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RUSH: I want to first start with a couple of sound bites here, ’cause I want to demonstrate something that I have been postulating over the course of I don’t know how many years on this program. Now, what I’m gonna play for you is guy from Salon.com who is trying to explain… He’s the founder, David Talbot, and he’s trying to explain why all of these Islamist terrorists hate us. And, of course, it’s our fault, as you will hear. But the point that I want to make here, the teachable moment that this is…

Over the course of the many decades of this program I have attempted to explain how liberals think, and particularly how they think about this country. And over the course of the many years of this program when liberals have spoken up and said this nonsensical, just genuinely crackpot stuff, we’ve laughed at it. We’ve mocked it and made fun of it. We’ve satirized it. We’ve parodied it, in the belief that no reasonable people would actually ever believe it, sign up for it. And that’s where we were wrong.

We were wrong to the point that there are enough people who have been influenced this way to elect somebody like Barack Obama, who is an absolute… He’s everything now. He is incompetent. He’s a success. He’s a failure. Depending on how you define all of these terms. Now, he’s become… Well, he always has been, but now it’s becoming obvious that he’s dangerous. His presidency, his leadership, his policies, his strategies pose and put this country at great risk.

And something else along those lines that I want to do today is further develop an explanation that we provided for you by Walid Phares yesterday to explain why Obama is not interested in taking out ISIS. And that really is what it boils down to. And I have further evidence of that today. But you have to know how to read the news story the evidence is contained in. I would posit here that the average consumer of news could read the same story I have that contains the proof I’m gonna offer you and not see it. And that is another reason why I am where I am here doing what I was born to do, and you are out there listening.

It’s classic, and once I explain it to you, it will be irrefutable. But let’s go first to the audio sound bites here of David Talbot. He was on The Tavis Smiley Show on PBS last night. And again, we’ve made fun of this. We’ve laughed at it, we’ve mocked it, under the belief that no way would a majority of Americans ever end up actually thinking this stuff. Now we know that the reason these opinions are out there is this is what is being taught.

This is what has been taught on campus in the American academy — institutions of supposed higher learning — for decades. So here’s the question. Salon.com founder and author David Talbot has a new book, a biography of CIA director Allen Dulles. It’s called The Devil’s Chessboard, the book is. And talking about the terror attacks in Paris, Tavis Smiley says, “France is in a state of emergency, which means for the next three months the police basically have carte blanche, for the next three months, while they try to sort the attack out. That’s their decision, and they’re entitled to that. There are questions about civil liberties, et cetera. But what are the parallels you see, Mr. Talbot, between the text of your book and what is happening today?”

TALBOT: The question the media keeps asking once again is, “Why do they ate us?” This is the backstory for why they hate us: Years of torture, of assassination, of overthrowing Democratically elected governments in the Middle East like Mossadegh in Iran.” There’s deep roots to this hatred and bitterness. And as I say, it didn’t begin after 9/11. Torture, extraordinary rendition, CIA black sites, mass surveillance of citizens, assassinations. This began not just after 9/11, but during the Cold War. There’s an arrogance that is deeply rooted, I think, in American policy, in American history, that we’re paying the price for to this today.

RUSH: So you see? This is a standard-bearer for left-wing thinking, the founder of Salon.com, and you see, we are to blame! We are the problem in the world. All of the things that we have done, we deserve the hit-back that we are getting, because of all the torture. They don’t speak this way about any other country in the world. They don’t speak this way about any other dictator. They don’t speak this way about mass murderers like Stalin, like Mao Tse-tung, like Fidel. They do not speak this way about socialists or communist governments anywhere in the world.


The absolute worst example of depraved humanity is found in the United States of America. And the hatred that these militant Islamists have for us is justified. It’s genuine. We need to understand it. Remember after 9/11 the State Department convened a little series of forums in, “Why do they hate us,” the premise being, “It must be something we’re doing to cause them to hate us so much that they would blow up three buildings and hijack our own airplanes”? But this goes beyond, folks.

