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RUSH: Folks, I have to remind you ’cause this is the last day. This is the last chance I’m gonna have to remind you here on the radio. You’ll be able to check all the details at RushRevere.com. Now, for many of you out there it’s starting to get cold, and if it’s not starting to, there’s something in the air. It’s coming. You can just sense it. It happens this time of year, every year in fall. There might be some Indian summers out there with exceedingly warm temperature.

But you know the cold weather is coming and you’re getting ready for it, breaking out the winter coats, thinking it’s not gonna be too long until you start shoveling snow off the driveway. You’re wondering if the winter forecast for the Northeast showing record snow is true. You know about that? They say you can gauge the amount of snowfall in the Northeast by how much there’s been in Siberia, and apparently Siberia is setting snow records in October. That’s the indicator. But it may be mitigated by El Nino.

All these people are just guessing. The point is, people read the guesses and they establish certainty to it. The point is you’re looking at winter. I mean, it’s staring you in the face in many parts of the country. Now, how does a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to the beautiful islands of Hawaii sound as you’re pondering this oncoming long winter in? Picture jetting off with your family or some close friends or a combination, to sit on the sandy beaches, sip Mai-Tais — or maybe Shirley Temples for the crumb crunchers.

Imagine having all of the travel details taken care of for you, including round-trip airfare, including your meals — and we’re not talking fast food, unless you want it — and luxury hotel accommodations. All of that is taken care of. In addition, you get to pick the date, and you’re gonna get some cash money to walk around with. You’re gonna get all of that plus some walking around cash money, so that when you win one of our sweepstakes, it doesn’t cost you anything. Well, here is your chance.

In honor of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation — a great organization that provides scholarships and financial assistance to the children of fallen Marines and first responders — we are hosting a special sweepstakes where you can win that grand prize trip.

It’s for four people, not two. We go beyond. We don’t just do better than average. We just break all records. We’re gonna send four people to any of the Hawaiian islands, and you’ve been there and done that and it’s not a big deal, fine, choose the place you want to go within the United States. Who gives you these options? And we let you pick the date. You don’t have to go in August, for example, when nobody wants to be wherever these places are. You get to pick the date. So here’s all you have to do. Right now through tonight at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time, you can be automatically entered to win by purchasing a Liberty plush stuffed animal.

What is a Liberty plush, you ask? Well, Liberty is the hugely popular time-traveling, talking horse from the Adventures of Rush Revere series. The kids, the readers love Liberty. He’s by far the favorite character. He’s a snarky, smart aleck talking horse who can time travel. And by incredible demand we have created a Liberty plush stuffed animal. The kids kept asking for one, so we went out, made a bunch of prototypes and chose the best one, and he’s adorable. He’s made of a soft dark brown material, perfect for cuddling or reading with. It’s embroidered in red on the saddle, the name “Liberty” is, and it’s a Mini-Me. Liberty Mini-Me arrives at your door packed in a special draw string pouch. It’s a perfect gift for the young people who love these books. And even for kids that don’t read books yet and still like stuffed animals, this is perfect.

originalNow, we’ve reduced the price. We don’t stop even now. We are reducing the price of the Liberty stuffed animal just until 11:59 p.m. Pacific tonight. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift, if you also want the chance to win a trip of a lifetime for your family or friends or a combination, this is your ticket. But you have to act by 11:59 p.m. Pacific tonight. In addition to the fantastic trip, there’s a second-place $5,000 shopping spree prize, and there are 30 additional special prize packs. All you have to do is go to RushRevere.com right now and visit the All American Store. You’ll see the adorable Liberty plush right there. It’s www.RushRevere.com right now through tonight, 11:59 p.m. Pacific only, you be automatically entered to win.

Now, if you can’t travel, if you happen to win and you can’t travel or if you want to share this with somebody else, the prizes can be gifted. They are transferable. How many times do you hear, “Prize not transferable.” We blow through all of the can’ts, don’ts, and won’t-do’s, and we do it all. You can gift it to a friend or a family member. All the official rules are posted at RushRevere.com. Supplies of Liberty are limited, and particularly here at our special reduced price. www.RushRevere.com by 11:59 p.m. Pacific tonight.


