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RUSH: On Sunday afternoon the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. The story of the game was how the Steelers’ pass defense, the secondary, could not stop the Seahawks. You want to know why? I’ll be happy to tell you. It’s the way you always beat the Steelers. You spread your offense out. The Steelers play a cover three, which is a single, deep safety. Everything else is zone. They zone blitz. What ends up happening is, your wide receiver will end up on a linebacker in a zone defense that the linebacker can’t hope to cover, usually in the seams. It’s traditional Steelers defense.

The Oakland Raiders did it to ’em three weeks ago. I would bet that from now on out you’re gonna see every team spread out their offense. But that was not the story. A lot of people think that’s the story. “What are the Steelers gonna do about their pass defense?” They’ll fix it. They’ll come up with something. The story of the game was, “Ben Roethlisberger took himself out with a minute, minute and a half to go — one offensive series — left to potentially tie the game. He took himself out because he had a headache. He self-reported a concussion, the first time it’s ever happened in the league.

He was sacked, helmet-to-helmet contact. The Seahawks were penalized 15 yards for it. Roethlisberger was on the ground for a while, got up, played nine more plays and took himself out of the game, and the sports media was gaga. The sports media thought it was the greatest thing they’d ever seen. “The concussion protocol is working! Look! Roethlisberger took himself out of the game! It’s working,” they all said. It’s working? The star quarterback took himself out of the game after having played nine plays after the contact. Steelers go on to lose the game.

The media, the Sports Drive-Bys, even some of the doctors that the NFL, “Ah, this is the greatest thing in the world. My God! Oh, my God! He took himself out of the game. Do you realize what progress we’re making? Oh, my God, he self-reported!” I mean, they were orgasming over this. And now, guess what? The NFL and the NFL Players Association are investigating the circumstances surrounding the concussion sustained by Roethlisberger. But I will bet you when I tell you that, you’re thinking — and you’re wrong. More than likely you’re wrong about why they are investigating.


RUSH: This Roethlisberger business. When I saw this headline today, NFL and the Players Association investigating the circumstances surrounding the concussion sustained by Roethlisberger during Sunday’s game, I thought they were gonna investigate what in the world is the guy coming out of the game for with a minute and a half or two minutes left, the Steelers about to possess the ball for the last time, with a long shot chance, but still a chance to tie the game. But that’s not what they’re investigating. You know what they’re investigating? They want to know why Roethlisberger had to self-report. Why didn’t the team notice it? Why didn’t the spotter?

There’s a spotter now in every press box. The NFL has some neurosurgeon specialist, some sort of mental brain specialist up in the press box watching every game. They are looking for any indication that a player has been concussed. And if they see it, they can stop the game, from the press box. This neurosurgeon can stop the game and demand that player be taken out. Well, the investigation is, why did Roethlisberger have to self-report? So, on the one hand, they’re ecstatic that he did. They think it’s real progress. Because, you see, players want to play through all of this pain. Players never want to come out. They never want to admit they’ve got a concussion. They’ll lie to the trainers when asked. They want to stay in the game, but Roethlisberger self-reporting, man, that’s progress, they think. I think it’s something else entirely.

But now they’re investigating in didn’t the spotter spot it? Why didn’t the team trainer spot it? Why did Roethlisberger have to self-report that he had a discussion? They can’t be happy no matter what. He takes himself out of the game, they’re ecstatic, they’re happy, man, oh, man, our concussion protocol, boy, oh, boy it’s working, we’re good people, we’re gonna save lives, this is wonderful. And then on the other hand they’re livid and angry that he had to take himself out. It’s a bunch of leftists. You can’t please them You can’t make them happy. When they get everything and exactly what they want, they find a way to find a problem with it. And that, to me, is not even the story.

Do you remember — you football fans will — we’re going back a number of years now, maybe five, six, I don’t know, but you’ll remember the circumstances. The Steelers were gonna play the Ravens in Baltimore. Roethlisberger had had a concussion the prior week, decided not to play. Hines Ward, it’s an NBC Sunday night game, Hines Ward in the pregame interview took a shot at Roethlisberger for not having the courage to play. He didn’t use these words but it’s what he meant. He says it’s the Baltimore Ravens. It was Bob Costas doing the interview. He said. “You think he ought to go out –” I forget the exact question, but Hines Ward, clearly he didn’t understand why Roethlisberger wasn’t out there playing. He would have been in the same circumstances.

So there’s more to this than meets the eye is the point. It’s not a big deal. I’m not trying to stir up a controversy here. Look at what we’re talking about here with football. I don’t think they realize it yet, but they’re near a tipping point in the NFL with all that’s going on.

Okay, Hillary Clinton. Did you see where the latest dump of Hillary e-mails shows that she consulted with NFL experts after she had her concussion? I want to take you back to this program, an audio sound bite, May 29th, 2014. The White House had a concussion summit, in case you’ve forgotten. The White House had a concussion summit, and it was about all this stuff going on in the NFL. The left just can’t wait to get their hands on everything. They can’t wait to get their tentacles involved in virtually everything and take it over, control it, regulate it, and thereby ruin it. So on May 29th, 2014, talking about the White House concussion summit, I said this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Big concussion summit today at the White House. Obama used his power of convening. He actually referred to his convening power to bring in 200 people to discuss concussions in American sports. See, he really cares. Will Mrs. Clinton be appearing at the concussion summit? She had one, you know, it was very bad.

RUSH: I don’t think anybody even remembers her concussion. You know, she fell off an airplane, maybe avoiding sniper fire or whatever, she fell down some steps, had a concussion. And it’s written about in these e-mails. And here I make a joke about it back in 2014, and it turns out to be true, it’s actually something that happened. She consulted with NFL experts after she had her concussion.

How much do you want to bet a few months from now Hillary is going to claim that she played a lot of football in her youth and wanted to play in the NFL but was turned down by the sexists there, much like she wanted to join the Marines and they called her dog face or whatever she said. She took it as a personal insult. And yet there isn’t any evidence that she even tried to join the Marines. Much like she told everybody she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, except Sir Edmund Hillary did not climb Mt. Everest for six years after she was born. She could not have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary.

Anyway, these new e-mails also show that Hillary was confused for quite a long time after her concussion. In fact, she seemed to be unaware of her own past actions, and even State Department positions. Is this not convenient? She had this concussion and it’s Huma and all these other people observing that she was really unaware of what she’d done in the past and even some State Department positions, makes me wonder how anyone can say she’s recovered even now if she’s not remembering too much now from back in those days. Maybe she’s still concussed.

Same new batch of e-mails also show that her staff praised her to the skies for her first appearance before the House Benghazi hearings. That’s the appearance where she famously said, “What difference does it make?” All of her minions told her she was simply brilliant in her testimony. That’s what these e-mails revealed, which is what she’s practically heard her entire life. And there’s a bunch of classified e-mails. At least they’re classified now, a bunch of them that have been discovered. Whether they were classified then, who really knows.

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