The things he mentions here are enough, but there are things he didn’t mention. “Well, you have torture.” Torture? The Saudi Arabians have patented it! I mean, the Saudi Arabians, all these… You’re telling us that people like ISIS who are applying for new patents on torture every day, hate us because we torture? We’re not even in the same ballpark! We’re not even in the same league. With real terrorist madmen, mass murderers, dictators, tyrants, we’re not even on the same playing field. It’s embarrassing to say so!

But, folks, this is what they believe. This is why “crossing the aisle” and trying to work with these people and “find common ground” is so silly. But it’s also dangerous. This represents a serious body of thought in this country, and it’s at the highest levels of the intellectual ladder on the left. “We’re guilty. This is applicable to our race problem in America. You add the history of the US to this litany of complaints about us, and it’s never ending. Everything about this country is illegitimate, unjust, immoral, and is so bad, it justifies whatever anybody else wants to do to us, and we better realize it pretty quick.

“Torture, assassination, overthrowing democratically elected governments the Middle East like…” Would somebody show me a democratically elected government in the Middle East before we got to Iraq? Show me a democratically elected government in the Middle East. (interruption) Well, he’s not talking about Israel. He mentions the Mossadegh government in Iran. There’s deep roots to thinks bitterness and hatred, and it’s all justified, you see? And it didn’t begin in 9/11. Torture, extraordinary rendition!

Yeah, they really, really hate us out there in the wilds of Sudan because of our rendition program. CIA black sites. What we’re getting here is a litany of things this guy hates about America, and he is projecting these things to our enemies, and in is his hatred is justified, theirs must be, and they must hate us for the same reasons he and his buddies do. Mass surveillance of citizens? Assassinations? So, Tavis Smiley says, “Well, look, how ironic is it to you that at the same time people are asking, ‘Why do they hate us?’ and making the notion they hate us for our Western values, that the Republicans in Congress have made it even more difficult for Obama to not keep his campaign promise to close” Club Gitmo and Rush Limbaugh’s licensed merchandise business there?

TALBOT: Another humiliation, it’s a source of great bitterness and anger in the world, throughout the Islamic world. You can’t go about treating people this way, imprisoning them without due process, torturing them, assassinating them through extralegal methods. I mean, Barack Obama — for all his good intentions — has actually expanded greatly, of course, the drone assassination program. You can’t do that kind of violence without expecting some blowback at some point. And so the American people have to, you know, make a decision. Do we want to live in this endless cycle of violence, or not?

RUSH: It’s all our fault. We started it, we intended it. Nobody else is violent; if they are it’s because they’re simply reacting to us, because we are the focus of evil in the modern world, we better realize this. How about this question that Tavis Smiley asked? “How ironic is to you that at the same time people are asking, ‘Why do they hate and us?’ and making a notion that hate us for our Western values…?” Have you noted here what Western values are to these people?

Western values are torture, assassination, overthrowing democratically elected governments, racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, surveillance of citizens, assassinations, imprison without due process, torture, assassination, back in the second answer, those are Western values, to these people. “So what does it say the Republicans in Congress have made it even more difficult for Obama to not keep…?” See, even Obama lying to his own people is the Republicans fault. Obama lying to the left. He told them he was gonna close Club Gitmo.

Here we are in year seven, the end of year seven, it’s still open, and he’s still jawing about closing it and he’s still releasing bad guys and they’re reentering the field of battle. But he’s not closed it, and somehow it’s the Republicans’ fault for making Obama lie. So now it’s the Republicans’ fault for Obama’s inability to keep his campaign promise. And you think, “How absurd! Nobody’s gonna believe that,” and yet they all will. Everybody on this side of the aisle that subscribes already to these things. (interruption) No, no. No, no. No, no, no.

The point is not to rip any single guy here like Talbot. That’s not the point. The point is this is what we are up against. This is why I believe it would be worthwhile for every American to be able to recognize a liberal the moment they hear them or see them. I don’t believe most Americans believe their country is this mean-spirited, this evil, this extreme. I know they don’t. These people want a majority of Americans to think this stuff. They are trying to project their hatred for this country onto others, including our enemies, to the point of justifying our enemies’ hatred for us.

