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RUSH: Randall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Glad you waited, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. My question is a simple one, actually. When I hear the president and the liberals say that we have to fix our climate, global warming, because it’s going to destroy the earth and it’s going to hurt our children, but I don’t hear ’em saying anything that the national debt is going to destroy our children before global warming will. So why do they care so much about global warming and then they put our kids in there saying it’s going to destroy the earth and our kids will have no place to live and this and that, but they have no problems taking a credit card from China and destroying our country so that our children aren’t gonna have anything anyway?

RUSH: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant question. And let me endeavor to do your question justice in explaining the answer to you. Because you are exactly right. There are far, far greater immediate threats to the people of this country than climate change. I mean, even going on what the climate change believers say, we’re still talking 30 years down the road or 50. You’ve noticed, haven’t you, that climate change predictions are never for next year? They’re never for the next two years. They’re certainly never not for tomorrow and next weekend, or next month. They’re long after most of us have passed away. And there’s a reason for that. What this is all about, all of this stuff in Paris, all of this climate change talk is about one thing, folks, and it isn’t climate change. It’s about a carbon tax. The United Nations is chairing this meeting in Paris, much as they chair other meetings, and the purpose of the United Nations in the modern era is to fleece the United States.

Now, I realize saying it that way cannot be productive in terms of persuading people, but believe me, that’s what United Nations is for. It’s made up of people who think the United States is too rich and doesn’t share enough. And since we don’t share it, it has to be taken from us. We happen to have a president now, we’ve elected a president who happens to agree with ’em. That’s what’s new. We have a president who agrees with those people. The United States has too much and it’s unjust and ill-gotten. We don’t deserve it. There is no American exceptionalism. There’s just a bunch of accidents peppered with racism and bigotry and slavery and fraud that have enabled us to become the big superpower. It’s time we gave it back.

And the way to get it back is taxes, global taxation, particularly here a carbon tax. That’s what is really on the agenda. That will be the solution. ‘Cause look, there isn’t gonna be any agreement coming out of there. The one thing, China’s never gonna go along with it, and India is never gonna go along with it, and we won’t. All of which Obama knows. As I mentioned at the top of the program, most Americans are bored by this now. They don’t believe it and they don’t care about it. And that is what makes it ideal for Obama to pursue.

Do you realize the damage he’ll be able to do in his third year using climate change as the excuse for every other policy implementation or executive order he signs? And he’ll do it under that guise ’cause he knows nobody cares. When nobody cares, they’re not paying attention. This is an unobstructed path to more Obama power and using it as he sees fit. Under this false premise of climate change and saving the planet, he’ll be able to implement all the other zaniness that he happens to believe in while he thinks nobody’s paying attention because they don’t care. Climate change is actually a fraud. There is no warming. The temperature record has been tampered with and faked, and that has been proven. It’s all a ruse, folks, a 100 percent ruse designed to extract money from the American taxpayer.


RUSH: So I checked the e-mail during the break and a guy says, “What do you mean carbon tax?” That’s what this global warming thing is all about. “You don’t understand, Rush! We are in danger of destroying the climate.” Folks, I’ll admit I personally get frustrated at e-mails like that from people that listen to this program. Even among you leftists who listen daily, among those of you who listen to this program, you should be under no illusions. You should have no doubts that this is all a hoax and is all phony. I’ve given evidence for 25 years.

The proof that liberalism is an agenda rather than a series of honest concepts can be found in people’s reaction to this. Let me try it a different way. What’s going on in Paris is an attack on capitalism, and every one of you who support whatever is involved in climate change and limiting American and other Western nations’ use of energy, you ought to be celebrating that. You’re anti-capitalists. Energy is the lifeblood of capitalism. Oil is the fuel of engine of freedom. It makes perfect sense that a bunch of leftists would oppose it.

It makes perfect sense that a bunch of socialists would want to take issue with anything that demonstrates the success of capitalism. And energy is the lifeblood of freedom. Energy and the free flow of energy at market prices is the lifeblood, of capitalism, of freedom and democracy the world over, and that is what they want to bring down. And the way they want to bring it down is by taxing energy to the point that people can’t afford to use it. It’s about weakening the United States and other western democracies.

It’s about creating a lesser world under the guise of a fairer and more equitable world. Because there isn’t any warming, and certainly no warming that can be laid at the feet of human beings. We’re not warming! There hasn’t been any in 20 years, and the temperature record that says there has been has probably been faked. It’s one of the greatest scandals. It may be the biggest worldwide scandal, political scandal in world history, what has been done to the temperature record, how it’s been altered and doctored to “prove,” quote/unquote, that there has been warming. There hasn’t been any, and certainly nowhere near what they predict in their models, which is all they’ve got.

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