RUSH: Stephenville, Texas, Nat. Thank you for waiting, you’re next. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Lone Star dittos, Rush. Okay. You are an absolute lifesaver.

RUSH: How’s that?

CALLER: My great niece has her first birthday a week from tomorrow, and I was kind of wondering, what do you get a kid whose parents give her everything already. So the promo came on for the Liberty plush sweepstakes, and a lightbulb moment, I said, “That’s perfect. I’m sure she doesn’t have that,” and it’ll be great. So I went online, it was a breeze. I had no problem, first time I’d ever ordered off the website.

RUSH: No kidding, the first time you ever ordered off a website?

CALLER: No, no, no, no, sir, no, your website, that particular one.

RUSH: Oh, okay.

CALLER: I’ve been on it to see the information and such, but first time I ordered, so I —

RUSH: I see.

CALLER: Anyway, it worked well because I know you were concerned later on that it was jammed up for some people, but it was smooth as silk for me.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad you got it. Yeah, it wasn’t, as I learned later, it was in certain geographic areas. I still don’t know what it was, but we have so much server redundancy because we’re prepared to handle the overwhelming demand we get. I’m glad it was smooth as silk for you.

CALLER: Well, not only as a great uncle, but I’m also a grandfather, and so I’m gonna get the whole Liberty series for my 10-year-old granddaughter.

RUSH: Well, I guarantee you, I guarantee you she is going to love it. Even if she doesn’t know anything about Liberty yet, just in and of itself it’s one of the best little stuffed animal dolls, toys that you can get, maybe the best that’s out there, particularly at the price that we’re offering it today up until 11:59 p.m. Pacific. And, folks, don’t forget, all of this enables us to sponsor the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. You know, Veterans Day is a day of the year that we take time to honor the vets. We do it every day. Because we have such respect and admiration and awe, actually, for veterans, and the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation provides scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action, and in some cases, in major disasters of the children of first responders who are killed in action, too.

It’s just a great, great charity and it’s almost a 100 percent pass-through. And I’d love to give you the names of these guys, but I don’t want to make stars out of them and have them be publicly hounded and so forth. I mean, they’re former FBI guys in New York, they’re former Marines. Some are from Atlantic City. Some have passed on since the foundation started. Pat McGahn was one, just a great, great guy. These are just great people, Vietnam vets, many of them. And literally 99% gets donated. They have to have some money for postage to send things out, but nobody makes any money running the foundation. It’s one of the most efficiently run such organizations.

They have a gala benefit every spring, every April, usually in New York, and they honor people who have had exemplary service for the cause, the previous year or in terms of their whole life. It’s just a great, great bunch of people to be involved with and to help sponsor. So I’m glad that you were moved to participate, and I know your granddaughter is gonna love this Liberty. And if she doesn’t know who Liberty is, then all you have to do is tell her about the books. The books make the Liberty thing come alive. It becomes an actual talking figure in their minds. That’s the great thing about these books. The books, just, I mean, this was the genius that we had putting these things together.

It’s all Kathryn’s idea. I didn’t want to do books anymore. Vince Flynn said, “You gotta do a book for the election. You gotta do a book, all these monologues, put a compilation together.” I still might do it, but Kathryn came along, “Why don’t you do a book for kids? You’re always complaining about the education system and what they’re being taught,” and bam, wow. That excited me. So we structure the books to capture the kids imagination. That’s the great thing about kids is they all dream and if you don’t get in their way they think all their dreams can come true, and when you’re a kid, you should think that. And their imaginations run wild. And it’s the kids’ imagination that permits the talking, time-traveling horse to even work. If kids eight, nine, cynical, “Don’t kid me, a horse can’t talk or fly, you’re not –” But kids are not that way. They think it’s cool. They get totally caught up in it.

I think the books are immersive, and that’s why the kids like them so much. We hear from people with dyslexic kids who can’t put the books down. People that don’t like to read like to read these because it’s immersive, they’re taken to these moments in time in American history. They’re part of the time, their imaginations are stimulated. Anyway, I appreciate it.

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