And if you think this is a one off, let’s go to last’s PBS, Charlie Rose. He spoke with the senior editor at The Daily Beast. That’s Tina Brown’s website. She started it. I don’t know if she’s still there. I think she sold it to Barry Diller and he got tired of riding a bicycle in the Hamptons, so he did something with it, maybe sold it to the guy who bought Newsweek. I don’t know who owns this anymore. I just know it’s a bunch of leftists. I’m just trying to identify it for you. Anyway this guy is the editor, Michael Weiss, and he’s got a book, “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror.” And Charlie Rose — who’s reputed to be the super-primo, sophisticated modern American journalist — said to Michael Weiss about ISIS, “Are they just killers? Are they just killers?” Now, wait ’til you hear this.

WEISS: They run a city administration in Al-Bab. They collect taxes. They go around and inspect restaurants to make sure that their sanitary standards are being met. They have a social services program, health care. If you’re a member of ISIS, you have free health care. You might call it “Baghdadicare.” They have this hearts-and-minds strategy. Then they have, of course, the deterrent factor. If you violate their laws, if you’re caught smoking cigarettes, if you’re caught drinking alcohol, they’ll put you in a cage in the center of Al Bab for three days. If they suspect you of being a spy for the coalition or some foreign power, they’ll cut your head off, put it on a stick in the middle of the town, and let it rot and suppurate there for several days. So when we say, “Why aren’t people rising up against the caliphate? it’s because they’re employing those two strategies, both the carrot and the stick, at a very adept level.

RUSH: ISIS, free health care? His joke about calling it Baghdadicare is ’cause that’s the leader’s name, something al-Baghdadi. “Well, they collect taxes! They go around, they he inspect restaurants and make sure they’re sanitary. See, they have regulatory power!” Oh, my God, do you realize how a liberal loves regulatory powers? So ISIS can go ahead and just issue regulations! ISIS can just unilaterally and make sure the restaurants are clean and sanitary for the protection of the people. “They collect taxes.”

If this guy finds out that they tax the rich much greater than they tax the middle class of ISIS, they’re gonna have an orgasm! They’re gonna be in love with them so much. Does ISIS have a progressive income tax policy? What does ISIS do about the filthy 1% rich in ISIS? Does everybody in ISIS make the same amount of money? Are there rich? Are there poor? If there are rich ISIS, do they get a higher tax rate? What about the distribution of wealth? Is it unequal? Do the leaders of ISIS have much more wealth than your average, ordinary suicide bomber terrorist ISIS members? And if so…?

Where are they on climate change?

Can you imagine if the ISIS guys came out and supported the UN on climate change? Can you imagine the orgasm of support? We’d have John Kerry speaking French until he died. We would have Algore coming out. They’d be falling all over themselves to praise these guys as forward thinkers. “They have health care! They have a social services program! If you’re a member of ISIS, you have free health care. We don’t have that here! They have a hearts-and-minds strategy. They have a deterrent factor, too. If you do anything to tick ’em off they chop your head off, put it on a stick, and leave it at town square. God, we love these guys! That’s something to inspire to.”


RUSH: So ISIS wants to kill us, and they are justified. ISIS wants to kill us and anybody else part of Western civilization, and to listen to recognized leaders of the American intellectual left, why, they’re perfectly justified! They exist because of their hatred for us, which is justified. All of the torture, all the assassinations, all the overthrows of democratically elected governments, climate change, racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, CIA black sites, rendition, all of these things that we have done.

George W. Bush, the Iraq war, all of these things legitimize the hatred for us espoused by ISIS. They want to kill us. They’re justified. Well, what justified the killing of innocent concertgoers in Paris on Friday? What justifies that? Do you realize what’s happening here? In the aftermath of mass murder, we are being told by the American intellectual left how we must understand it because it’s our fault. There is a legitimate reason they hate us, and these kind of acts we had better understand and we had better change our ways.

