man just named as the interim president of the University of Missouri, worked as a political activist with the protestors who forced out his predecessor. Middleton retired in August after teaching at the law school for 17 years. But he subsequently worked with the black protestors who created racial tensions by staging a series of direct actions designed to antagonize other students. Middleton is featured prominently in a video released three weeks ago called ‘Response To Skeptics.'”

So they’ve got an activist. I mean, they’ve got a rabble-rouser in there running the school now, and that will not make ’em happy, either. You wait. They’re still gonna have the same complaints next week that they’ve got today, no matter who’s running that show.

The Onion has done a great parody on this. My operating theory about good comedy is: For it to really be funny, there has to be an element of truth. You could read this Onion piece and think you’re reading reality. The headline: “Parents Dedicate New College Safe Space in Honor Of Daughter Who Felt Weird in Class Once — In an effort to provide sanctuary for Lynnfield College students exposed to perspectives different from their own, a new campus safe space was dedicated Wednesday in honor of Alexis Stigmore, a 2009 graduate who felt kind of weird in class one time.

“Addressing students at the dedication ceremony, parents Arnold and Cassie Stigmore noted that while the college had adequate facilities to assist victims of discrimination, abuse, and post-traumatic stress, it had until now offered no comparable safe space for students, like their beloved daughter, who encounter an academic viewpoint that gives them an uncomfortable feeling. … ‘God forbid any of you, in your years at this institution, are ever confronted with an opinion you do not share. But if you are, you will have a refuge on this campus.'”

So they built a safe space. If you hear something that makes you nervous or unsafe, you can go there. Pull quote: “I’ll never forget the morning my daughter called and told me in a trembling voice, ‘Mom, my professor said some stuff today I didn’t like.'” But the real key here is the last paragraph: “Sources confirmed a separate donation has also been made to provide a safe space and counseling services for straight white men at the college who won’t shut the [hell] up about how they’re the real victims on campus these days.”

The Onion with a home run.

Do you know that the hunger strike activist Jonathan Butler falsified a key claim against the president? There were many false claims that this guy made. He lost his health care. He started whining and moaning about that. He claims he heard somebody running around campus shouting the N-word. He also claims that during a homecoming parade, the president of the university’s being driven around in a red convertible, and this guy, Jonathan Butler, claims that he was hit by the university president’s car and that nobody apologized to him.

There’s video of this. The car did not hit him! He lied about it. His father is a Democrat Party contributor, donor, and activist — a community organizer — works for Union Pacific Railroad, eight and a half million-dollar a year salary last year. Video of the event shows the hunger strike guy walking toward the university president’s car! He was not run over, nor was he hit by the car. It’s a series of lies and hoaxes made up by the hunger strike kid — who probably wasn’t on a hunger strike, either.


RUSH: Greg, Hayden, Idaho. Great to have you on the program, sir. Glad you waited. Hello.

CALLER: It’s a pleasure to talk with you. I’m a long-term listener and a Coast Guard veteran.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I have two things I wanted to mention. One about your books and then tie it to the University of Missouri situation. My wife and I, we just became grandparents last June, and we have bought all four of your books and the Liberty horse.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: We are just looking forward to the day that we can sit down with our daughter and make sure she gets grounded in real history.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Congratulations to you.

CALLER: And then what that has to do with the University of Missouri is I have been laughing here at the last week. I believe we’re seeing the bastion of liberalism collapse under its own weight. And it’s probably gonna happen at other places, and maybe even get worse. But I’m hopeful that somebody… And maybe it’s a group of conservatives or whatever. But someone has got to start getting the curriculum at college just like you did with your books and start teaching these kids real history, and that this is the greatest country in the history of the earth.

RUSH: You know, I love your attitude about the idea, ’cause there are a lot of people wringing their hands. I was at first. “I’m tired of this. My whole life I’ve seen this, and I wish it didn’t happen. I’d love to grab some shoulders and shake it to reality. But I love your attitude. You’re laughing at it.” You think it’s comical, in a way, because you’re right, and this is the point that Geraghty was making in his piece. These people are miserable.

They’re getting everything they want, and it’s imploding on them. They run this school — the left runs this school and has for I don’t know how long — and look at the list of grievances they’ve got. Now, make no is mistake: These grievances that they’re listing are as much about America as they are about this school. Don’t forget this is not really totally localized. There are much more grandiose, bigger, grandiose plans they’ve got. But Greg, thank you so much. I appreciate that. We all do.

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