What more can we do after seven years of Barack Obama? What can we do that you leftists haven’t done to us yet? What is there left to make of this country that you haven’t gotten started on by now? You know, you don’t have a Republican president running the show here. You have your guy. Your guy is running the show — and if the Constitution’s in his way, he doesn’t care. He does what he wants to do. He implements your agenda. For seven years, we’ve had the intellectual left agenda implemented day after day after day after day.

And we’re told that ISIS killing innocent people is justified because they are justified in hating “us”? Well, who is “us” now? “Us” is Barack Hussein Obama, who yesterday gave one of the most embarrassing, dispiriting speeches a president has ever made. “I don’t want to go winning! I don’t want to win. That’s old-fashioned. I mean, I when I think about winning, I think of Hirohito, you know, being forced to drag himself on that battleship to sign the document. I don’t think that way!” Barack Hussein Obama.

The president of the United States yesterday actually said, “What I’m not interested in doing is posing…” Geraldo Rivera has another word for it. Geraldo Rivera is out asking, “Why couldn’t the president try to make the American people feel better? Why couldn’t the president try to lift up the American people?” talking about this speech. Because, Geraldo, he’s posing. He’s posing as an American leader. “What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of ‘American leadership’ or ‘America winning’ or whatever other slogans they come up with that has no relationship to what is actually going to work to protect the American people…”

So winning and leadership have nothing to do with protecting the American people, and he’s not interested in winning. This is embarrassing; it’s incompetent. It is Barack Hussein Obama and Michael Weiss and Michael Talbot and these guys who say this kind of… This is why ISIS and Al-Qaeda (throw them all in there) are justified in hating us. They’re justified? That’s what they’re saying. We have to understand their rage. Their anger at us is legitimate. That means justified. That must mean that whatever they do acting out their rage is understandable and legitimate and justified.

“I’m not interested in winning. American leadership, sloganeering? That’s not me. I don’t care. I’m not into that.” Dangerous. But my point is, all these leftists running around wringing their hands, “Oh, my God, they hate us!” They hate who? You are running the country! You have corrupted the American campus, after campus, after campus. You have destroyed the American health care system. You have dealt severe blows to the US economy. You leftists, you Democrats, this country has your fingerprints all over it now, including the misery of most of the people!

Even your charges, even your students, even the ambitious and the idealistic who believed all your promises are among the angriest and most miserable Americans. They bought into everything you said would happen if we just implemented their ideas, and yet they’re angrier than ever. Blacks think no progress has been made on racism whatsoever. They’ve been lied to about it. They actually believe it. For some reason, women think there’s a war against them. It’s absurd what is happening here. The disintegration, the corruption of this country is all on the Democrats.

And yet they run around and talk about ISIS despising us as though George Bush is still the president. Listen again to Michael Weiss on Charlie Rose last night. Weiss is author of “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror,” and Charlie Rose said, “Look, do they do stuff besides just kill people?” And that’s his question: “Are they just killers. Do they do things besides kill people?” What does that question mean, really? What’s Charlie looking for here? I mean, is there…? Is there any redeeming value in these people? Are they just a bunch of killers, Michael?

(replaying of sound bite)

See, this guy, half of this comment is praising ISIS. (summarized) “Oh, got health care! Oh, they collect taxes, and probably tax the rich more than the others. They have regulatory bodies. They regulate and inspect restaurants.” (laughing) You couldn’t make this up. “But then why don’t people rise up against them?” Well, he didn’t say, “Why don’t people rise up?” because if they rise up they’re murdered. They don’t rise up against them ’cause they got what they want. They got restaurant regulation, they got sanitary food, they have health care, they have societal benefits, they collect taxes.

These ISIS guys do it all!

And then if that doesn’t buy loyalty, they chop off the heads. I wonder what Mr. Weiss would say in this not-so-veiled attempt… Mr. Snerdley, as you listen to this, would you say this is quasi-praising ISIS? I mean, I… (interruption) It sure sounds like it to me. What…? (interruption) Well, I know. It’s a balanced look. You see, this is what “moderate” means. This is balanced. This is the ability to be “mature.” This is Hillary’s “smart power.” We must endeavor to empathize with our enemies and get to know them and understand what things they bring to the table and have to offer.

And in this way we exude “smart power,” and in this way, we cut down on the acts of violence. So it’s a balanced view and so forth. I wonder. When these guys figure out that ISIS runs on oil, I wonder what that’s gonna do to their opinion of them. (interruption) You don’t think it would matter? (interruption) Well, that’s probably true. They would say ISIS really wouldn’t like to. They don’t like being funded by oil, but they got no choice. That’s what they have, and so they’re using it. But yeah, if given the choice, they certainly would not be using oil. That’s it. You’re right. That’s how they would defend the claim that ISIS is funded by oil.

It’s just like, “Well, you know, wait ’til Obama finds out what happened! Do you realize…? Gee, he couldn’t possibly known this was gonna happen.” Take whatever happens in Obamacare, whatever. “Wait ’til Obama finds out,” say the leftists. “Man, it’s really gonna be hell to pay then.” (interruption) Well, this is ever so true. Oil is their resource, and we’ve been stealing it. And Trump wants to steal even more. See? See how this works? Trump wants to blow up their primary source of funding!

And when you blow up anybody’s source of “funding,” you really anger a leftist, ’cause funding is like magic. And if ISIS’s primary source of funding is oil, and Trump wants to blow up the oil fields, that’s bad. That’s very bad. And, see, they deserve to be able to run on oil. They get an exemption for causing climate change because we have stolen their oil in the past. We’ve stolen everything! That’s why they’re so poor and backwards. We’ve stolen everything. We’d steal the pyramids if we could find a way to get ’em here — and when we do, we will.


RUSH: I’d like to ask these yokels, “Is ISIS justified trying to take over Europe?” I mean, that’s really where ISIS is focusing now. Many Western European nations clearly are Western civilization-type countries. Some are socialist democracies. Some are not. It’s varying degrees. But they’re all under assault. Are they justified? Is Germany just as guilty as the US because they’re an ally, or on their own? Hee-hee! Except Germany was allied with the militant Islamists, the Nazis were. Throw them out.

How about Denmark? How about the UK? How about Belgium, which is where this latest cell plotted. Try, by the way… You want to…? Look at the headline of this story. This from NBC News. “ISIS Has Help Desk for Terrorists Staffed Around the Clock.” There is a customer service line that ISIS terrorists can call if they need help with hacking or other criminal services. “NBC News has learned that ISIS is using a web-savvy new tactic to expand its global operational footprint — a 24-hour Jihadi Help Desk to help its foot soldiers spread its message worldwide, recruit followers and launch more attacks on foreign soil.

“Counterterrorism analysts affiliated with the US Army tell NBC News that the ISIS help desk, manned by a half-dozen senior operatives around the clock, was established with the express purpose of helping would-be jihadists use encryption and other secure communications in order to evade detection by law enforcement and intelligence authorities.” I mean, boil it down and what this means is it’s just been discovered that ISIS operates an around-the-clock technical help desk — customer service, if you will — where would-be jihadists can expert advice on encryption, bomb making, and launching terror attacks.

It’s like a one-stop shop. “If you have a bombing question, press one. If you want to torture and kidnap, press two.” I don’t know how it manifests itself. But it’s in praise of it! It’s, “Man, look at these guys! Don’t talk Seventh Century to me. These guys have a jihadi help desk! They’ve got a customer service line for would-be attackers out there.”


RUSH: Back to the phones we go, to Patty, Patty in Belleview, Florida. Great to have you here. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi. How are you, Rush? Thanks for taking my call. God bless you and God bless America.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I need to preface this by saying I’m a veteran, so I’ve probably got mental issues, but I’m an angry white woman. And I am sick to death of these flipping liberals. So, since they want to do so much for our country, I think what they should do — including our president — is all line up and call ISIS and volunteer their flipping necks.

RUSH: You mean if they think ISIS is justified?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: They should join?

CALLER: Absolutely. Volunteer their necks and say —

RUSH: Well, now, that’s a bit of —

CALLER: — and that cures it.

RUSH: That’s a little bit of an extreme example, don’t you think out there, Patty?

CALLER: Well, like I say, I’m a veteran with mental issues. The helicopters are probably circling. But I am sick of this mess that I hear each and every day. I served the country, I’m a patriot, and I’m probably not allowed to say it, but God bless Donald Trump.

RUSH: By the way, the latest polls are out, and I hate to say it, but folks, I called this. He’s up nine points.

CALLER: Thank God.

RUSH: He’s up nine points, and he’s coming out the minute these incidents happen. He’s all over them. He’s gonna bomb ISIS’ oil. He’s not gonna worry about taking names and all that sort of stuff. He hasn’t weakened on the immigration issue. I just saw it. I haven’t had a chance to print it out. I’ll do that in a moment. I think it’s a Boston poll or New Hampshire, Massachusetts poll. Don’t quote me on that. I’ll find it here just a second. It came right before this segment began. I just had a chance to look at the headline, Trump up nine, so I don’t know what the real number is. I don’t think it means he’s 51. It’s nine in a poll that showed him… But, anyway, he’s just vaulting over everybody in poll after poll after poll.

CALLER: Well, thank heaven somebody here in America’s got some sense.

RUSH: Well, I admire independent, creative thought, and you clearly have gone there with your call. All these leftists, the sound bites we’ve played today praising… One clarification. I don’t want to be misunderstood. They are not praising ISIS for their murderous and terrorist activity. They are saying they understand why. They are humanizing ISIS on the basis of our evil. The United States mistakes, United States transgressions, the United States human rights violations — torture and rendition and black sites, just the litany that I constantly share with you that the liberals believe.

All of that is being used to justify — not support, but to justify — what ISIS is doing. And then when you have one of these guys coming out, “Oh, yeah, they’ve got health care! If you’re a member of ISIS, you’ve got health care.” Unsaid is, “They don’t have that here! We don’t have health care for everybody. We still have people that don’t have it. ISIS does.” So ISIS joins Cuba in being better than the US when it comes to health care — and these people are dead serious, folks, is the point that I’m trying to convey.

They actually believe, and they act on this stuff, and they teach it. In junior high, in middle class, high school, all the way up into college, they teach this stuff. They think ISIS is great because they’ve restaurant regulation. They make sure that their restaurants and the food is sanitary. As though we don’t? It’s a factor there. It’s just, “Hey, these guys are not what you’ve heard! They’re not the total brutes that you’ve heard. They do good things for their followers. If you don’t follow them, they’ll chop your head off and put it on a stick.”

And even that we’re supposed to understand because it’s a brilliant techniques that keep people in line. “On the one hand you give them free health care and make sure restaurant food’s sanitary. On the other hand if they diss you, you chop your head off and they put it on a stake in the middle of town, and that’s the way they keep you in line. And all that mean stuff they do? Well, we have to understand it, because we are the ones that have ticked them off.” This is what they’re teaching. I can’t repeat this enough.

I’m sorry if you people are saying, “We get it, Rush. We get it.” Yeah, you do. But this stuff needs to be said over and over again to make an impression on as many as possible. So here comes Patty saying, “Hey, if you like ’em so much, go join ’em.” Well, I like the thinking. It’s a way of putting it in perspective. Here’s Lonnie in Greensboro, North Carolina. Lonnie, how are you? Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, thanks, Rush. I don’t think I can match Patty’s passion, but I would like to thank you for that insight you just gave us on France’s raid on that training ground. I will admit that I heard about it several times, but nobody else made that connection. It’s in back of our mind. We’re thinking, “Why hasn’t anybody hit that before?” But it’s those kind of insights that you have constantly. That’s why we listen to you.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much.

CALLER: It seems so simple but nobody says it.

RUSH: I can’t claim ownership of all of them. I can’t claim ownership for all of them, understandably. But, no, it is a good question. So the French take out this headquarters at Raqqa.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And nobody stops to think, “Well, we’ve been attacking ’em for a year. Why is it still there?”

CALLER: Exactly. (chuckles) Well, one thing about the author earlier who was talking about all the reasons why Islam hates us and justifying these violent jihads. I think… It’s gotta be really frustrating for you. I know it’s frustrating for me. Because this isn’t a matter of debate. This is a matter of history. This person knows nothing about the history, nothing about the facts on the ground. And if he were just asked one simple question, “What Arab democracies have there ever been?” he would be lost.

RUSH: What is this duly elected democratic government in the Middle East that we overthrew?

CALLER: Right. He would fumble. He’d hem and haw, and he would say the Iranian government that supposedly the CIA overthrew in 1952, but the Iranians are not Arabs.

RUSH: It was a Russian puppet government!

CALLER: You know, and if you look at what happened in Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood took over, it’s one-and-done with these people, if they ever win an election. That’s the only one that I know of in history, then that will be the only one there is. They’re going to seize power, they’re gonna take over, and they know that, they have to know that. But I have a feeling these people are so brainwashed and so ignorant, that they really don’t. They are believing their own rhetoric. And it’s gotta be frustrating.

RUSH: Well, no. What’s frustrating to me is not them. They are who they are, and they’re always going to be, and they always have been. In fact, I’ve always argued that there should be a bunch of them around as displays in museums and so forth. You know, a little glass cage where a couple liberals live so we never forget who they are or what they believe. But the problem I have is that they’re teachers. They are professors. They are regurgitating this stuff in the form of propaganda.

They are literally polluting and corrupting the minds of American students. America’s citizens don’t come out of the womb thinking this stuff and they don’t go to kindergarten thinking this stuff. They may be close depending on their parents, but this stuff is all taught, this anti-Americanism, this hatred, this biased and distorted view. I mean, the very idea we overthrow democratically elected government anywhere? I mean, we don’t even do that here! We’re the premier democratically elected government in the country; we’ve never overthrown ourselves.

We’ve never not had an election.

You know, I remember… Mr. Snerdley, you remember back in the early days of this program, the focus of evil in the modern world was Augusto Pinochet? They hated Pinochet! The fact that we overthrew Pinochet they loved. They hated Pinochet. Well, depending on where you live, it’s Pinochet, Pino… You gotta be careful the way you pronounce it. But I can remember during the course of this program, all this anti-CIA criticism, supposedly overthrowing duly elected governments in Central America and in South America and so forth and the Church committee.

There’s just been a raging hatred for this country that’s irrational and not borne out in any fact. Meanwhile, we have an absolute pure, 100%, terrorist regime which cares not for duly elected anything. They care not for sovereign anything. They care not for free anybody. They’re overthrowing, mass murdering, what have you, and they are offered the excuse! They are exempted from criticism, precisely because it allows these leftists to further their agenda that it’s all our fault.

But again, the real thing to point out is all of this criticism of America is happening after seven years of Barack Hussein O who was gonna welcome in their utopia. You know, if I were them, in a way, I’d be mad, too. Seven years uninterrupted. Seven years essentially unopposed to implement this utopia. Seven years unstopped to do everything in your power to prove that the previous 230 years were bogus! Seven years to fix all the things that were wrong. Seven years to get rid of racism. Seven years to get rid of slavery. Seven years to get rid of bigotry.

Seven years to get rid of all these horrible things. And after those seven years, the very people who thought they were gonna get all this wonderful stuff are angrier and more outraged, miserable, and unhappy than ever. Do these people not realize that by justifying ISIS on the basis that we are the bad guys, they’re indicting their own president? They’re indicting the policies and the Regime of Barack Hussein O! There aren’t any Republican fingerprints on any of this. That’s why they always have to find a way to worm their way back to Iraq and George W. Bush, which they do.

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